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Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Plea To Conservatives!

         July 2015 has been a news filled month. A deal was struck with Iran. A young woman was gunned down and killed by an illegal Mexican immigrant. Five men in our military lost their lives here on their homeland. A protected lion was brutally killed by an American Dentist. Two women were killed in a movie theater shooting, and Planned Parenthood was discovered to be selling fetal tissue, and fetal body parts. What a month, what a month indeed, but can these stories be compared? Is one life worth more ,and of more importance than another? I think not. I believe every life that was lost this past month was tragic, but tragic in different ways. No one life is more important than another, but to listen to Conservatives one learns that all lives are not important. I beg to disagree.

           Apparently Conservatives are up in arms over the media frenzy of a lion in Zimbabwe that was killed this month by a Minnesota Dentist. They feel more emphasis should be placed on Planned Parenthood, than Cecil the lion. Cecil the lion's killing was horrific. A man or shall I say a half of a man paid guides some 50,000 American dollars to hunt a lion. This man did not "hunt" a lion. This man might as well have gone to a zoo, picked out a lion, and shot it. This was not a hunt, this was pure greed, pure selfishness, pure narcissism, pure evil. What this man did was "lure" a lion, out of a preserve with live kill attached to the back of a Range Rover with a spot light. When the lion with a name, with a GPS collar and with a pride was found, he shot it with a poisoned bow and arrow. Cecil the most famous lion in Zimbabwe was then made to suffer for approximately 40 hours before the Dentist finished his kill. This half a man then did his photo op with the dead lion before skinning and beheading it. At the same time this Dentist attempted to destroy the lion's GPS collar that was placed on the lion by Oxford University. This man did not "hunt" this lion. This man is not a hunter. A hunter "hunts" in the wild. A hunter is man versus the animal, but no this was not a hunter, this was not a hunt. This was murder, murder of a 13 year old magnificent lion named Cecil with a beautiful black mane. This lion was a thing of beauty. This lion was a father to some eight to ten cubs, cubs that may likely be destroyed by another male taking over the pride. This lion was one of some 20,000 lions that if not protected will someday be extinct. The fact is if we don't start protecting our wildlife someday may not be wildlife.

         As I have been sickened by the killing of an innocent lion, I have been downright nauseous over the recent news of Planned Parenthood. What sane, compassionate, moral human being wouldn't be in distress over how barbaric a society we've become? Planned Parenthood representatives discussing the prices of fetal organs, body parts and fetal tissue over a salad? Women discussing the crushing of a 17 weeker's head? The same women speaking of their next sports car due to their being so flush with cash from babies being killed? And if the women speaking of how they are making money hand over fist with fetal tissue and such, didn't turn one's stomach perhaps seeing an aborted baby's hands, legs, and feet in a petrie dish did. The Planned Parenthood scandal is disgusting, barbaric, and inhumane, but hasn't today's society created it? The moment abortion, the killing of an unwanted baby became legal we became barbaric! We are not animals. We are human beings. We know the difference between right and wrong. My great grand mother once said, "if a woman can take the time to lay down and do it, she can dam well take the time to lay down and have it." I have to admit, I agree with my great grandmother, she was right. I guess my feeling  is if a woman does not want a baby with the man she is sexually involved with, then perhaps she should not be having sex with that particular man. In today's day and age there is no excuse for an abortion unless it is medically necessary. We have birth control people! Likewise if one's birth control didn't work I guess one could say, "it's God's plan". I have little understanding for abortion and  certainly no understanding for the selling of human baby body parts.

     In my opinion our society looked the other way along time ago when it came to abortion. Abortion has become "acceptable". SO acceptable that some women have decided to use killing unborn babies as their primary form of birth control. In the past year the term partial birth abortion came out quite often, and like with abortion people really didn't give it a second thought. I didn't see the media, conservative or liberal attack the issue. I saw a bit of discernment, and then the story of killing unborn babies with feelings fell off the press and was never to be heard from again. The Conservatives need to actually do something for a change. They need to fight, and fight hard for what they supposedly believe in. I signed some umpteen petitions on Cecil the lion. I may not be a liberal, but I have to give them credit as when they want something done in Washington, they get it done, even the killing of unborn babies. While I've signed several petitions on Dr. Walter Palmer Cecil the lion's killer,and the most hated man on the planet ,I have signed only one concerning the Planned Parenthood scandal. Just one. At the same time on the issue of the Iran deal which I strongly oppose I have signed perhaps 3-4 petitions. Regarding the Kate Steinle death as caused by an illegal immigrant I have signed just one petition on more strict laws against illegal immigrants. Lastly let us not forget that five men in our military were shot on their homeland, and not one petition has come through my email, or across my Facebook , demanding that our servicemen be protected and armed while at local military facilities. In essence, I've heard much talk from the conservatives on several issues, but I've seen little done to rectify the situation.

     Don't tell me that I am foolish for being outraged by the needless killing of an innocent lion. Don't mock me and say that I and others in distress of a lion look the other way on something as vile as the selling of fetal tissue and organs. Don't insinuate that I am somewhat unstable as I am angered and disturbed by the cruel killing of a lion named Cecil. I am a conservative. I am an animal lover. I  am also aware of a future without many of our magnificent creatures. I am a conservative. I am pro-life. I am a conservative and I want an America with a strong military, and the freedoms, and opportunities of our forefathers. I am a republican and I am one voice. I am a voice that may never be heard and therefore I say to the conservatives, "don't tell me what I feel is important". "Don't tell me what life I value more than another." "Don't tell me as you have no room to judge as what have you done?" I ask, "what have conservatives done for the issues they believed in?" 

    Cecil the lion, and Planned Parenthood can not and should not be compared. Can a person not weep at the torturous killing of a protected lion while also being sickened over the vile money making business of selling fetal tissue and organs? Why must one story be of more importance than the other? Perhaps Cecil the lion is of more importance because the killing of babies has become "old hat". Perhaps if conservatives had relentlessly fought for the unborn there wouldn't be a "Planned Parenthood Scandal". Cecil the lion was a majestic creature that was killed unnecessarily, just as every unborn baby aborted, Kate Steinle, four marines and a sailor, and two women watching a movie. No one life is more important, every life is important!
Sean Bianca
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