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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Obama And The Charade!

        The night of the supreme court's decision to legalize gay marriage the White House was lit up in rainbow colors. In the spirit of things the administration showed their joy, how festive of them. The day after four marines were shot and killed in Chattanooga, the American flag stood at full staff. Obama and his administration showed their lack of compassion and respect for the men who had perished. A fifth victim of the Chattanooga shooting, died Friday, and the American flag at the White House was still not put at half staff. No, the flag at the White House was not raised at half staff not two days, not three days, and not four days after the passing of five men who had served in our nation's military. It took five days for the White House to do what should have been done immediately after the shooting in Chattanooga. Five days! Not only did it take five days for the White House to do the honorable thing of raising the flag at half staff, but  but it took a barrage of phone calls to the White House to have the flag lowered. Phone calls from reporters, members of the Senate and Congress, and U.S. citizens is what finally prompted the White House to do the right thing.

     Pathetic. It's pathetic that America has such an insensitive, uncaring President. As if the flag being lowered isn't bad enough, it gets worse. Neither President Obama nor the administration has called the families of the victims of the Chattanooga shooting. Pretty sad that the families of the  five men that gave their lives to their country can not get so much as a phone call from our President. Am I surprised? No not at all. I'm not surprised as the men who died were not Muslim, they were not law breaking illegal immigrants, and they were not black. Had these men been black or Muslim I have no doubt that Obama would have been in Chattanooga first thing the next morning. How frightening to think that our current administration has little concern for the lives of anyone that be white, Christian, Jewish, in law enforcement or in the military, but as this administration has shown us, all lives do not matter.

     Last week five men died from a Muslim extremist that went postal on our own soil. President Obama has yet to blame the attack on radical Islam, has yet to express his sympathies to the families of the men who died, has yet to pay a visit to Chattanooga where the shootings took place, has yet to order all military facilities be armed, and has yet to say or do anything to show of his allegiance and loyalty to America and it's people. As usual Obama has yet to do anything to let this country know that he has our backs. Maybe Obama does nothing to show the American people that he cares, because he just doesn't. I guess Obama's not raising the flag at half staff should be of little surprise to many of us. Many of the American people, myself included, are not at all surprised by our President's actions. With Obama's not being able to blame the Chattanooga shooting on radical Islam, he has spoken. Obama has time and time again avoided blaming the radical Muslim faith on attacks on Americans. I believe Obama has not blamed the radical Muslim faith on various attacks as he is a Muslim himself. Obama has repeatedly admitted his Muslim faith and therefore I believe it is against his faith to stand with Americans when they are attacked by Muslim extremists. 

     It is of my and many Americans' opinion that Obama is not a friend of Americans. As Obama is in the end of his Presidency Obama, I believe Obama is showing his true colors more publicly. Obama no longer has to continue the charade of a President that likes this nation and it's people. I have no doubt that if this were Obama's first term ,President Obama would have been in Chattanooga paying his respects to the families of the men who died at the hands of a radical Muslim nut job. Lucky for Obama he can show his truth with flying colors. Obama is in my opinion the first President to fool the American people. Obama fooled this country into believing that he was the coming of Christ and what the people got in Obama was the anti-Christ. How else can one explain a President making a deal with Iran number one, and two making a deal without demanding the release of four American prisoners? How else can one explain a President not reaching out to the family of Kate Steinle who was murdered by an illegal immigrant? How else can one explain a President that encourages people to turn on law enforcement officers? How else can one explain a President that fails to follow the advice of Military experts when they laid out a plan to attack ISIS? How else can one explain a President that continuously releases former terrorists? How else can one explain a President that can not look the camera in the eye when America has again had a terrorist attack on its own soil? 

    America wanted change and they got change alright. America got a President that I believe had one goal and that was to destroy America and Obama is doing a damn good job of doing so. Many Americans are upset at the Obama they see today.  I say what Americans are seeing, is the real Obama, and Americans don't like the real Obama. The charade is up as this is Obama's last term . The charade of being a President that loves his country, the charade of a President that wants to defend his country, the charade of being a real American.Last week's attack on Chattanooga was I feel very telling. While America once had a President that stood up to terrorists, America now has a President that appears to stand with the terrorists. On September 14, 2001 after the attack on the World Trade Center, President G.W. Bush yelled these words through as bull horn, "I can hear you!","The rest of the world hears you! And the people – and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon." The crowd chanted with loud,  chants of "USA! USA! It was known as George W. Bush's "bullhorn moment". It was a moment in history that showed that America had a real leader in George W. Bush. America has had several attacks by Islamic extremist under Obama's leadership, and Obama has yet to have a "bullhorn moment"  or for that matter, any monumental moment. Not once has America seen that they have a leader in President Obama because they don't. Obama hasn't been a leader because in my opinion it's all been a charade. The charade's up, and in my opinion what America has in Obama is not a leader, but a traitor, it's been Obama and the charade.

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