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Friday, April 14, 2017

What Happened to America First?

     "America first", words that spoke to millions of Trump supporters. President Donald Trump campaigned on placing America first, and  Americans first. For eight long painful years America had a president in Barrack Obama that seemed to place illegal immigrants "first", Muslims "first", and the welfare and feelings of other countries "first". For eight years America had a president who apologized for its actions of the past and stood up for those from other countries . America felt as though it had an enemy in its president and not an ally, let alone a leader. America was lost and America had found hope in President Trump. America had found hope, as America had found a man who dared to utter the words, "America first".

   In President Trump's first 100 days in office much has been accomplished.  He has been successful in having a Judge Scalia likeminded judge, Judge Neil Gorsuch, confirmed to the Supreme Court. In threatening to defund Sanctuary cities, the President has been successful in cracking down on them. The President has revived both the Dakota and Keystone pipelines, thus creating jobs. The President has pulled the United States from TPP, which would have proven disastrous. The President accused of not liking women during the presidential campaign,  has signed an executive order promoting women in STEM jobs. The President has rolled back the Obama-era regulations that made it virtually impossible for small businesses to hire more employees. President Trump has signed an executive order giving "big league" funding to Black Universities and colleges. President Trump has signed an executive order protecting our police who were forgotten by President Obama. The President has increased funding to our military  that was so drastically depleted by former President Obama.  The President has placed a 5 year and lifetime lobby ban on government officials before they leave office. The President signed an executive order cracking down on drug cartels. The President brought back the coal industry and enacted Joint Resolution 38, thus putting thousands of coal miners back to work. The President negotiated a deal with Carrier, promising to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. The President has met with several CEOs vowing to bring back jobs to America. Softbank promised 50,000 American jobs while Intel promised not only a $7 billion investment, but some 3000 high paying jobs. All in all, as so it would seem, the past 80 days have been about the President Making America Great Again. 

     While the president has been successful in many issues internationally, he has not actually had a single piece of domestic legislation passed. Internationally, we're doing great. Case in point, the President's meeting last week with the President of China was a huge success. The two presidents discussed the threat of North Korea, Trump rolled back his accusation of China manipulating the dollar, China abstained from voting at the U.N. in regards to the Syrian gas attack, and China even went so far as to reject coal from North Korea. China instead will purchase coal from the U.S. While President Trump's international dealings are to be applauded, his all important domestic campaign promises are to be frowned upon. A poorly written travel ban was challenged and halted. Since the travel been has been halted, over 3000 people have been admitted into the U.S. who were from countries banned by the President. While many were quite disappointed in the president's travel ban being halted, even more Americans were disappointed in the failure to repeal and replace Obama Care. President Trump promised he would repeal and replace Obama Care, and he has not. The President will not repeal and replace Obama Care anytime soon, thanks to both the Republicans and the Democrats. As if the nightmare of Obama Care not being repealed and replaced isn't worrisome enough, Americans will also have to wait for tax reform. Tax reform, a key issue on the campaign trail, will be looked at next year or after Obama Care is repealed and replaced. Unfortunately, the middle class, a declining population, will likely go further into economic hardship if something isn't done sooner than later. 

    "Build the wall!" "Lock her up" ! The President and his supporters chanted both. They chanted both statements as they were encouraged to do  by the President. We, the people, chanted as we, the people, truly believed in our president, in that he would take care of both. Sadly, there is no funding for the wall, and there likely may never be. Likewise, Hillary Clinton will likely never be "locked up'! Let it be said that one can not have millions of people chant,"lock her up" and not actually, "lock her up". I voted for a man that in one of many debates, looked  Hillary Clinton in the eye, and said, "you'd be in jail". I voted for a man who stood up to the establishment, said he would #draintheswamp, and vowed to put America and its people first. Leaving the middle class behind is not placing America first. 

    America first?Many don't think so. They don't think so as the President seems to be abandoning the very rhetoric and platform that made up his campaign. Draining the swamp was about placing non-globalists and non-Democrats in the White House. At present, there's talk of Steve Bannon being pushed out, and the President's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, being the real driving force in the White House. Having Jared Kushner in the White House is deeply concerning. Jared Kushner is a Democrat and a globalist. He is not for whom we the people voted, and not what we the people want running our country. We, the people, did not see Jared Kushner at the helm of the campaign trail once, and yet he is presently sitting in on national security briefings and aiding the president on foreign affairs. Placing Jared Kushner in charge of our nation is not putting America first. Likewise, having the president's daughter involved in decisions, such as launching an airstrike against Syria is not what we, the people, signed up for, nor is it putting America first. While Ivanka Trump might be terrific as an advocate for working women and mothers, she is not qualified to be making decisions within our government be it domestically or internationally. Having Jared Kushner who is now being threatened with having his national security revoked in charge is unacceptable, and it is not putting America first! America first is what the President campaigned on and for which I voted  when I placed my vote. As more and more time passes, I see a Trump administration being taken over by globalists, and liberals. Liberals and globalists that do not have the best interest of the American people at hand. Kushner, Mnuchin, Cohn,aand  Ross, are globalists and Wall Street Democrats that have no business in the Trump administration. They are not the cabinet of a Republican. Many in Trump's cabinet are about open borders, pro-immigration, outsourcing jobs, and wars with nations that have no hope of stabilization, are not the policies of the President Trump for whom I voted.I voted for a man that stood for what he believed, and put America first, and with all do respect that is not today's President Trump. Today's President Trump is not all about America First, but instead about the globalist agenda first. As the globalist agenda seems to be rolling into the White House, Trump's policies seem to be rolling out the door. The fact is, with various flip flops within days of one another, one is hard pressed to know what's what. Could it be that the great negotiator is keeping all options on the table as to make the best deal? If so, just who does that best deal favor? Does it favor he and his globalist elitist friends or will it place America first? I, for one, am at present a spectator of the White House, a spectator that wonders just for whom I voted. Is America still first?
(c)GOP GIRL Sean Bianca 2017




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