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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Up Rise Of Lawlessness In America

       Americans' safety is at risk thanks to President, Barack Obama. I and many others believe that Obama is indeed the cause of the recent deaths of Police Officers here in America. Why do I believe this? Simple, President Obama I believe brought racism back into our society after the death in February 2012, of Trayvon Martin. Yes Trayvon Martin, a seventeen year old that had been suspended for possession of marijuana, and had been guilty of several local robberies is why I believe our President brought racism back with a vengeance to this country. While the President has said NOTHING about Kate Steinle, a wholesome innocent Caucasian woman being gunned down and killed by an illegal immigrant, he gave a full press conference for an African American . Yes a young man who was acting suspiciously, and attacked a hispanic man who was on Neighborhood watch, who also had a gun,and who was not afraid to use it. So for a punk that was not a great kid we brought back racism to America. 

         Funny though, just recently a truly good African American kid was shot and killed in the hood here in West Palm Beach, but by another African American so our President has not addressed it. That's just the point, our President does not address incidents of shootings where it's black on black, or black against white, or illegal immigrants against whites or blacks. Our President picks and chooses his crimes to comment on for his benefit and for his latest platform. Unfortunately for this country I believe we have a President that wants to bring back racial tensions and is doing one heck of a good job.

        While thanks to Obama, racism is coming back rapidly, and now hatred for Police Officers is the new pot to boil. On August 9th, 2014 a Caucasian Police Officer in Ferguson, Missouri shot and killed an African American, by the name of Michael Brown. Did the man deserve to be shot and killed? I and many others would say yes, however liberals, and our President will say no. Michael Brown was being pursued by the Officer due to his stealing, he was told to stop, he did not. Not only did he not stop for the Police Officer, but he went towards the Officer. I'm sorry but Michael Brown got what he deserved. Bottom line if you charge towards an officer you are going to be shot. Well the African community in the hood disagrees and so too does our President. The reason for Michael Brown's death was not due to his doing wrong,and yet the media and our administration turned it into an issue of race. People, this shooting had NOTHING to do with race. The shooting of this man was due to a young man stealing, disobeying a Police Officer, and then moving towards the Police Officer. I guarantee you, that I too would be shot under the same circumstances. Yes I a white Caucasian, blond woman would also be shot. Now why won't this happen to me? Simple. I won't be shot and killed by a Police Officer not because of my skin color, but because I first off, don't steal, and second, I respect Police Officers. If stopped for a speeding ticket, do I step out of the car and charge? No I pull over, stop and STAY in the car,Police Officers are in control , and that's the bottom line. Commit a crime, and one will be under their watch, black or white.

       Funny, in writing this I can't help but think how race is NOT the issue and yet I am specifying whether a person is black or white. The issue is people committing crimes and our President  is turning the issue of a crime into race, and now not only race but now hatred against cops as well.  On April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray died the day after being arrested by six Police Officers. Apparently Freddie Grey had sustained injuries while being transported in a Police Vehicle. The Officers were both black and white, but residents protested and turned Baltimore into a state of emergency, or rather a hell hole. The result, at least 250 people were arrested, between 285 and 350 businesses were damaged, fires were distinguished on 150 vehicles, and 60 structures, 27 drugstores were looted, and thousands of police and National Guard troops had to be called on for their help.  Consequently the city of Baltimore agreed to pay the family of Freddie Grey  6.4 million, a man who was rumored to have in the past purposely injured himself while in Police custody. The jury is still out on the actual cause of death and circumstances, but this nonetheless is yet another catalyst in the current war on Police Officers and white people.

      Is there a war on white people and Police Officers? Yes, and it's rampant. Just after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the  Trayvon Martin trial, a group was formed by the name of, "Black Lives Matter". The group was formed by three black activists. The group's national awareness came about during the protests and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014. The group is on the up rise and currently has turned it's hate not only on whites, but Police Officers as well. In early August the  group recently disrupted and took over a rally being conducted by Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders. Only days later the group also took over a rally being held by Republican candidate, Jeb Bush in Las Vegas. Most disturbingly is the recent footage of the "Black Lives Matter" group holding protests against our nation's police force chanting, "pigs in a blanket , fry em like bacon". That's right, a call for the African community to kill police officers.

   Well, it pains me to say that the "Black Lives Matter", group's call for the killing of police officers appears to be working. Just last week an off duty police officer in Texas was found murdered inside his home. Anti police slurs were written on the walls of the officer's home ,in the officer's own blood, denoting the crime to be a police hate crime. Just before the young officer's death, 24 officers had been shot and killed since January. It's unfathomable that the hatred for police has been allowed to progress as it has, and there's no need for it. This country should have respect for it's police officers that protect it's citizens and protect the law, and it's not. While every police officer may not be perfect, we the people need them and we need to respect them. Unfortunately when a nation has a President that fails to step up to the plate, and display respect for it's nation's Police force, so too does it's people as being shown at present. After the first shooting of a police officer, Obama should have given a press conference on the wrongness of killing a police officer, and yet he did not. No, 24 police officers have been shot and killed, and our president has said NOTHING! It's unforgivable and people have noticed. Not only has this nation's citizens noticed, but the law enforcement officers of this country have noticed as well.

        Yes, the police officers in America have in deed noticed that Obama has not come out in support of them in wake of the high rate of officers having been killed. On Monday, his highness, Obama was to give a Labor Day speech in front of hundreds of dignitaries, government officials, and locals as well. Well, the president had to cancel, and why? Well there is a saying, "don't bite the hand that feeds you", and apparently Obama hasn't heard that. While Obama has not come out in support of our nation's Police officers, the Police officers of New England failed to come out for Mr. President Obama. Yes, the New England Police Benevolent Association called for a boycott via written statement by Jerry Flynn, a Lowell Mass. Policeman serving as executive director of the association. He wrote, “Our members are enraged at his lack of support of law enforcement. It’s clear that he has an agenda and unfortunately, the police are not part of his agenda.” Flynn also referenced that eight police officers had been killed in a nine day period, and how not a word had been said by President Obama. Obama was apparently furious at the Police not coming out for his Labor Day Speech. I say, should he really have been surprised?
      While I find it amusing that the police officers association of New England boycotted Obama's Labor Day speech, I also find it troubling. Sheriff David Clarke an African American Sheriff has come out time, and time again against Obama and his lack of support for this nation's law enforcement community, as well as racism. Just recently on Sean Hannity, Sheriff David Clarke said, "75 percent of the problems today in the Black community are self inflicted...the other 25 percent are inflicted by the Democratic party with their modern liberalism, which is conduct without borders." The Sheriff also stated that the good people in American ghettos are ignored because of "blowhards" who blame all problems on racism, and I agree. However not only is it the blowhards that blame their problems on racism, but a president as well. 
     As America does not have a leader defending it's police force, we the citizens are inevitably going to be at risk. If not now, I fear soon. With the rapid rate police officers are being killed, enrollment in the force is at an all time low, and I am not surprised, but concerned. I would also not be at all surprised to see officers not jumping to a call for help as police officers are a target. There was a time when an officer said "freeze" and people stopped, today that's not the case. Today criminals have little to no respect for police officers, and "freeze" means nothing as these thugs do as they please. I fear America is headed for a state of lawlessness with recent events. In my opinion everyone of a sane state of mind would be well advised to purchase a gun, as there may come a time when it will save one's life. If America does not have a president to defend and speak up for it's law enforcement, America is in dire straits. I don't know about my readers, but I know what I'm gonna do....I'm going to buy a gun!
Sean Bianca 2015





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