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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump's Taxes Are Irrelevant!

   This past week thousands of protesters took to the streets nationwide to protest the President not revealing his tax returns. What this proved I'm not so sure.  Then again it did prove a couple of things. It proved  that clearly these people have nothing better to do with their lives. It proved that these people must not work a 40-60 hour week, because if they did, one can be sure they sure as heck wouldn't spend their rare free time protesting. Why these people felt a need to protest I'm not so sure. Other than to create havoc and mayhem, nothing was accomplished. If these people did feel they accomplished some earth shattering feat, I'd love to know what it was. Did President Trump release his previous tax returns due to thousands of people protesting? No, and I have to ask just what would it matter if the President did release his tax returns? What affect would the President's tax returns have on them? The President was a successful businessman prior to taking office, He's rich. No, he's not just rich, he's incredibly wealthy. If he paid less taxes than these people think he should have, it was a thousand times what these people paid, I'm quite sure. Other than that, when Rachel Maddow thought she had found the golden carrot with Trump's 2005 tax return, America and mainstream media were surprised to discover the president had paid far higher taxes than most in his same tax bracket. In fact, it was revealed that the President paid $38 million on on his $150 million income. Trump paid at a rate of  25% which, while not the highest rate at 35% but higher than many critics of Trump. He paid more than the former the former Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney a critic of the President paid only 14%. He also paid more than MSNBC (Comcast) which paid 24%, Obama who paid 19% and Bernie Sanders who paid only 13%.

    Why protest? I have to ask? I also have to ask these same people if they ever protested Hillary Clinton's not revealing her deleted emails? For that matter, did these people ever demand a record of how much money was actually donated from the Clinton Foundation? The answer is a big fat no. Bottom line, these protesters need to get a life, or do something more valuable with their free time . Instead of protesting, these same wonderful people could volunteer at a homeless shelter, an animal rescue facility, a hospital for vets, or a home for the elderly. They could even be a "Big Sister", or "Big Brother" to a child who has no guidance, but no, the protesters would rather "protest". Frankly, I believe the protesters are to be pitied. How miserable must the lives of these people be, as to spend their free time marching the streets about something that has no and will have no affect on them at all? Furthermore, how selfish is a group of people if they would prefer to spend their free time protesting over volunteering and doing good? The protesters need to shut up, put up , get jobs, and actually pay taxes. I'm quite sure many have not and get a life . America has had it with protesting and the protesters need to accept President Trump as their President and move on. The Republicans moved on and won after 8 years of Obama, and we didn't carry on one bit. Perhaps the Democrats could learn from the Republicans. The Democrats have a choice, accept the president with class and dignity or protest with lunacy? Democrats which will it be? 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

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