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Sunday, April 9, 2017

America Is Back!

     He said he'd make America great again, and indeed he has. America is great again and it is again ready to lead again. In launching a missile strike against Syria Friday, President Trump made America the superpower it once was again. No more does America have a  President who draws meaningless red lines in the sand. No more will America have a president mincing words. America now has a president that says what he means and does what he says. America is back, and it's back as a super power.

  Last Tuesday the most toxic chemical weapons attack took place in Syria. The worst attack since 2014 occurred and the world watched in horror. As much of the world was outraged, one man could not just watch. That one man was President Trump. Upon watching the footage of dozens of babies and children gasping for breath, writhing in pain, choking, and foaming at the mouth, he could not just sit and do nothing. Over 85 people killed, and hundreds more were injured from the fatal sarin gas attack as ordered by President Bashar Al-Assad. What took place was horrific and unacceptable. Unlike former President Barrack Obama who drew a red line in the sand with Assad as he bombed his own people, and did nothing, President Trump did something. President Trump used no false words. He used missiles. He used 59 Tomahawk missiles to be exact. President Trump launched the air strike just prior to hosting a dinner with the Chinese President, Xi JinPing.  In using missiles against a Syrian airbase, President Trump showed the world that America is back as a leader. Not only is America back as a leader, but America is back as a nation that will stand up against evil.

 The world has looked for leadership from America and they received none under Barrack Obama. The world now again has the leadership it has longed for from President Trump. President Trump has shown our allies and our enemies that he will not stand by and do nothing when a call for help is made. While the Syrian crisis is not our crisis. No humane, compassionate person with authority could do nothing when it comes to the suffering of children. While the left would like to paint President Trump as a racist who hates Muslims, President Trump just took action on the side of Muslims. As such is true that President Trump wants to halt the immigration of Syrian refugees and other Muslims, he does not want them to suffer either. President Trump first and foremost cares for the safety of America and until a proper vetting process can be devised, he is trying to temporarily halt the immigration of Muslims.

   While the left has criticized President Trump on his travel ban, they have now praised him for his air strikes in Syria. The question is, what's next? While many Syrians praised President Trump, the general consensus is that the Syrian people do not wish to be refugees in the United States. The Syrian people want to be allowed to live peacefully in their own country. With President Bashar Al-Assad in power, a peaceful existence for the people of Syria is highly doubtful. However, Assad along with Russia, is being successful in fighting ISIS and keeping ISIS from being in control of Syria. The question is, what action will President Trump take next? While a warning against a leader gassing his own people was what was right at the time, Americans are left to ask, what next? Does the United States go again into the Mid East, a virtual hell hole of turmoil, suffering, and barbarism among the civilized and tortured? Does the United States go to the aid of those who can not help themselves? America is indeed again who the rest of the world will look to for guidance, and the world is also asking, "what next"? Can the United States fight both Assad and ISIS? Can the United States trust that if Assad is removed from power, a worse more tyrannical regime won't then take the place of Assad? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we as Americans must trust and have faith that President Trump will do what is right and what is just. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017
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