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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Heath Insurance From Hell!

        The Health Insurance Marketplace, your official establishment to purchase health insurance from holy hell! Up until recently I had never heard of the "Health Insurance Marketplace", and frankly I was far happier not knowing of the "Health Insurance Marketplace". Ignorance is truly bliss, as once I got to know of this money sucking organization for health insurance, I was left dissatisfied, angry, depressed, and ready to kill someone, possibly even myself. Yes, thank Obama for that one. Health insurance today has become so expensive, difficult, and aggravating that one ultimately has a desire to kill one's self. Aha! I think I've got it. The Obama administration wants people to become so frustrated with their health insurance that people will do themselves in. Here I thought the Obama administration was a bunch of idiots. Clearly I was wrong. The more people that kill themselves due to Obama making people go insane, and broke from his healthcare plan, the less people that need insurance and health care. Pretty ingenious I'll say!

    Quite obviously I am not going to kill myself over my health insurance, but on a more serious note, the health insurance that I purchased is complete garbage. Until of recent I was unaware that MY health insurance had anything to do with Obama and his health care plan. Upon purchasing my policy I had specifically told my agent who I had called that I did NOT want Obama Care or anything to do with Obama. Now either my agent didn't want to be the bearer of bad news and tell me that Obama and the government was now in control of ALL heath insurance or he did not know. I'm guessing he preferred not to tell me that Obama was indeed involved in ALL health insurance. Perhaps my rant on how much I detested our President was the deterrent, nonetheless I inevitably found out. 

    How did I find out that our Dictator of our President was involved in MY health insurance? How I found out was I received a letter from "The Heath Insurance Marketplace" stating that due to my change in income, my premium had more than doubled? WHAT? Excuse me? Upon reading this I first went into cardiac arrest I second, needed a stiff drink and a couple of Xanex and third wondered just how in hell this was possible? I had purchased health insurance prior to this policy and never had this happen. I chose a policy, knew my premium, and I was done with it. Life was uncomplicated and affordable. How did this happen to me? How this happened to me is how this happened to me and millions of other Americans.Obama happened, that's what happened. Obama happened, and destroyed a health care system that while not perfect had worked for a good majority of Americans. Thanks to Obama, Americans can no longer choose a health insurance policy with an affordable premium, and be done with it. As per my conversation with "The Health Insurance Marketplace", I was told that the IRS now notifies the Marketplace of a person's change in income. Apparently if one's income goes up the IRS alarms go off, they go to the Marketplace and tell them, "this person can pay more, go nail and screw them"! Isn't that wonderful? Well, how about the person like myself that works on commission and has a really good 3 months, and then has a dry period? Well you're screwed for about 3 months until you provide the marketplace of your decrease in income and it goes through their ever so proficient system. Of course the IRS doesn't tell the "Marketplace" of a DECREASE in income, only an increase. Why am I not surprised? Another words to put it ever so eloquently "YOU'RE SCREWED"!

     As if the premium wasn't frustrating enough using the policy is even more so. Upon needing to make an appointment with a podiatrist, I found out that my "PPO" was not a "PPO". Excuse me? Oh yes the plot thickens. My plan that was supposed to be a "PPO", was not, it is what is called a "Local PPO". A local what? I don't know about anyone else, but I do not like the word "local" especially when used in concurrence with my health care plan. All that comes to mind is, "local yocal", and that about sums up this half assed health care plan. Through my hours long phone conversations with CIGNA, and "The Health Insurance Marketplace", I learned that I had the best health care plan for my state that CIGNA offered. No longer can one purchase a health care plan that's available nationwide. No, now health insurance companies offer plans to certain states. Another words CIGNA does have a real live "PPO", but I who lives in Florida can not buy it. Perhaps if I moved to Alaska I might be so lucky to have the insurance of my choice? I have heard there is an abundance of men in Alaska, perhaps it's my destiny, a mountain man, and a "PPO" oh how lucky could I be?

