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Monday, July 10, 2017

"We Want God" And Oh Yea, The Meeting With Putin

  And when the day came on June 2nd, 1979, and one million Poles gathered around Victory Square for their very first mass with their Polish Pope, that day, every communist in Warsaw must have known that their oppressive system would soon come crashing down.They must have known it at the exact moment during Pope John Paul II's sermon when a million Polish men, women, and children suddenly raised their voices in a single prayer. A million Polish people did not ask for wealth. They did not ask for privilege. Instead, one million Poles sang three simple words: "We Want God." 
In those words, the Polish people recalled the promise of a better future. They found new courage to face down their oppressors, and they found the words to declare that Poland would be Poland once again.
As I stand here today before this incredible crowd, this faithful nation, we can still hear those voices that echo through history. Their message is as true today as ever. The people of Poland, the people of America, and the people of Europe still cry out "We want God."-President Donald Trump, Speech in Warsaw, Poland 
   "We want God", said America's President to the people of Poland. "We want God", three little words that reached out to the people of Poland and around the world. For the first time in a long time, an American President, said, "God", in a speech. For the first time in a long time, an American President not only said , "God", but he said, "we want God". For the people in Warsaw, Poland that were in attendance for President Trump's speech, those 3 little words were like music to the people's ears. For Christians around the world, those three little words were not little words at all. Those three little words meant everything and more to Christians around the world. "We want God", may have been taken from the Polish people and their desire for freedom, but "we want God", was and is also what a good many Christians feel and had felt, and have been, and are afraid to say out loud.  After two centuries of oppression, the Polish people were finally allowed to live in freedom.  They today stand as a free nation and are able to say out loud, "we want God". 

    The speech given in Warsaw, Poland was truly historic and touted as such by right wing journalists and critics. The speech truly invigorated the people of Poland as they listened to President Trump, and stood chanting, "Donald Trump, Donald Trump", and  waving American flags. The crowd was visibly in awe of America's newly elected President. They were in awe as the speech being delivered was truly a phenomenal speech. The speech not only brought "God" to the front lines of today's society, but the speech said something so many people needed so badly to hear. The President spoke of how  Poland, "gave all hope for a future in which good conquers evil". In a modern Europe where the threat of terrorism is an everyday possibility, those words were inspiring and comforting. In a modern Europe with open borders, the President spoke of countries protecting borders as to protect their citizens. With European feeling the devastating impact at present with open borders, President Trump's words were  profound. The President said exactly everything the people of Poland wanted to hear. The President also said everything European leaders most likely didn't want to hear, but so desperately needed to hear. 

     No sooner had mainstream media said little about President Trump's all historic speech did mainstream media then be so quick to jump on the President to criticize. The speech has now been criticized as it was too highly of a nationalist address.  One might think the media would have been somewhat surprised with the president's speaking out on Russia being a threat to western civilization, the media did not. Mainstream media could not  applaud the President for his brilliant speech in Warsaw, but they could not act fast enough with their snide commentary on his meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Some critics likened the meeting to an awkward Tinder date. Others jumped on how President Trump failed to press Putin on the subject of election meddling. How could the President have been any more brazen and pressing than to walk into the  meeting with Putin and immediately confront Putin on election meddling? The President could not have been any more forthright. While Democrats may not like the answer which was a flat out "no", do the Democrats honestly think Putin would have admitted to meddling in the 2016 Presidential election? Furthermore, there is zero proof of Russia meddling in our election . There is also zero proof that there was collusion between Russia and President Trump. Unfortunately, the Democrats refuse to accept the truth. The truth that they nominated the worst candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. The truth, that the people of this great nation had tired of failed liberal economic policies, failing health care, and failed illegal immigration and open border policies.

   As mainstream media seems to be stuck on the alleged collusion between the President and Russia, others are far more concerned with the present. At present, President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have reached what U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls, a "defined agreement" on curbing violence or rather a "cease fire" in Syria. While the cease fire may not solve the Syrian crisis, it's a start. The two Presidents also spoke of the creation of a cyber security group or unit that would guard countries against election hacking and other negative cyber threats as well. Not surprisingly, President Trump was highly criticized for his talk of the creation of a cyber security unit with Russia and he has since somewhat backtracked on the idea. 

  "We want God" still weighs heavy on my mind. Apparently, "we want God", weighed not on the minds of those on the left. No, all the chatter has been nothing but the meeting with Putin, and the infamous sit in by First Daughter, Ivanka. The President left a meeting with other world leaders as to attend another meeting and he filled his seat with his daughter Ivanka. This action by the President sparked heavy much deserved criticism from the left . While it is customary for a President to have one of his  like minded Representatives fill his vacant seat, daughter Ivanka was simply unacceptable. The fact is, the First Daughter is not a Conservative. Ivanka is a registered Independent globalist who leans to the left , much like her husband, Jared. The conservative sons of the President would have been a far better choice as they do in fact share the same views as their father.  While it is infuriating that mainstream media has criticized a highly successful over seas trip by the president, it is at the same time amusing. It is amusing as First Daughter, Ivanka shares many if not the majority of the same viewpoints as those on the left. 

"We want God", is what should be in the hearts and minds of people when speaking of the President's latest trip overseas. For eight years America had a President defending the very people killing Christians, and today America has a President defending Christians for a change. The President's confronting Russian Vladidmir Putin on the alleged election meddling the moment he met Putin should have made headlines. The President's speech in Poland should have made headlines. "We want God", should have made headlines. Sadly, only the tired criticism of President Trump, and his daughter taking his seat made most headlines. Sadly, "we want God" failed to make the headlines. Sadly, mainstream media chooses to ignore that the President is correct. The President is correct to encourage the rhetoric of a nation wanting God, as in this dangerous world, the world that doesn't want "God" will desperately need "God".

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2017



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