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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm Sean Bianca and I'm, GOP GIRL!

        Republicans have a stigma, we're wealthy, we're white, we're old, we're country club buffs,we're too religious, we're living in the dark ages and so on. The whys of why one is a Republican are endless, and false. Likewise, a Republican can feel that all Democrats are on welfare,  Black, Jewish, having umpteen children for more welfare, are drug users, are gay, and so on. Sure sounds ridiculous when the descriptions are laid out so bluntly, doesn't it? Well, it's not that simple, and that is what this blog is about, it's about politics being anything, but black and white. No pun intended!
       Allow me to introduce myself. I am a young divorced woman, who yes is white, and yes is Protestant, does not live in the dark ages, but does still believe in having morals, and for the record, I do not have a Country Club membership. Yes it's true, I may have grown up with a silver spoon in my mouth, but those days are long gone! Apparently on my own  I'm not quite as well off, and that's okay. Actually, it's not okay, but I am sure as heck not going to become a Democrat.  I'm also sure as heck not going to pop out a zillion kids, as in  my own baseball team, to live off food stamps . Nope, I'm a die hard Republican, and that will never change. Maybe it was due to my observing the resignation of former President Nixon. Perhaps it was Reagan being responsible for putting an end to the Cold War, telling Gorbachev to "tear down this wall"or Reagan's being responsible for creating 16 million new jobs. Maybe it was former President Bush Senior's going into Iraq, and former President G.W. Bush's finishing the job in Iraq as to keep America safe. Bottom line, I am happy with the Republicans, and I am happy to be on their team. I may not be worth millions, but I don't expect a handout. I do believe in the what comes around goes around theory. I truly believe if the "rich" get richer, and are able to keep more, they will spend more. In the rich keeping more, they will be more philanthropic. Bottom line, it trickles down, and everybody reaps the benefits. It works.  Yes I'm a republican and I'm proud of it. In essence,this blog will reflect the views of an average American, Republican woman .
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

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