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Friday, August 28, 2015

Anchor Babies And Abortions!

    Congratulations America you are paying taxes to help support some 340,000 anchor babies.  That's right your tax dollars are going towards raising, feeding, and educating "anchor babies". Every 93 seconds an "anchor baby" is born. According to statistics one out of every twelve babies born in the United States, is an "anchor baby". It's preposterous! Hard working Americans are literally paying for children of illegal immigrants, thanks to a flawed interpretation of the 14th Amendment of our constitution. 

    The fourteenth amendment adopted in July of 1868, basically says in so many words that any person born here in the United States is a citizen of the United States. The amendment was initially adopted as to address issues with former slaves after the Civil War. Not surprisingly the Southern states were against it, otherwise known as the Democrats. Present day we do not have slaves and the 14th amendment is being taken advantage of by a large number of Asians and Hispanics. Women from various foreign countries are waiting until the eleventh hour to come to America illegally or legally as a "tourist" just so they may give birth and have a baby that is an American citizen. What that baby is, is an "anchor baby". For those of you that are not in the know of the term "anchor baby" let me educate you. The proper definition of the term "anchor baby" is as follows, an anchor baby is used to refer to a child born to a non citizen mother in a country which has birthright citizenship, especially when viewed as providing an advantage to family members seeking to secure citizenship or legal residency. 

     "Anchor baby", THE term of the moment for the 2016 campaign trail. Personally I think it's a great term in that it's accurate. The baby is literally anchoring the family of the baby to the country the baby is born in. Unfortunately America has an over abundance of "anchor babies". While some Americans may not think these "anchor babies" are a problem of theirs they might want to think twice. Again American tax dollars are paying for the care, and education of these babies, but that's not all. Not only do Americans pay for these babies, but they pay for the parents as well. A mother of an anchor baby may receive welfare on behalf of the, "anchor baby" and the adult child as a United States citizen. That adult anchor baby will eventually be able to win a green card for his or her parents even though the parents may have entered the country illegally. Statistics show that at least 71% percent of illegal-alien headed households with children received some sort of welfare in 2009,as compared with 39 percent of native-headed houses with children. Illegal immigrants commonly access welfare programs through their U.S.-born children, to whom government assistance is guaranteed. Additionally, U.S.-born children of illegal aliens are entitled to American public schools, health care, and here's the kicker, illegal-alien households rarely pay taxes. Now if the fact that American tax dollars going towards the welfare of these "anchor babies" doesn't infuriate you perhaps the thought of these anchor babies someday taking work away from Americans, real Americans will. That's right every year that these 300,000  plus babies are born, there are 300,000 plus people that will some day enter the work force and take jobs away from actual real live legal Americans, pretty unsettling, I'd say.

     Now liberals are all in a huff over the term "anchor babies". Why? Why is there so much love and concern for these babies of illegal immigrants? Am I missing something? I 'd like to see some of this love for the some  58,210,644.1 and rising every second baby that's been aborted here in the United States since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. I'd like to see the same compassion for the 34,499.2 babies aborted after 16 weeks gestation. And I'd really like to see some concern over the late term babies that were aborted and cut a apart in a petrie dish as to have their organs sold by Planned Parenthood. I'm sorry but the Democrats have no right to voice their disgust at Republicans not wanting the continuance of supporting "anchor babies". Not when Democrats have no problem with the number of abortions taking place in this country. Democrats have no right to express their opinion of Republicans when they endorse an organization that is in the practice of late term abortions and the sale of human baby organs and fetal tissue. Those babies are living human beings. Those babies feel pain. Those babies have no one to fend for them. Those babies are helpless, and defenseless and yet the Democrats say NOTHING, but at the same time speak up and defend "anchor babies".

        Writing this blog I must admit really bothered me. I researched the number of abortions and the counter went up a number every second. While some women may never get the chance to have a child, this country has millions of women that have thrown that gift of life away like yesterdays newspaper. This country has lost it's morals and with the help of the Democrats it's only getting worse. When we start killing live human beings and selling their organs we are no better than the barbarians that decapitate people without a second thought. America is in trouble and America needs to get back to being America and helping it's own, starting with not killing unborn children. It's insane that Americans are paying for hundreds of thousands of anchor babies when we are killing our own. America needs to help it's own people. America needs to bring back religion, go back to old fashioned values and morals and help it's own people. Love me or hate me this is GOP GIRL and I agree with Trump, NO MORE ANCHOR BABIES!

Sean Bianca.... number of abortions since I wrote this article 58,210,703.5 and continuing!




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