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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Roses, Liberals And Losers

       Congratulations are in order to both Hollywood and and the music industry. They have both successfully ruined the enjoyment many Americans experienced from watching the various awards shows for their industries. They have accomplished this by mixing their liberal beliefs with entertainment, thus taking the entertainment out of the equation.  Last year the NFL football league ruined football, America's favorite pastime, by their disrespecting the American flag by taking a knee. This year's Grammy's awards program was ruined with a single white rose. 

      Well, it wasn't just a single white rose, but it was the dozens of entertainers at the Grammys donning white roses that put a damper on the celebrations and goings on at the Grammys. That, and how could one forget the various celebrities including the 2016 losing Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, reading excerpts from the infamous anti-Trump book, Fire and Fury? All in all, the Grammys should have been renamed," Roses, Liberals, And Losers". 

   Roses, I haven't seen so many white roses in one room other than at a wedding or at a funeral. It was quite amusing. It was amusing as the reason behind the white rose was just laughable. The white rose was to show the solidarity of the music community against sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. Pardon me while I take a moment to choke on that statement. Pardon me if I find this whole, white rose, #metoo , #timesup movement laughable. It's laughable as where was all the concern when sexual harassment was taking place within Hollywood, and the music industry ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years ago? We know it went on. We know it went on as only just  now are people within the entertainment industry speaking out. Question. Why didn't anyone speak out sooner? Answer, because as so it would seem everyone that is now speaking out chose not to speak out. That's right. They chose not to speak out as they knew they'd never make it to the big time if they did speak out. They had a choice, and they chose fame and fortune over integrity and self respect. Those who may not have had a choice and were sexually assaulted and forced to have sex or do unpleasant gestures also had a choice. They could have chosen to report the assailant or assailants to authorities, but they did not. Again, for all the men and women who said nothing until now, as so it would seem, they all chose celebrity status and wealth over scruples and modesty. 

   Sexual harassment in the workplace has been taking place for years. Hollywood's casting couch has also been taking place for years. Unfortunately, no one in Hollywood cared until someone decided to stand up and blow the whistle on the sexual prowess taking place in Hollywood. God forbid someone actually be guilty of going along with the sexual escapades as to further one's career. Nooo. Who would admit to that? Who would admire an actor, actress, singer or songstress that laid on their back in hopes of the achievements of being rich and famous? No one, and that is precisely why it was easier for these celebrities to band together and launch their woe is me campaigns of #metoo and #timesup a to say "I was assaulted too". 

   I'm sorry if I have a hard time feeling sorry for celebrities that only some 20 years later decide to come out against the sexual harassment they were made to endure. Forgive me for not playing the violins. You'll also have to forgive in in failing to respect the likes of Miley Cyrus who only just a couple of years ago paraded around on a stage twerking in a bra, panties and a strap on. Miley Cyrus wasn't impressive then and she wasn't any more impressive writhing around on the piano in a ball gown as Elton John played and sang along, all the while in front of a single white rose. 

   If the Grammy's white rose theme of solidarity against sexual harassment and sexual assault weren't enough to make Americans turn off the Grammys, seeing the likes of Hillary read from, "Fire and Fury", surely was enough to make Americans turn the channel. Why? Why was Hillary at the Grammys? Does the woman have no pride? While I supported and voted for President Trump, the election of 2016 was really Hillary's for the taking, and she lost! Hillary had mainstream media and both the Democratic and Republican establishments helping her and she still lost! With that being said, why does she insist on continuing to place herself out in the limelight? Perhaps if the woman lost a good 30-40 lbs, had a face-left, and hired a stylist, one might see why she'd want to be at a worldwide affair. A new Hillary flaunting her new look would make an ounce of sense. It could be Hillary's way of saying. "look at me, I may have lost but I look a heck of a lot better than Trump", but no. No, Hillary instead is just as dowdy, just as heavy, just as dumpy, and just as unlikable as the day she lost the presidency. Therefore, why does the woman not just put herself out to pasture and enjoy being a grandmother? One might think Hillary might want to enjoy being a grandmother before possibly being carted off to jail, but that's another blog.

   White roses, #metoo,  and # timesup at the Grammys were completely unequivocally inappropriate. It was inappropriate as Americans care not to hear the liberal viewpoints of celebrities. Not to mention celebrities such as Jay Z who had a criminal past. While Jay Z may think it's cool to brag of his knowledge of budgets through his past crack drug dealing days, Americans do not share his sentiments. Americans have no interest in the opinions of celebrities who are out of touch with average hard working Americans.  If celebrities were in touch with the American people, they'd have started the #metoo and #timesup movements long ago. While thousands of American women chose not to endure sexual harassment in the workplace and said something, celebrities took it and said nothing. While the women who spoke up may have seen their careers end in financial ruin, celebrities laid on their backs and watched their bank accounts and fame sky rocket. Celebrities can't open their legs for twenty years, say nothing, and now suddenly cross their legs and say  #metoo or #timesup . The fact is, Americans don't care about solidarity against any issue while watching the Grammys or any awards show for that matter. Americans also don't care to see a former presidential candidate at the Grammys. When Americans turn on the Grammys or any other awards program they want entertainment.  Sunday night's Grammy Awards was anything, but entertainment. It was nothing more than roses, liberals and losers. Unfortunately, the biggest losers Sunday night were not the celebrities preaching their political beliefs, but the people who chose to tune in to hear good music and be entertained. The people who looked forward to seeing who wore what, lost Sunday night. The people who looked forward to hearing good music lost . Americans wanting to escape the realities of a nation politically torn, lost.  Roses, liberals, and losers may well be an ongoing tinseltown theme. If so, it will surely be the demise of awards shows , and in looking back, America will be better for it!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2018  


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