    "Local PPO", so what is a "Local PPO"? Well a "Local PPO" is health insurance from hell! Apparently visits to Doctors on their plan are a copay of $30., but a "specialist" on their plan is $60.. Now aren't most Doctors that one goes to specialists?  Yes they are. Thank you again Obama for the raise in my copay for a local yocal health care plan. And this new way of health care is better and more affordable, how? My previous plan was a real "PPO" ,where I could go to ANY Doctor, specialist, or otherwise and I only ever paid $20. for my visit. Now I have to go to a Doctor of my policy's choice pay $30. for a non specialist, and ,$60. for a specialist. Oh but wait I can go to a Doctor of my just comes out of yours truly as it comes out of my deductible, which is ridiculously high, so the Doctors of my choice will always come out of pocket, my pocket. On the current health care system, GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump said that people would have to be hit by a bus as to ever use up their health care plan's deductible and he's absolutely 100% right. 

    As if the  health care plan isn't stressful enough, try actually using a Doctor on your "Local PPO". I recently went to a Podiatrist and my experience was anything but pleasant. As I have always had the best of the best, I felt like I was in a third world country having my foot tended to. I have had my knees operated on my the team Doctor for the New York Knicks, and had my shoulders operated on by world re known orthopaedist "Dr. James Andrews", so yes I am a snob. I've had to be. Tennis is my livelihood and I have only wanted the best working on me. Well I can now say I have been to a "Local PPO" yocal Doctor, and I am not happy. My visit was the most expensive copay I have ever paid, and it was all of maybe 20 minutes. I was given an injection which frankly I could have given better myself. I've had cortisone injections before, and they are not pleasant, but there is a right way and a wrong way of giving injections ,and this local yocal nitwit clearly gave it the wrong way! Never have I yelled obcenities at a Doctors office for all in the building to hear, never! As I was not given an anesthetic first, the injection was excruciatingly painful and one I do not intend to repeat. Did it work? The jury is still out, nonetheless I'd prefer to run around in pain than have a repeat performance of my visit with my podiatrist, as that will be another $60. copay, which frankly I refuse to again pay. 

   Health Insurance from hell, that's what America now has. I recently received a phone call from a representative from, "The Health Insurance Marketplace". The woman wanted to aid me in understanding my policy and wanted to know if I was satisfied. As one may have guessed, I gave this poor woman an education on my previous health care pla,n and my present policy courtesy of Obama. I informed the woman that I was counting the days till the next election as I prayed that the republicans could win and over turn this health insurance from hell. She then suggested I look for another company, but I had to wait until November and if I found a plan I would then have to wait till January to use the plan. I nearly lost it.

   I do believe killing one's self would be far easier than going through life as an American and having to deal with Obama's "Health Insurance Marketplace." This is one of many reasons that Americans need to come together and elect a republican in this next Presidential election. Our freedom is being taken away from us right before our very eyes and if we don't stop it now, we never will. I agree that health insurance needed to be revamped, as the health care system pre Obama was not without fault. However, at present it's even worse. Men, women, and families that once had health care are now without. Many families just can not afford the premiums for themselves and their families. Many Americans have found that it's cheaper for them to pay the penalty, which is illegal by the way, for not having health insurance than paying the insurance premium. It's truly tragic, but what's even more tragic is that Americans were lied to. Remember how Obama told we the people that if we "liked our plan we could keep it"? Remember how Obama said that if we liked our Doctor we could keep our Doctor? Right, that's what we were told, and Obama out right lied, or did he? The truth is sure you can keep your plan, but for a price, and a high one at that. You can even keep your Doctor, but again for a price. 

    Obama lied to Americans, and the liberals continue to lie. Americans, republican, independent, and liberal need to wake up, and wake up before it's too late. I believe with just about any of the Republican candidates, America would be in a better place. We must have a President that will work to over turn Obama Care. Obama Care is socialism and the last I heard we were a democracy. I do not choose to live in a country run by socialists, and that's unfortunately where the liberals are headed. How ironic, in that while other countries fight for freedom we are losing ours. America thrives with less government and dies with more. This country is dying a slow death, but it doesn't have to if we get out the vote in 2016. With that said let's observe our candidates, make a choice and love him or her,and support them, so we can take this country back ,and make America the great nation it once was!

Sean Bianca

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