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Saturday, September 22, 2012


   United States' Ambassador Chris Stevens , Sean Smith a foreign service
information officer, and two former Navy Seals working as Security personnel
are killed in Libya , our government sympathizes with the attackers and the American public isn't outraged? Frankly I have never been so disappointed in the American people in my life! How's this, it has now been reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the decision NOT to post marines at Benghazi! Oh it gets better, as reported by "One Citizen Speaking" it is revealed that our Navy Seal Officers and Libyan Security force may have been armed but WITHOUT bullets! 
    Colonel: Hillary Made Decision Not to Post Marines at Benghazi
In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Fox News military analyst Colonel David Hunt laid the blame for the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans at the Benghazi, Libya American mission on Hillary Clinton and the State Department:
The State Department just allowed our guys to get killed. If you approve no bullets in guns for the mission security guards and an outhouse for a mission, you’re inviting it.
Earlier, on Howie Carr's radio show Thursday, Colonel Hunt said that the American mission at Benghazi "was like a cardboard building, there wasn't even bullet proof glass." In addition, Hunt said the security guards inside the mission didn't have bullets:
Howie Carr: They weren't allowed to have bullets, is that correct?
Colonel Hunt: That's true. They were private security. The rules of engagement were ridiculous.

   Hunt told Breitbart News that the new State Department Rules of Engagement for Libya, approved and signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton since the 2011 fall of Khadafi's regime, severely compromised the safety and security of murdered Ambassador Stevens and all American diplomatic staff in Libya.
He also stated that the decision not to staff Benghazi with Marines was made by Secretary of State Clinton when she attached her signature to the State Department Rules of Engagement for Libyadocument. Breitbart News has subsequently learned that under those rules of engagement, Secretary Clinton prohibited Marines from providing security at any American diplomatic installation in Libya.

   Hunt told Breitbart News that "the rules of engagement have been changing drastically over the last 10 years. . . The reason the surge in Iraq worked was we had another 40,000 soldiers and the rules of engagement were changed to allow our guys to shoot. What’s happened in Libya is the final straw of political correctness. We allowed a contractor to hire local nationals as security guards, but said they can't have bullets. This was all part of the point of not having a high profile in Libya."

   According to Hunt, the debacle at the American mission in Benghazi is directly the result of Obama's new policies. "The policy of the Obama administration led to this," he said.
"It was the policy of the Obama administration to have a low profile in Libya. That's why the rules of engagement were approved by the Secretary of State to have no Marines at Benghazi, and to have an American contractor hire Libyan nationals to provide security there. The rules were they couldn't have ammunition."
- credit to "One Citizen Speaking"

       It has been further revealed as of September 19th that Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed in a manner such as Gaddafi. Chris Stevens was not only murdered but he was raped as well. He was sodomized! Is anyone horrified? As taken from " Now The End Begins"- You may think you know what Islam is all about…but you don’t. The Muslim terrorists who follow Mohammed and murder in the name of Allah don’t just kill their male victims, often times they sodomized them as well. The only question now is, was he dead or alive before they had gay sex with him? Most reports are saying he was sodomized before being killed. Read Sodomy For The Sake Of Islam to increase your knowledge on Islam.
From Lebanon News: The Arabic language website known as Lebanon News ( has just reported the horrific claim that the heavily armed mob responsible for the murder of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, 52, actually raped him before he was killed.

 Is anyone just a little upset that our government actually apologized and empathized with the protesters just after the attack?Our government wanted us to believe that the killings and protests were due to a 15 minute anti-Muslim film when it has now been revealed that our Government did indeed have warning of the attack and protests. In fact Chris Stevens was in fear of his life leading up to the attack and may well have been on Al-Quaeda's hit list, in fact Chris Stevens even thought he was on Al Quaeda's hit list. While our President is apologizing and making nice with our enemies, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney made the following statement;"I'm outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi," Romney said. "It's disgraceful that the Obama administration's first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks."

 Mitt Romney's statement was the statement of a true President, it was not a statement to be criticized. Obama, Hillary and the rest of the Administration is writing a fairy tale while they should be as outraged as Romney was when Americans have been brutally murdered. I ask when do Americans get angry and decide that they want a true patriotic President and not one that flits about as all hell is breaking loose all over the world? While the world is on fire Obama is off to a town meeting in Florida. We need a President who remembers he is the President and performs like one. Obama is great at mouthing off and giving speeches but where is the mouthing off to our enemies?  

  At 1:00p.m Thursday, September 20, 2012, Fox news has reported that the White House now admits that the Benghazi violence was a terror attack. It took them 10 days to figure the violence was a terrorist attack and Mitt Romney figured it out on September 11, 2012.

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