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Saturday, September 19, 2015

I'm Already Sick Of That Face!

          Shortly before the republican party's second debate, republican candidate Donald Trump again got himself into a heap of trouble with a comment he made in a Rolling Stone magazine article. "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next President." Ouch, the comment that made headlines, stirred criticism, and caused controversy. How dare a man criticize a woman's looks everyone said. Well, I have to disagree. After the press reporting Fiorina as the second debate's winner, I have seen enough of this woman's face to last me a lifetime. I don't know about anyone else, but frankly I'm already sick of Fiorina's face! Not only am I sick of her face, but I am sick of her bitchy demeanor, her lack of a personality, her lack of charisma, and I am really sick of her voice. I can't believe with all the millions she walked away with from Hewlett Packard that she couldn't find a better Dentist!. Trump said to look at that face, well listen to that voice! The woman whistles with every word due to her false teeth. Imagine if you will, that face and that voice for the next four years! 

      That face, how dare Trump criticize another woman's face, said everyone in the know. In the know? I think not. What Americans did not know, was that in the 2010 race for the Senate, Ms. Fiorina criticized her opponent Barbara Boxer's hair, "God what is that hair?' So yesterday!" I had to laugh as I hadn't noticed Ms. Fiorina's hair, style, and appearance being out of the pages of Vogue. For that matter, I don't think that there are many female politicians winning any beauty contests lately. Let's face it Hillary isn't a real looker, now there's a face!

    Well, let's talk about more than Fiorina's face, let's talk facts. Carly Fiorina has never held public office, and with the American voters that may well be a good thing, and then again maybe not. Fiorina seems to like to boast about her being a successful CEO, and how her record proves that she is qualified, and capable to be the next president of the United States. I think not. Fiorina's record as a CEO is less than impressive. Fiorina was hired in 1999 by what critics say was a rather dysfunctional Hewlett Packard committee. They hired Fiorina without  any experience, or  any interviews. Six years later, she was fired, and titled one of the worst technology CEOs of all time. Upon hearing of Fiorina's being fired, HP's stock popped 10%, and the stock closed the day up by 7%. During the 2010 race for the Senate, in an effort to discourage voters ,the  grandaughter of HP's founder, Arianna Packard was quoted as saying that Fiorina nearly destroyed her grandfather's company. 

       Americans get fired and they're lucky to receive a petty unemployment check, Fiorina dam near destroys Hewlett Packard, costs tech workers over 30,000 jobs, and she walks away with over 100 million dollars for her short time with HP. We should all be so lucky. I don't know many Americans who have been fired that can say they walked away with even a quarter of that! Nonetheless all kidding aside this is not the woman we want for President. America has already had an inexperienced nincompoop for President and it doesn't need another. 

      That face, yes that face. That face nearly destroyed a company, and given half the chance could finish destroying this country. Bottom line, I don't like that face, that voice, that bitchy post menopausal attitude, or anything about her. While I agree with many that she won the first debate, I now have zero love for the woman. The media reported that Fiorina won the second debate, and I disagree. Fiorina was sharp, and intelligent. She made some good points, and was truly impressive on many issues, however she was to put it bluntly a bitch. Personally I think she behaved like a mad woman, and the majority of men will agree. Fiorina interrupted  just about every candidate, was stiff, rehearsed, programmed, and not appealing in the least. An occasional smile from the woman couldn't have hurt, but instead she looked bitter, nasty, and cold.All in all I was unimpressed by Fiorina, and wondered how she made it thus far.

      That face, well I'm already sick of that face, and I'm sick of the media covering the story of the spatting of the candidates, all of them. While Fiorina is quick, smart, witty, and well informed, she is not Presidential material. The republican party does not need a failed CEO, it needs a successful CEO, or an experienced politician.The republicans have lost the last two elections, and they don't want to lose this one. This election may be the most important election of our lifetime. The republicans need to choose wisely. We need a candidate that's smart, charismatic, and one that appeals to EVERYONE, and at the moment that person is Donald Trump. Donald Trump's face isn't a prize either, but it's a likable face, it's a trusting face, and it's a face I could stand to see as president. 

Sean Bianca 2015

                                       CNN REPUBLICAN DEBATE POLL RESULTS

                                                     Trump      59%
                                                     Fiorina      17%
                                                     Rubio        5%
                                                     Cruz          5%

                                                     TIME MAGAZINE
                                                     Trump       65%
                                                     Fiorina       14%
                                                     Rubio          5%

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