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Friday, September 28, 2012


      President Obama has the American people completely fooled. Yes, he has this country fooled into thinking that he actually cares about the needs of the poor and the middle class. Perhaps Americans should take a look into how Obama and his family are living in these tough and troubled times.Americans might be interested to know that their tax dollars were used to pay 1.4 billion dollars on the first family. Apparently 1.4 billion dollars is what the Obamas found necessary for their staffing, housing, entertaining and flying needs for just one year!It's no secret that Obama has abused Air Force One for trivial matters. He twice took the plane to Chicago to shoot hoops with friends. Obama has also abused the system by using the plane for campaign speeches. Presidents are to reimburse the government when using the plane to campaign however Obama has shall we say scooted around the system, by saying the plane was necessary to view fires in Colorado Springs. Thus making the trip "official business". Americans might also be somewhat disgusted to find out that America's first dog "Bo" has his own staff to the tune of $102,000. per year. Can I have that dog sitting job? Seriously, how much care does a dog need? It is clear to me and should be to all Americans that our President doesn't truly care about the people. Our President is living "the dream" of grandeur while Americans are losing jobs and homes left and right! We have a 16 trillion dollar deficit and a President that is jet setting like a superstar. America Obama is not a superstar. America Obama does not care about you, me, or anyone else.  I believe Obama cares about himself, and his own agenda of being a dictator. Look in this man's eyes as they are cold and uncaring. Look at this man as he shakes hands with the people. No eye contact is made. No warmth is given. This man is a man that should not be re-elected and therefore the choice is clear in choosing Mitt Romney for President.
(c) Sean Bianca 2012
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