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Monday, July 20, 2015

McCain, Trump And Truth!

         Four marines and one sailor died on American soil only a few days ago and yet the press and republicans are talking "Trump". If one puts it that way it seems pretty lame, but if the talk about "Trump" is what's hot, I'd like to set the record straight. That's right I am going to defend Donald Trump, as like it or not the man is almost always right, and again Trump may be right on target. Not only is Trump on point, but every body's talking, "Trump!"

    As Donald Trump has risen in the polls faster than any other candidate, republicans have taken note. John McCain recently stated his feelings on the "Trump hype", by saying in so many words that Mr. Trump was riling up “crazies” in the party with the inflammatory remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico. Well, that comment didn't go over too well with Mr. Trump. Trump's response at a republican forum was to come out with the following brainiac statement in regards to Senator John McCain, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” I must admit it was a rather harsh statement. Not only harsh, but it was disrespectful, callous and classless, but not without reason.

   While I do not condone Donald Trump's statement, I have to admit that I do somewhat agree with "the Donald." I agree in that as a Senator, and as a Veteran, Senator John McCain has done little to nothing in his time as a Senator. It's no secret that John McCain has done nothing for the veterans. Not only has McCain done little for veterans as a senator, but he and Kerry both did nothing upon their return from Hanoi to bring the rest of the POWs home. That's right nothing. Oh McCain and Kerry did a lot of talking but took little action to bring our soldiers home. Not only that, but perhaps everyone should know that Senator John McCain voted not once, but twice against our military having body armor at military facilities. That's right Mr. John McCain was a supporter of our men and women not having the ability to protect themselves while at various military facilities. As a veteran I hate to say it but McCain has failed. McCain has failed in that he of all people should have been a vote for the military having the ability to protect themselves. Perhaps if McCain and other Senators had approved body armor and weapons for men and women serving here at home in the military, five men in Chattanooga might still be alive.

      Not only has Senator John McCain done very little for vets, but he hasn't been a republican always standing with republicans.Thanks to the aid of John McCain, a super-secret “ObamaTrade” bill passed Congress and will go to the President’s desk. Republicans are upset, and for good reason. This bill was passed by a Republican Congress the same way ObamaCare was passed by a Democrat Congress. In total secrecy, behind closed doors, and hidden from the American public. John McCain  has been wrong to support secret bills and hide what he’s doing from republicans. Another words, McCain may talk republican, but he in many people's opinions is not as far to the right as he'd like people to think. 

     In looking back at McCain and all his talk I am reminded by his demanding answers in regards to Benghazi. Trey Gowdy is the man pursuing prosecuting wrong doing in Benghazi. Another words McCain is all talk and no action, kind of like his Presidential campaign. In my opinion McCain's campaign was one of the worst if not the worst presidential campaign ever run by a Presidential candidate. McCain worked hard to lose the election. Frankly if I had donated a hefty sum of funds towards the failed campaign I'd be a little bitter. Perhaps that's where Trump is coming from and I don't blame him. I only volunteered for John McCain, and I was irate. Not only was I irate, but I was disgusted at the lengths McCain went to lose the race. In my opinion McCain is a war hero, but he is a failed Senator. He is a failed Senator in that he is a lot of talk and NO action.

      Love him or hate him Trump is almost always right. Almost as in Trump's statement was perhaps not a politically correct statement, but then that's what voters love about Trump. Voters like a candidate that says what he wants, says what he means, and doesn't care what the media and people think. It's refreshing. While Trump may well have been wrong in what he said about McCain, he wasn't all wrong. The truth is John McCain was a war hero, but he has been anything but a hero in his time as a Senator, and therefore I'm standing with Trump!

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