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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Caliphate Is Among Us...

      Since September 11, 2001 there have been 30,959 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide. On an almost daily basis there is bloodshed somewhere in the world. The world watches in horror at the television as they watch people that have fallen victim to bombings,  stabbings,  beheadings, and or shootings. The world watches and says, "oh how horrific, and how tragic" and then the world walks away and goes on with life. The world goes on with life until yet another terrorist attack occurs and the world repeats the same rhetoric and does nothing. We do nothing, our leaders do nothing, and the enemy is left to continue in their mission of killing. Their mission is killing all non-believers of the religion of Islam. Sadly, terrorism has become an acceptable way of life. The terrorists are winning, the infidels are losing. We are losing as we have become desensitized to terrorism. In the past, our leaders would take action. They would deport people from coming into their countries. Our leaders would use bombs and or air strikes to send a message to those nations sponsoring and or harboring terrorists. Our leaders would even impose sanctions against those countries where terrorists had been citizens. However, at present we are unable to take the various actions against terrorists and terrorist harboring nations as we had in the past. It's hard to take action and drop a bomb on the enemy when our leaders have invited the enemy right into our very own backyards. Not only have our leaders opened our borders to the enemy, but our leaders have set the enemy free, time and time again. We are losing the war against terrorism and the caliphate is winning, as we the people have become complacent with lackluster do nothing leaders to protect us against the enemy. The caliphate is among us, it is alive and well, and it is watching and waiting to attack the god ole U.S.A.

   Today a terrorist attacked a police officer in Paris outside the Notre Dame Cathedral. As the terrorist bashed the police officer in the head with a hammer he exclaimed, "This is for Syria". The man had two kitchen knives and other weapons with him as well. Paris is said to have been under high security as there have been a string of Islamic extremist attacks in recent years. Several attacks, several dead, several injured and France has yet to begin deporting Muslim refugees. France also has yet to close its borders. France instead chooses to live by the liberal mindset of open borders and reap the consequences of widespread terrorism. Far be it for France to close its borders and protect the people of France. Far be it for France to deport people who are in their country illegally or have over stayed their visas. Far be it for French authorities to go into the Muslim neighborhoods they fear and arrest, jail, and deport every suspected terrorist. No, France would prefer to be politically correct, light candles and place flowers at various terrorist attack sites, and walk away saying, "oh how tragic".

     Just days ago, on June 3rd, Great Britain experienced its third terrorist attack since March 22nd on the London Bridge.  All three attacks have resulted in a total of 34 people having been killed and another 196 have been injured by people whom authorities deemed as suspicious long before they conducted their various attacks. Within not just days, but hours, authorities in Great Britain were successful in locating those responsible for the attacks. In this latest attack 3 of the persons guilty of the attack were known to authorities, but authorities did nothing. In essence, the British authorities appear to be quite useless in their fighting terrorism. It has been reported than Britain's authorities have some 20,000 persons that are suspected of having jihadi affiliations. However, only 3000 are currently being investigated.  In knowing this, I can't help, but wonder just what the hell were the authorities waiting for? If authorities can quickly identify the perpetrators involved in the attacks, why can they not pick up and arrest suspected terrorists before they kill the people of Great Britain? The fact is, the British authorities could arrest those suspected of being terrorists, but they won't. They won't as God forbid they insult a Muslim. It's far better to have people die and suffer than to insult a Muslim. While one would think it would be better to be proactive and save lives than to be lackadaisical and lose lives, those in authority beg to differ. Then again, they have no choice as they have elected a Muslim Mayor who was sworn in on the Koran and hopes another Muslim will follow in his footsteps. London's Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, has in the past told the people of London to accept terrorism as a part of living in a city, and indeed they have. The people of London have accepted terrorism as a part of life, and they are allowing the caliphate to win.

    While the people of Great Britain may be accepting of their new way of life, filled with turmoil, death, and destruction, the people of the United States never will. Imagine if you will, if after 9/11 Mayor Giuliani had told the people of New York City to "accept terrorism". The people of New York would have been up in arms. The people across the United States would have been up in arms as well. The people wanted revenge, and former G.W. Bush gave them just that when he invaded Iraq. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the former president's decision, at the time all of America was happy with the decision to go to war. Americans would never have accepted terrorism as a way of life. Unfortunately, due to our leaders, Americans I fear may have no choice, but to accept terrorism as a way of life. 

    America's leaders have failed the people of the United States. They have failed the people as they have failed to do anything and everything to keep Americans safe. Between the years 2009 to 2013 the U.S. issued 680,000 green cards to persons from Muslim majority countries.  In comparison Washington D.C. has a population of 660,000. While the number 680,000 is somewhat frightening, even more frightening is the fact that the U.S. has brought in 1.5 million Muslims into our country since the passage of the refugee act of 1980. That being said, former presidents, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Barrack Obama are responsible for the influx of Muslims into our nation. 

    The caliphate is among us, and it is in my opinion, only a matter of time before it strikes here in the U.S. With some 24 known jihadist training camps spread here across the U.S., the threat of an attack similar or worse than 9/11 is eminent. It's not a matter of will another 9/11 happen, it's a matter of where and when will it happen? Tragically, the U.S. could have prevented the U.S. from having any future terrorist attacks after 9/11. Just as Great Britain could have been pro-active and possibly stopped every terrorist attack that's taken place of recent, our own intelligence could also have been and could be pro-active against persons wanting to commit terrorism. Our leaders in the past have failed us by allowing anyone into our country with any smidgen of a trace of being a terrorist. Of course a smidgen is nothing when one takes into consideration that the Obama administration allowed Muslim refugees into the U.S. without any vetting. Moderate vetting is bad enough, but no vetting is simply unacceptable. No doubt the allowance of barely vetted and non vetted Muslim refugees will be the death of many. The caliphate is among us...

   The caliphate is among us, and what Americans can do to fight or stop it, is a mystery. Millions of Americans voted for President Trump as he campaigned on banning Muslims, and that was music to the ears of the Trump supporters. Unfortunately, President Trump attempted twice to issue a travel ban on individuals traveling from terrorist sponsoring nations and was blocked by the court system. As our court system seems to be more concerned with offending people of another religion than respecting the constitutional rights of the President, I am quite disappointed. I am disappointed in that our court system has failed to respect the law and the President. I am disappointed that our court system has failed the people of the U.S. Our court system has failed to allow the President's travel ban to stand while the countries of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, and the Maldives have banned those persons coming from Qatar to enter into their countries. It is a sad day when Muslim nations can issue a ban on Muslims from a certain country, but the United States can not. While the travel ban will be taken to the Supreme Court sometime in October, much time will have passed. Much time equals more persons from nations that should have been banned from entering our country.  Thanks to our lawmakers in Washington failing to respect the president, the caliphate is not only upon us, but it is rapidly metastasizing until it is successful in taking away our way of life and our lives. The caliphate is among us...
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017

*As a footnote, President Trump could have taken the very first travel ban to the SCOTUS and won as Ruth Ginsberg would have had to have recused herself for her inflammatory remarks against the President.


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