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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Can't "Trump" Trump!

       Recently my choice for the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has been a bit of a disappointment. While I like many Americans have been entertained by Trump's antics, I have had enough. Let's just say that I was unimpressed with Trump's performance in the second republican debate. While CNN's format and questioning was that of a Jerry Springer show, Trump fed into the ridiculousness of the debate with his lack of knowledge and childishness. I guess Trump lost me in a big way with his knowing very little in the area of foreign policy. While Marco Rubio, and Carly Fiorina had clearly done their homework and studied up on foreign policy, Trump clearly had not. I thought Trump appeared ignorant and I was disgusted, and annoyed. Trump is a smart man and why he had not studied and learned about every possible issue going on with world affairs inside and out is a complete mystery to me. To be quite honest this man that I thought had the fire and fight to win the presidency made me ask the question, "does this man really want the nomination?" 

      Yes, Trump does really want the nomination and he proved it with his revealing his tax plan. Just when I thought Trump was on his way out he finally came out and did something intelligent. Trump didn't just talk the talk, he walked the walk. Trump's proposed tax plan will bring relief to thousands of Americans. Trump's plan is in fact geared towards making America great again, as goes Trump's slogan. The plan provides relief to the middle class, will simplify the tax code giving Americans less headaches,will grow the economy, and will not increase America's deficit nor our debt. 

     Finally Trump gave Americans something more than mouthing off. Americans are angry at Washington and Americans liked Trump's passion, frustration, and honesty, but after the last debate I think Americans were concerned. Americans were left scratching their heads wondering if Trump actually knew what he would do if he were elected as President. Americans wanted more than a man that sounded as intelligent as the,y standing at a bar discussing domestic and world affairs. I honestly thought I could have performed better than Trump did at the last debate, but his tax plan has hooked me yet again. Trump is a businessman and he may not know all of the names of every world leader from here to Timbuktu, but he does know how to make money, and be a success. Knowing that, I have no doubt that Trump would indeed help all Americans be a success.

       Republican candidates beware, you "can't Trump Trump", I don't believe that there is another candidate running that can "trump" Trump's tax plan or Trump's ability to make money and help others do the same. Trump is the only candidate that has been dissected inside and out as he has, and it's been unfair, but Trump has handled it, and handled it well. No other candidate has had to prove that he could do better than our current President. That being said, I think just about any republican candidate could do better, but America doesn't just want better, America wants "great". While I've had my moments of doubt with Trump, I am again enthused and optimistic. Unlike any other candidate Trump had had to prove himself and he has with his tax plan and a good one at that. I do believe Trump can and will make America great again. While I think Trump has areas he needs to study up on, I have full confidence that  if elected President ,Trump will have a cabinet that will brief him and educate him on what he knows not. Being a sharp business man I have no doubt that Trump will surround himself with the most qualified cabinet this country has ever seen. I don't see Trump hiring friends just to win a popularity contest. I see Trump hiring knowledgeable, qualified individuals to the appropriate positions. While Trump may have taken a step back Trump's tax plan has shown, that you can't "trump", Trump!

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