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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Like Your Mexican Flag? Well Get Out!

    Smoke grenades, rocks, bottles, and burning shirts were thrown by protesters at Police Officers and their horses outside of a Donald Trump rally late Tuesday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sadly no action to protect the horses was taken. While Police Officers sprayed tear gas at the protesters wearing masks, the horses were unprotected. How any human being can throw anything at another human being is bad enough, but to be cruel to a helpless animal is pure evil and savagery. Tuesday night's violent protest gave Trump supporters and non-supporters all the more reason to support and vote for Donald Trump.
         The protesters were nothing more than thugs out for attention and out for a good time. Many were scrawny, shirtless, pathetic excuses for human beings yelling profanities and flipping the bird to the television cameras. I'm quite sure if one had asked any one of the protesters just why they were there, they wouldn't have had a clue. While the male protesters were a sight to behold the female ones weren't much better. One woman stuck her rear end up in the air at a police officer and twerked about, appearing to be anything but a class act. It was quite special. Those who weren't giving news crews the finger and yelling profanities were carrying the Mexican flag. Not one American flag was held proudly by the protesters except for one which was burned, but there were several Mexican flags. Upon seeing the Mexican flags I became incensed with anger. How dare these immigrants come to our country, riot, throw fire bombs, rocks, and bottles at law enforcement horses, Police officers, and reporters, and hold their Mexican flags!
       Like your Mexican flag so much? Well, then get the hell out of our country and go back to Mexico! How dare these barbarians come to our country take our jobs, accept welfare, government housing and assistance, and riot! How dare they! Get out and stay out! America has no need for such classless, unappreciative, disgusting thugs! While there are Mexicans that have come to America for a better life, these particular hellions were clearly here for a free ride, a free ride that we Americans are subsidizing.
       Sadly little opposition to the protesters was taken. Thanks to Governor Susana Martinez, little was done against the protesters. As officers were bullied,somewhat many officers appeared apprehensive to take any real action. Was an order given for the officers to "stand down"? I wonder. As a result several officers were injured, and the Albuquerque Police Department's horses were subjected to animal cruelty. Obama's done a good job in that America's police officers are too afraid to take any real action against citizens for fear they will be prosecuted and sued. Shockingly officers essentially did little to protect themselves or the horses as all hell broke loose all around, and for what? For the chance to yell at the media and voice their disapproval of Donald Trump. The funny thing about it is the immigrants that protested were further evidence that Mexico doesn't send their best. These heathens were not Doctors, lawyers, or Rhode Scholars, they were punks. They were punks that probably are drug dealers, rapists, murderers, criminals, and drug addicts. These people were not grateful Mexicans living the American dream as many Mexican-Americans are, no they were immigrants unhappy that America has had enough of ungrateful illegal immigrants.
       The violent protest in Albuquerque never should have escalated to the point that it did. With over 500 protectors, I have to ask just where was the National Guard? Not only do I question why the National Guard wasn't called in, but why was hardly anyone not arrested during the protest? Everyone of the protesters should have been arrested and thrown in jail! Instead little force was taken, law enforcement horses were abused, and the protesters walked away burning both American and Pro-Trump flags as they laughed all the way home. 
   Susana Martinez should step down as governor as she has no business being a governor. Just because her chosen candidate Senator Marco Rubio failed to be the republican presidential nominee does not give her the right to fail to do her job as governor. Clearly Ms. Martinez wanted no part of greeting the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, and clearly she had no plans to take any action to make his rally problem free. If I had to guess Ms. Martinez wanted tonight's protest to get out of hand, and that it did. Unfortunately, Ms. Martinez's failure to prevent and control the situation gave Americans all the more reasons to not want Mexican illegal immigrants in our country, and all the more reason to want Donald Trump for President. Maybe the Mexicans like their flag, well we Americans like our flag, and that is why we are now taking a stand and electing a man that also likes the American flag, will keep the illegal immigrants out and make America great again!
Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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