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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Disillusioned And Scammed

        January 20th 2017 was a day I will forever remember. It was inauguration day for Donald J. Trump and I was tremendously overjoyed. I had posted some 350 plus videos and blogs in support of Mr. Donald J. Trump. I had the utmost faith in the man for whom I had chosen to  support as America's 45th president. I had the utmost confidence that Donald J. Trump was the man that was the answer to America's prayers. Our prayers were answered as Hillary Clinton had been beaten, and Barrack Obama's term had ended. January 20, 2017 was a great day for Americans, and a great day for America. America would be great again. 

  January 16, 2018 was a day I will also forever remember. It was a day in which I donated a sum of $3.00 to the President Donald Trump campaign, and was wrongly charged $250.00. I was attempting to enter a contest to dine with the president and donate to his campaign. The minimum was $3.00, and that was what I chose to donate. Upon entering my donation, the screen said, "thank you for your $250. donation. Upon seeing this across my phone screen, I nearly went into cardiac arrest. I was literally speechless. Once I was actually able to get the words out of my mouth that I'd felt I had just been scammed, I picked up my phone. I picked up the phone and I called Chase Bank as to stop the payment of $247. and approve my $3.donation.  They obliged. In addition to explaining the error that took place to my bank, I emailed the Trump campaign. I never received a response. Not only did I email the campaign, but I called the campaign office, left messages, and even called a woman whom I knew quite well  that worked closely with the president and his campaign. Not one person from the Trump campaign returned my calls, nor my emails. As I had done all I could do on my end, I hoped and assumed that Chase would resolve the wrongful donation that was made to the President's campaign. 

   March 14, 2018 I was charged the amount of $247.00. I was told by Chase that the Trump campaign had won the case in their favor. There was nothing more Chase could do. I was devastated. I was devastated as I felt scammed. Clearly, I had every right to feel that way. Not only did I feel scammed, but I felt disappointment. Disappointment, as the man for whom I had written blogs for until  2, 3, 4 and 5 am appeared to be the con artist whom I had been warned about.  Prior to the election, there were reports on Donald Trump had scammed people with his Trump University. Mainstream media also reported numerous employees and or contractors that had never been paid by Donald Trump. I had been told by many in Palm Beach, Florida, that Donald J. Trump was a scam artist. I had been told Donald J. Trump was a shrewd and unfair businessman. "He's as dirty as they come" one man exclaimed. I had also been told Donald J. Trump had  a history of using people and discarding them when they were no longer of use to him. Prior to the election, I  ignored all negativity regarding Donald J. Trump. I believed in Donald J. Trump. I not only believed in Donald Trump,I believed Donald Trump. I believed Donald Trump's word meant something. Heck, I believed his word was everything.  I  believed the Trump rhetoric, that all bad press was "fake news". Unfortunately, $250. taken out of my account that should have been $3.00 was not "fake news". It was very real. It was real that the Trump campaign had in my opinion scammed me out of $250.00. 

    After losing my case to the Trump campaign I had, shall we say, a bitter taste in my mouth.  As throughout the campaign I would blog my support for the president, I thought about blogging about how I felt I'd been scammed by the Trump campaign. However, I held back my blog on having $250. taken from my account unwillingly. I held back as I wanted to give the Trump campaign a chance to correct their mistake. Upon receiving a letter asking for money for the Trump campaign, I wrote a letter. I wrote a letter to the campaign carefully explaining what had taken place along with my banking statement. I never received a response. It was at that point that I decided to blog about my unfortunate experience. I had given the Trump campaign several chances to right a wrong and they failed to answer my emails, my calls and my letter. To say I was angry would be a gross understatement.  My anger was temporarily pacified as I was given a glimmer of hope of possibly receiving a refund. A woman from the Trump campaign asked me to call her upon my stating that I was disappointed in the President and his campaign and my being scammed on Facebook. My call was never returned.

   While I was disappointed in the President and angry , my anger intensified upon seeing more Donald Trump contests pop up on Facebook. Upon seeing a Donald Trump Facebook contest, I decided to share my negative experience with others on Facebook. I now regularly posted my negative experience with the Trump campaign. I do this as to warn others that just as I had felt I had been scammed, others too could be scammed. While the amount was $250. instead of $3.00 I suppose I should consider myself lucky that the campaign didn't take $20,000!  In a last ditch attempt to reach out to the Trump campaign I wrote a detailed letter with an explanation as to how I was wrongly charged a $250. donation. No one ever responded to my letter. I can't say I was surprised as I figured that my being scammed was just more of how Donald Trump's businesses were conducted. That being said, be forewarned when you enter a Donald Trump campaign contest, You could donate $5.00 and be in for a surprise as your screen says, "thank you for your $500. donation"! 
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