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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Obama, Stay Out Of The Bathroom!

   Friday the thirteenth our Dictator, Barrack Obama, and his administration issued a directive to public schools across the United States that they provide transgender persons access to bathrooms of their choosing. If schools fail to follow Dictator or President Obama's directive they will face losing federal funding. To put it bluntly, Barrack Obama is "blackmailing" our schools! An issue that should be a state issue has been turned into a federal issue. Not surprisingly, conservatives and school administrators are none too pleased, and I and thousands of Americans agree. 
    The fact that such a directive has been issued is an outrage. First and foremost, what a school's policies are should be a state issue. Secondly, a policy such as this is a gold mine for perverts, not to mention a policy that is a policy that is to say the least, a bit offensive to both little girls and boys. Actually it's a policy that if issued nationwide to all businesses is in my opinion unacceptable and offensive. Bottom line is, if a person is issued a birth certificate as a certain sex, they should adhere to that sex when using a bathroom facility,
     While a transgender person might  be offended at the fact that I and thousands of other Americans are incensed by them being allowed to use the restroom of the opposite sex, I think they should take into consideration of  what they are asking of others. Many transgender persons have had surgery for only a portion of their bodies, and therefore they are still very much the sex of which they were born. A small girl or boy should not have to be subjected to a child being in their locker room or rest room that is not of the same sex as they are below the waist. I for one do not care to walk into my gym locker room and see a woman walking through with breasts and a penis. Likewise, that person would be just as offensive to males as well. While I am being blunt, the truth has to be said.
      The whole transgender issue is an issue that frankly should be at the back of the list in important issues for our president. Unfortunately, Obama has made it an issue that is now at the forefront. ISIS is on the rise, illegal immigrants are killing and raping our citizens, heroin is killing our citizens, our military has been depleted to a point where we can possibly not protect ourselves, and President Obama issues a transgender directive in the middle of the night. Seriously? I wish the President had been so quick to act in the middle of the night while our men were being killed in Benghazi in 2011.
      I suppose a president has his priorities... As it has been reported many times that Michelle Obama was born a man, perhaps that would explain Obama's being so quick to defend the transgender community. Several reports have noted that there is no evidence of Michelle Obama ever being pregnant nor giving birth to the President's two daughters. Truth or fiction? The truth may never be known. However, the fact is, we have a president that has acted without the approval of Congress to control our public schools.
    Allowing transgender children or adults into our rest rooms is not going to bode well with anyone with half a brain. As children and teenagers are not at all ignorant, boys more than girls will use this directive to their advantage. When a young girl is raped by a boy or a woman is raped by a man using the girls' or ladies' rest room as their own or a young boy is fondled by an older girl or woman, perhaps the democrats will think twice. Then again, will they say the young child asked for it? 
    When the presumptive nominee of the Republican party, Donald J. Trump, was asked about Obama's transgender directive, he answered as a president, not a dictator should have. He answered that the transgender bathroom issue should be a "state decision". What Trump didn't say was that it was an issue that should not even be an issue of worth to be discussing, but I will! With this country's multiple problems and a debt of over 19 trillion, I think we have more important issues to deal with at hand. Luckily for America, in seven months we will have a new president, Donald J. Trump, that will take on America's real issues, will stay out of children's bathrooms, and will "make America great again!"
Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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