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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

John McCain's Vengeance On The American People


   One must always watch one's tongue prior to lashing out at another. Why? The answer is rather simple. One never knows when they may someday need that person. Unfortunately, for President Trump, he needed John McCain. He needed John McCain's vote for skinny repeal. Sadly, President Trump's infamous insult may well have helped cost the American people the vote on Friday's skinny repeal vote. Senator John McCain, who the President said was only a hero due to being caught, cast the vote that cost skinny repeal from going forward. One can't help, but wonder if John McCain's failure to vote for skinny repeal was McCain's way of getting back at the President. McCain just out of surgery, made it back to Washington just in time to take his revenge out on the President with his vote of "no" on "skinny repeal". The trouble is, McCain didn't really hurt the President at all. No, the President was disappointed, but it was the American people who were hurt in the crossfire between the President and John McCain. 

   The President tweeted that the Republicans look like fools and that they were wasting time by  preserving a filibuster. Many Americans are in complete agreement. The Republicans do look like fools. In fact, to the majority of the American people, the Republicans don't just look like fools, they look like a bunch of do nothing, pompous imbeciles. With all due respect, the Republicans are an utter embarrassment to the Republican party. They are an embarrassment due to their complete inability to come up with a replacement for Obamacare. The Republicans had seven years to work on a plan, and yet they did not. Exactly what the Republicans have been doing these past seven years is any body's guess. As so it would seem, the Republicans appear to have taken an seven year hiatus. In their hiatus, the Republicans appear to have forgotten what it is to be a Republican. They forgot why they were elected, picked up their paychecks, and kissed the feet of former President Obama. With the Republicans failure to fight Obama, they failed the American people and did nothing. If the Republicans accomplished anything other than bowing down to Obama, Americans would love to know.  They sure as heck didn't work on an acceptable and successful health care replacement for Obamacare. They did not as they never thought in a million years that they'd have the chance to propose a new and improved health care bill. The Republicans were losers, and they had planned on losing again in 2016.The Republicans never thought a Republican, let alone Donald J. Trump, would win the 2016 Presidential election. The Republicans planned on losing and therefore the Republicans failed to have a plan in place to replace the imploding Obamacare. 

  Unfortunately,  the Republicans in Washington have failed the American people who put them in office. However, as luck would have it, for the American people, the American people will soon have an opportunity to fire those in Washington who have failed them. Those who have failed the American people in Washington can and will be voted out. America at present feels a well deserved sense of hostility towards many of the Republicans in Washington. However, there are three Republicans that should be singled out for their direct betrayal of the President and the American people. Senator Susan Collins of Maine, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Senator John McCain of Arizona. It is these three Republicans who turned their backs on the American people in their votes of "no" on "skinny repeal". It is these three Republicans who have not honored the President's agenda, and in doing so, they have hurt the American people. 

     Did John McCain's bruised ego and animosity towards the President hurt the American people? Yes,  it did. With the majority of Americans paying at least $3000. more for their health care in 2017 than in 2013, Americans are being financially crucified. Hard working Americans' health insurance premiums have increased to a degree that's simply unaffordable to many, while Americans choosing not to work reap the benefits of free or ridiculously cheap health insurance premiums. Many Americans are choosing to pay the penalty for not being enrolled in Obamacare as opposed to paying for insurance they simply can not afford. Other Americans who are capable of paying the all too high premiums are unable to pay the sky rocketing deductibles. Others that have Obamacare are canceled due to providers pulling out of Obamacare. All in all, Obamacare is an utter disaster, and it's a disaster that we, the people of this once free and great nation never asked for. We, the people, never asked for Obamacare. We, the people, were lied to by former President Obama. We, the people, were told that we could "keep our plan". We, the people, were told we could, "keep our doctors". We could not. We, the people, were lied to and we, the people, are forced to buy a product we do not want. That being said, Obamacare is "UNCONSTITUTIONAL", and if Obamacare is "unconstitutional", why must we continue to abide by the rules of Obamacare? With all of the great Republicans we have elected into office that are attorneys, I have to ask, just what are they waiting for? By law, "repeal and replace" should not be a hard case. By law, Obamacare should be repealed without a vote, and the case should be closed. By law John McCain's bruised ego, and vengeance against the President should not hurt the American people at all. By law, Obamacare should again be repealed, and case closed!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017


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