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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Politicians Gone Mad!

   A while back on late night television there was a film appropriately names. "Girls Gone Wild". It was a film consisting of young, innocent or not so innocent, college girls, and their exploits during Spring Break while heavily intoxicated. The film was I assume distasteful, but entertaining to some. Today we could have a film named. "Politicians Gone Mad" , as the campaign trail of 2016 has been one of utter denial, insanity and complete craziness.
     It's been a long road for the Republicans, and clearly one that has taken it's toll on the candidates. Seemingly normal individuals have appeared to have transformed into complete sociopaths while on the campaign trail. Just last week Senator Ted Cruz actually announced his pick for his Vice-Presidential running mate. The announcement seemed rather odd considering Cruz had just lost five of five states, in last Tuesday's primary. Not only did the Senator lose, but he lost big. The Senator came in third, that is dead last in four of the five states. In one of those five states, the Senator came in second. All in all as of last Wednesday, Cruz had lost his chance for being selected as the Republican Presidential nominee. With no mathematical chance of winning the nomination many of the pundits expected the Senator to drop out, but no, he didn't drop out, he instead announced his running mate. 
      Who does that? Who in their right mind announces their running mate when they have just basically lost the whole kitten caboodle? Ted Cruz, that's who, but you've got to hand it to him, he stole the spotlight from the Republican front runner Donald J. Trump! In announcing Carly Fiorina as his running mate, Cruz accomplished his mission in stealing Trump's thunder. Not only did he steal Trump's thunder with his obvious denial of his loss, but he and Carly were the talk of the town. Talk of the town indeed as the Senator had acquired not only a running mate, but an entertainer as well. Ms. Fiorina shocked all as she took to the podium in song."I know two girls I just adore, I'm so happy I can see them more". Ms. Fiorina serenaded the Cruz supporters with her joy of being named Cruz's running mate. Apparently Fiorina has taken a liking to Cruz's daughters ,and wanted all to know how she so enjoys traveling with Cruz and his family. While some may have found the moment charming, others found it to be rather odd, as only months ago Fiorina expressed her utter distaste for the Senator. Strange bedfellows politicians make.
     While Fiorina singing was a rather peculiar campaign moment, and one in which many wondered if the woman had lost it, the  Cruz-Fiorina Campaign just got worse. While campaigning in Indiana, Senator Cruz temporarily "lost" his running mate and showed that "the show must go on". By "lost", I am referring to Fiorina's falling and disappearing from the podium into the abyss upon announcing the Senator to a crowd in Indiana. Ms. Fiorina went down, and Senator Cruz appeared to carry on with a business as usual attitude ,as he failed to aid the fallen Fiorina. Cruz instead went on to shake hands and chat with supporters on stage. Later on Trump spoke about the unfortunate incident. He stated to a crowd of supporters that even he would have helped her!
     While the past week's events have not been kind to Senator Cruz, the events seem to not to phase the Senator in the least. In fact the man appears to be more confident than ever. While campaigning in Indiana, Cruz took the initiative to confront a group of Trump supporters. In an attempt to gain their support Cruz asked them to name what they liked about Trump, and then proceeded to interrogate them. The Trumpsters called him "lying Ted", and then informed him that they didn't want him. Ouch! Never in my life have I ever seen a candidate harass another candidate's supporters, but then never in my life have I seen a candidate refuse to accept his having lost. Never have I witnessed such utter insanity. The Ted Cruz campaign could be appropriately named, "Politicians Gone Mad"!
      While the events of the Cruz campaign have been all be it humorous, and entertaining, it's high time it come to an end. If all goes well today, Donald J. Trump will win Indiana and will be well on the path to winning the nomination and knocking Cruz out of the Presidential race. Then again I and others have no doubt that Cruz will not take another loss lying down. Cruz will no doubt instead make an appearance stating that he is the clear winner and that he has chosen his cabinet when he receives the nomination. Nomination for the nearest loony bin perhaps, but not the Presidential nominee. In a script from what could be "Politicians Gone Mad", Senator Ted Cruz may have to be taken away in a straight jacket ,as it appears we have a candidate that has been on this campaign for far too long. Ted Cruz may not like the defeat he has incurred by Donald Trump, but it is the reality of the present. The reality is Donald J. Trump looks be the Republican Presidential nominee and it's high time Senator Ted Cruz accept his loss, pack his bags, and go home. Donald J. Trump is the choice of the people as the people know he is of sound mind, and he will in fact make America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca, GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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