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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Swampman Sessions????


  "Drain the swamp", was a phrase made popular by President Trump on the campaign trail. It was a phrase that was chanted nationwide. Trump supporters that had tired of the widespread corruption in Washington were invigorated by the President's chant. They were invigorated as for the first time in eight years, America had a leader that vowed to clean up Washington or "drain the swamp". America was hopeful. America was hopeful that if Donald J. Trump became President, he would do what needed to be done. Americans knew that if elected, Donald J. Trump would clean up Washington. Americans had confidence that Donald J. Trump would rid our government of taking advantage of average Americans. Americans knew Donald J. Trump would stop the stealing, payoffs, and crookery that had become the norm in Washington. Americans knew Donald J. Trump would give the country back to the people as so not just our lawmakers could prosper, but average Americans could prosper as well. Americans had confidence that if elected, Donald J. Trump would go after and jail all those who had broken the law. Americans knew Donald J. Trump would lock Hillary Clinton up!

     The day Americans had hoped and prayed for finally came. Donald J. Trump was elected and he became our nation's 45th president. Justice would be served or would it? Six months have passed since President Trump was elected and no indictments have been made, nor has anyone been locked up. Why? Why, is anybody's guess. Why, even President Trump doesn't quite know what to make of no investigations being made into certain persons and or parties. While those in Washington walk free who've seemingly broken the law, the Department of Justice is instead focused on the President and his still not yet proven collusion with Russia. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and the focus is still Russia and the President. 

   The focus today should not be on Russia and the President. The focus should be on Hillary Clinton's use of an unsecured server putting America's security at risk. The focus should be on Hillary Clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. The focus should be on The Clinton Foundation. The focus should be on Loretta Lynch's obstruction of justice. The focus should be on Hillary and Susan Rice and their roles in the Benghazi tragedy. The focus should be on Hillary's alleged lover, Huma Abedin for conspiracy and wire fraud. The focus should be on John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager's alleged involvement in child trafficking, and pedophilia.  The focus should be on James Comey's leaking of classified information and cleaning up after Hillary. The focus should be on Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch not prosecuting those from HSBC when it was discovered they were laundering funds for drug kingpins and various terrorist groups in the Mid-East including Al-Qaeda. (An inside deal of a $2 Billion fine was made) The focus should be on some 50 plus corpses whom all had connections to the Clintons and or the Democratic party. Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas to name two.  The focus should be on former President Obama's unconstitutional collection of data on Donald Trump. The focus should be on a number of persons and that does not include President Trump. 

  One has to wonder just why has Attorney General Jeff Sessions not had the justice department investigate the widespread corruption that took place within the Obama administration. Could it be that Jeff Sessions is part of the swamp? While Sessions was one of the President's first and most loyal supporters, his unwillingness to do his job and investigate matters that should most definitely be investigated makes one wonder. It also makes perfect sense. It also makes sense, as Sessions conveniently recused himself from the Trump-Russia investigation soon after he was sworn in. While it is no secret Robert Mueller and his pro Hillary collegues on the committee are conducting a witch hunt, Jeff Sessions was the one person who could easily have fired Mueller. Sessions also could have had control over the investigation. With Sessions recusing himself from the investigation, Sessions is no longer in a position to fire Mueller which makes for a very bad situation for the President. It makes for a bad situation as the Special Counsel's investigation into the President, appears to be an attempt to pin the President for a crime or crimes of which he did not commit. 

   Is the Attorney General another Washington swampman? Nothing else can explain the Attorney General not going after Hillary and others, that should with out question be under investigation. Sessions did replace the fired FBI Director, James Comey with a close friend of the former FBI Director. Yes, the acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, is indeed a close friend of the fired James Comey. Not only is McCabe a friend of Comey's, but he also was the man in charge of the Clinton investigation that went nowhere fast. In fact, the investigation went nowhere. McCabe also was the recipient of $700,000. from Hillary and her representatives for his wife's political run in 2015. Suffice it to say, McCabe has close ties with the Clintons, leading one to believe that he and the FBI will not be investigating Hillary Clinton, much less anyone else within the Democratic party anytime soon. In fact, the President tweeted "drain the swamp" in reference to Andrew McCabe. Perhaps the President himself is now beginning to wonder if his Attorney General is the man whom he thought he was or a member of the swamp. Unfortunately, for the President, I believe the evidence is stacking up against the Attorney General. While Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been great on cracking down on Sanctuary cities, cutting down illegal immigration, and going after the lawless gang, MS-13, he has been useless on cracking down on those who have committed crimes against our country and are out to destroy the President. With that being said, I am led to believe Attorney General Sessions, may just be "Swampman Sessions".

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017

#FireJamesSessions #DrainTheSwamp #LockHerUp

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