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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Insane And Idiotic Iran Deal!

           In 1979 Democrat Jimmy Carter was President. Under Carter's Presidency 60 American hostages were taken when a group of Iranian students decided to storm the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. The American hostages were held 444 days after the crisis began. On January 21, 1981 President Ronald Reagan delivered his inaugural address, and hours later the hostages were released. It is said that the Iranian hostage crisis cost Jimmy Carter a second term as President.

          It is the year 2015 and President Obama is come hell or high-water insisting on a deal with Iran that is in my and many people's opinion utterly INSANE! The Iranian deal is literally Christmas for a nation that deserves nothing, and yet John Kerry gave Iran everything and then some. Briefly the Iran deal awards Iran with billions of dollars in sanction relief. Isn't that wonderful? Iran the largest state sponsor of terrorism will have it's hands on BILLIONS of dollars.Next the arms embargo will be lifted allowing them to again export weapons. As if billions of dollars being released and the ability to export weapons isn't bad enough Iran will no longer be subjugated to anytime, anywhere inspections of Iran's military facilities. 

         I don't know about the rest of the country, but I personally find this to be the most insane, idiotic, moronic thing I've ever heard. While I have not been a fan of President Obama and have thought Obama to be a sympathizer of the terrorists I never thought that Obama would be so open about it. Then again it's Obama's second term, Obama is coming out of the closet in my opinion and standing with the terrorists! Call me a radical republican, but frankly I don't see any other explanation with this impending Mickey Mouse deal with Iran.

        First off why in hell did Secretary John Kerry even start to negotiate with Iran without the release of four Americans that are being held as prisoners in some of the worst prisons in Iran. Four Americans are being tortured on a daily basis, and John Kerry doesn't demand their release prior to sitting down and negotiating? What? What kind of an imbecile does such a thing. John Kerry that's who. John Kerry, a ding dong is who America sends to cut a deal with Iran. That being said explains a lot, as in we're not talking the sharpest tool in the shed. 

       Dodo John Kerry proudly spends months on negotiating with Iran, and comes back with what may well be the beginning of World War III. It's utterly disgraceful what Obama and Kerry have done. I watched Obama in a press conference discuss the deal and it was nauseating. Obama informed reporters that we, (America) didn't expect Iran to change their behaviors such as funding Hezbollah, but we did a deal regardless. Excuse me? I thought good behavior was rewarded, and bad behavior was punished . Am I missing something? Not only did we do a deal with a nation that we know will continue to fund terrorism, but we did a deal with a  nation that we know wants to destroy both us and Israel. Why?

      I ask why was this deal such a priority for this administration? Why it's almost as if Obama wants this country to be destroyed someday. Obama and this deal literally leaves the United States completely vulnerable, not to mention Israel their neighbor who at one time pre Obama was one of our strongest allies. If one dissects this Iran deal one would have to agree that Obama appears to be giving Iran the keys to the United States. Seriously the idiocy of the Iran deal is almost laughable, but then if one truly looks at it one wants to cry, as this deal is truly frightening. It's frightening as the deal has way too many loopholes. Loopholes such as in lifting sanctions Iran will have the capability to continue building intercontinental ballistic missiles, they will be able to keep most of their nuclear infrastructure and they will no longer have inspections anywhere and anytime. Iran will no longer have surprise inspections they will have time to prepare and get ready. Iran will have twenty some odd days to prepare for inspections. One Senator stated that drug testing in the NFL was more strict than the testing we would have for Iran. Netanyahu likened the ridiculous Iranian inspections to inspecting a drug dealers headquarters.  Giving Iran time to prepare for inspections is like telling a drug dealer that there's going to be a drug bust. Think the evidence will be gone with twenty some odd days? Of course it will. The Iranians are not idiots like our idiots that concocted this brainstorm of a deal. Now not only does Iran have time to get ready for inspections, but Iran may refuse to let inspectors in.When this happens a committee consisting of Iran, yes Iran, Russia, and China deliberates. Now one doesn't have to be a genius to see that while this committee deliberates Iran has even more time to hide the evidence of their activity.

    Bottom line this deal may well go down as the deal that as radio talk show host and author Mark Levin, said, "planted the seeds for WWIII". Upon hearing Mark Levin I couldn't help but think that if WWIII does transpire due to the Iran deal, Obama will have finally accomplished something. Then again I and many others feel Obama has accomplished fueling ISIS during his Presidency. As the Iran deal is in many of our politician's opinion a deal detrimental to our country, congress has been rumored to stop the deal when put in front of congress. Those in Washington with a brain know this deal is a bad deal. Many people, myself included are scratching heads over why the United States did a deal with a country that's leader and people called for death to America and death to Israel only days before. I don't know but relationship 101 tells one that if someone doesn't like you, you certainly don't get in bed with them, but America did. A deal with Iran is like throwing oneself in the lions den. It's utter insanity. As written in The New York Times, Even if Iran does not cheat at all, this agreement will keep it only one year away from a nuclear weapon. After 10-15 years Iran’s leaders could get a weapon within two months. That’s just too dangerous for America, for Israel and for the world, when we are dealing with a regime like Iran’s. Only one country in the world has stated that its policy is to wipe another country “off the face of the earth”—Iran.
        While the Iran deal could be stopped and many in Washington intend on attempting to stop it, it may well be out of the hands of Congress, as the deal as been put inf front of the United Nations before going in front of Congress. That's right Obama and Kerry bypassed Congress and had the deal approved by the U.N.. Interestingly enough Larry Klayman an activist and lawyer who has battled Presidents George Bush, and Bill Clinton is now suing President Obama and others over the deal with Iran. Klayman alleges that the ratification process of the Iran deal is unconstitutional.According to Klayman "a president cannot lawfully override or amend a treaty simply by issuing an order or some other order of an international agreement" as stated in an action filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. As proceedings are still in process it seems nothing can be done as the Iran deal is pretty much a "done" deal.Not only is the deal pretty much done, but the fate of our security may be done as well.

     While the Iran deal, or deal with the Devil man be a done issue, citizens for a nuclear free Iran (  as well as our congressmen are attempting to take action to stop the deal. I myself have made umpteen calls to voice my personally opposing the Iran deal, but I'm just one voice, we need more. America needs to take action and be heard. This Iran deal is a deal that may well shape the destiny of our country. Americans need to call their congressman and let them know that they are against the Iran deal. I was eleven years old in 1979, and can recall the Iran hostage crisis. Iran was the enemy. Iran was evil. Iran was to be punished. It is now 2015 and Iran is still the enemy. Iran is still evil and Iran is not to be rewarded. I ask why is the United States is going through with a deal that the United States knows will inevitably go down as the worst deal in history?

Sean Bianca

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