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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let's Talk About "Trump"

    Trump, what is it about "Trump"? At present it seems everyone is talking "Trump". Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has everyone talking, "Trump". Why? Just what is the fascination about Donald Trump? While some politicians take years to develop themselves as politicians, Donald Trump has literally overnight become this nation's political sensation. Turn on the news,"Trump", glance at a paper, "Trump", eavesdrop at a restaurant or bar, "Trump". Every one's talking, "Trump". Why? Not only why, but how has this happened? How has a former reality television show personality, and real estate mogul managed to capture the hearts and minds of so many Americans?

     How Trump has obtained the attention and support of so many voters is not hard to figure out. Americans are angry, frustrated, and dis satisfied with the direction this country is headed. Voters with any intelligence see a once great nation going down and going down fast. Not only that, but Americans have had it with career politicians doing much about nothing. Those not in favor of Obama Care relied on their Senators and Congressmen to fight against Obama Care and they were let down. While Obama Care is most definitely "unconstitutional" and should have been easily over turned, it was not, and conservatives gave up. There in lies the problem, our career politicians seem to give up far too easily on issues that ought to be fought till the bitter end. Illegal immigrants are killing Americans, and yet a simple law imprisoning illegal immigrants that return to our country can't be passed? Why? What are these politicians doing? They sure as hell are not doing their best to protect us from losing our freedoms and from evil. Four Americans were killed in Chattanooga and I heard a lot of talk about arming our men in the military at military facilities, but I have yet to see action! Instead one man that had a weapon at one of the targeted facilities may be punished for attempting to protect his fellow men in the military. Call me an alarmist, but I would have like to have seen Capital Hill ablaze until a bill had passed arming all men and women in the military at military facilities. I heard a lot of talk about it, but I didn't hear or see any action! As if Obama Care, illegal immigration, and Americans being killed on American soil isn't bad enough, how about the "Iran Deal"? The no deal, deal that John Kerry did all by himself that will no doubt be the seed for WW III is a deal that can NOT take place,and yet I have zero confidence in our politicians to fight it. Again I hear a lot of talk. I hear Washington running their mouths, but will they fight as to not have the deal go through? I tend to think not. I and a good majority of Americans have heard the talk, we've heard the promises of our politicians, and we're tired of the "talk". Talk is cheap which is why Americans are talking "Trump"!

      Trump "gets" it. Trump "gets" it, because Trump is not a career politician, Trump is one of us. As we Americans are frustrated with the state of our nation, and the direction it's taking, so too is Donald Trump. Americans are mad, and they have every right to be. Americans talk politics and their blood pressure soars. Donald Trump appeals to the masses because he shows his anger at how this country is being destroyed. Trump's slogan, "Make America Great Again", is oh so apropos. Donald Trump is a marketing genius. This country is literally going to hell in a hand basket, and Trump's slogan could not be more perfect. Presently our country is not great, in fact it's far from it. What this country needs is a good kick in the ass, and Trump may well be the man for the job. Why?  I believe Trump WANTS to make this country great again, and I also believe he means it. As Trump would financially be far better off not being President, I see a man that does indeed care about this nation, and it's destiny. I do believe Trump may in fact make this country great again, and I am not alone. I think the majority also believes that Trump will make this country great again, which is precisely why every one's talking, "Trump"!

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