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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"A Bump In The Road"

    Four Americans are brutally murdered in Benghazi,when our Libyan Consulate was attacked,  American embassies throughout the mid-east and across the world, are being attacked , American Flags are being burned throughout the mid-east and Obama calls this " a bump in the road"? Seriously? Imagine if you will, if Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had said the same. Imagine if former President G. W. Bush had said the same. The media would have had a field day. Calling Americans being killed "a bump in the road" would have any republican thrown under the bus! I'd like to know how Americans can admire a man that calls Americans being killed a "bump in the road". Personally I can't think of a more callous statement. Try telling the families that their relatives being dead are a "bump in the road". I can not think of a more insensitive , idiotic comment! The mid-east detests us is rapidly gaining nuclear capability and our President is unable to meet with our biggest ally, Israel? Netanyahu comes to the United States and Obama can not be bothered. Whoopie Goldberg and "The View" calls and Obama is off to appear. Obama is not a President to be respected. Obama is not a President that has our backs. Obama is not a President that is proud to be an American and should be re-elected. Obama should be a one term President or mark my words , America may never be the same.
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