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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Obama And Chattanooga

      On Thursday July 16, America lost four marines on their own soil to a homegrown terrorist. Yesterday a sailor also lost his life to the mass shooting as well. Five men in the military perished right here in their own country. I don't know about anyone else. but I personally find it disgusting and unacceptable! This shooting is unacceptable as it was totally preventable. Our FBI was warned about an incident such as this happening before July fourth! That's right, our FBI,and as much as I hate to say it, but our intelligence, and our administration was fully aware that our military facilities were at risk and being threatened by ISIS, and nothing was done. NOTHING! Then again why am I surprised? Remember Benghazi? Obama, Hillary, and the administration knew of the threat to our embassy in Benghazi, and they did NOTHING. Nothing even when our ambassador and others begged for protection, nothing was done. That's the issue nothing is ever done when our people are in need.

      As per my understanding military facilities were not allowed to bear arms prior to July 16th. However if there was a risk, there was an allowance for these facilities to bear arms. Why was every military facility prior to July fourth NOT given permission to have guns knowing of the threats by ISIS? Why? Our men and women in every one of these facilities was a sitting duck, and our President, his administration, our intelligence, and FBI KNEW it, and did nothing to prevent it. The blood of those who died due to this unnecessary attack is on the hands of each and every one in our government that knew of the impending danger to our men and women in the military!

      Perhaps our men and women were left to be sitting ducks because our President wanted it that way. While our men were being shot and killed in their own country our President was off visiting criminals in prison. When Obama did make an appearance on television regarding the Chattanooga shooting I personally wanted to puke, upon seeing our President's uncaring, puss. Obama could not even look the camera in the eye upon expressing his false sympathy for the families of the men who were killed. The men who were killed by, I'll say it a radical MUSLIM homegrown terrorist!  Maybe our President can't say it, but I will! Why could our President not look the camera in the eye? He couldn't look it in the eye as I and many other Americans believe, he is one of the radical Muslims . Truth be told Obama left the press and went off to celebrate. Oh wait he did celebrate, Obama went off to New York with his daughters to attend a musical. One would think an immediate trip to Chattanooga would have been more important. One would think an emergency meeting over arming each and every one of our military facilities would have been more important, but no, a musical in New York was more important. Isn't it nice that Obama still has his family to enjoy?  I'm sure the families of the men who were shot and killed in Chattanooga would like to be still be able to enjoy their family that perished as well.

   There are friends, family, and loved ones of the men who died in Chattanooga that deserved more from our President. They deserved more than a President who didn't prevent the shooting from happening. They deserved more than a President that flew off on a holiday with his children shortly after these marines died. Oh but this is nothing new as Obama, let us not forget Obama, went golfing after James Foley was beheaded. They deserved more than a President that did not order the flag at the White House to be raised at half staff. They deserved more than a President that showed little to no respect for their loved one's lives, and service in the military. Not only did the four marines and sailor deserve more from our President, but America deserves more. America deserves a President that does everything, and anything in his power to keep America, it's military, and it's citizens safe. America instead has what I feel is an enemy in this President. Bottom line if a President is not standing with America and protecting it's military then a President is not protecting us.



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