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Thursday, September 17, 2015


           One big flop is how I would describe tonight's second Republican debate. While I and other American voters hoped to learn of the candidates' solutions to today's all important issues, it was clearly not going to be the forum for such a thing. CNN's moderators seemed more interested in stirring the pot having candidates attack one another, than demanding answers and solutions to questions and issues. Essentially CNN showed America that they have no clue in how to run a debate. I thought CNN created a mockery of tonight's debate and it was quite frankly a waste of my time. I don't need to watch a cat fight, I have girl friends for that, hence why I prefer men as friends. Tonight's debate I thought to be a joke and an insult to the American voter.

     CNN, the american voter does not care that Donald Trump insulted fellow candidate Carly Fiorina's face. It's last week's story and it has NOTHING to do with the issues.Upon asked how Fiorina felt about Trump's remarks she shot back, "I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said." Trump condescendingly told Fiorina that she was a beautiful woman and I wanted to gag. I personally thought Trump should have just let sleeping dogs lie on that one, but Trump fed in to CNN's desire to turn the Republican debate into a bickering nightmare.

     While CNN wanted to stir trouble between Fiorina and Trump, they also threw former Florida Governor Jeb Bush up against Trump as well. Bush demanded an apology from Trump to his Mexican born wife, and Trump smartly declined as he had not insulted the governor's wife, but that wasn't all, there was more. Trump went after Bush in criticizing his brother former President G.W. Bush and the war in Iraq. Bush retorted with telling Trump that his brother G.W. kept us safe, and the audience applauded.The applause for former President G.W. Bush may well have been the biggest applause of the evening. CNN asked the candidates if they felt comfortable with Trump as President and in control of defending our country and in our relations with other countries. Fiorina refused to answer as did others not wanting to par take in the bickering arena. Clearly CNN's moderators wanted an all out attack on Trump with their questioning on how the other candidates felt about Trump as opposed to what the candidates would do for our country. Frankly I don't care how the candidates feel about Trump I want answers!

     In a nutshell I wasn't at all impressed, and I was disappointed. I hoped to know after tonight who I would choose to vote for, and I am still at a loss. I was looking forward to hearing the candidates' solutions and I heard little of the sort. I thought Trump looked to be out of place and somewhat ignorant. While I love Trump's passion I am still not sold, but don't get me wrong I think Trump would make a great President. I think that, as I give Trump credit for being a smart man, and a man that would have the best cabinet the White House has ever seen. Great Presidents have great people around them and I am quite confident Trump would not let this country down. 

   While Trump may not be completely informed on foreign policy others clearly were. Marco Rubio hands down is the candidate with the most knowledge and skills in regards to foreign policy, and would in my opinion make a spectacular President . Mark my words as I have seen Rubio in person, Rubio will undoubtedly be President someday in our lifetime. He is smart, he is charismatic, he is sharp, and he is to the point. Marco Rubio is a politician and a good one at that. Trump attempted to attack him with his absence in Washington and Rubio maturely stayed focused on the facts and his mission. His mission is to be President someday and I have no doubt that he will.

    Also impressive in foreign policy was Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina. I had to agree with those who thought Fiorina to be somewhat like Margaret Thatcher, but my thoughts didn't last long. Fiorina seemed to regress as the night wore on. She seemed bitter and failed to smile even once. Fiorna began to get somewhat bitchy, catty, and short as she interrupted all of the other candidates, and Governor Christie called Fiorina out on it, as he shouted out that she had interrupted every candidate on the stage and she was not going to interrupt him as well. Governor Chris Christie and John Kasich both spoke up as to steer CNN towards the questions and issues rather than a contest of insults and meaningless chatter.  Unfortunately CNN failed to present the candidates with many intelligent questions on today's important issues. The evening was a whole lot of bickering and meaningless nonsense in my opinion. I wanted to hear the candidates' platforms and I heard little of the sort. I wanted to know the candidates' solutions to the Syrian immigrant crisis, Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, Obamacare, social security, jobs, benefits for veterans, replenishing our military, the economy, and more. I and the American voters got very few answers, and a whole lot of nothing.

  All in all I thought tonight's debate to be a complete debacle. Rubio I thought won the debate. I thought Rubio's performance was outstanding. Fiorina, I gave a close second until the debate's end. Ben Carson a nice man, and in second in the polls coming in to tonight's debate seemed lost and to be, I don't know where.  While I like many of Ben Carson's views, I was unimpressed with his desire to be a man of peace when peace may not be what is needed in today's evil world. I also found him to be flat, boring, a fart in a can, and not the stuff great leaders are made of. I'm sure he may have been a fabulous surgeon with great bedside manner, but I fail to see how his lack of energy and personality can possibly catapult him into the Presidency. At the same time Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, and Rand Paul also seemed to get lost in the shuffle, and frankly I had to wonder why any of them were still there. 

             Debate number two was an all out flop in my opinion. While I thought tonight's debate would provide answers it did not, it was more of the same. In the past few weeks the media has created "The Trump Show", leaving all other candidates out in the cold. I find it amusing that the media dislikes Trump and yet they make this whole Presidential primary about Trump. They attack him and mock him and give him more air time than any other candidate. It's quite funny really. While I like Trump I also really like Rubio and hope that the next debate will bring answers to the questions Americans want answered. This next election is crucial, it's not a joke, We are living in a very unstable time and we need stability. We need a leader that can provide answers, and solutions. We need a President that understands the need to rebuild our military. A strong military results in less war and more chance for peace. We need a President that will over turn Obama care as thousands of Americans are now without healthcare due to Obama care being unaffordable. We also need a President that understands the importance of closing our borders, and keeping us safe. The 2016 election is crucial, and tonight's debate was a joke when Americans are about to make what may be the most important choice of their lifetimes. This election is no joke and I am appalled that CNN would conduct a debate in such a manner as it has. CNN should be ashamed at how they conducted the second republican debate when there is so much at stake. We have serious issues, and these are serious times. That all being said for the life of me I don't quite understand why Jeb Bush had a smirk on his face throughout most of the debate. This election is no joke and it's been made out to be just that. I've had it with grins, pouts, jabs and insults. I want and demand answers and the rest of America deserves answers, and solutions.

Sean Bianca

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