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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sharia Law In The USA Today

    To have child is to be graced with the greatest gift on earth. To have a child and watch it endure pain and suffering is to experience hell on earth. Unfortunately, for one couple in Twin Falls, Idaho, they were blessed with a little girl, and they were also cursed with having to watch their little girl suffer horribly. Last April, a five year old girl was raped by 3 Muslim boys in Twin Falls, Idaho. The details of the vile crime are somewhat vague, as it all depends on who is reporting. What is known is that the three boys are ages 14, 10, and 7. It is also known that the three boys are Muslim, and they are from Iraq and Sudan. What is also known is that the three boys got away with the crime as the three were given probation, and they were not found guilty of rape. They were found guilty of sexually lewd conduct. Last I heard, sodomy and oral sex were considered sex. Then again, the judge must have been a liberal, as thanks to former President Bill Clinton, oral sex is not considered "sex". 

   Perhaps the three boys in Twin Falls were not really guilty of any crime at all. After all, under the religion of Islam, Muslims are allowed to rape non-Muslim women. Did all three boys actually rape the young girl? Only the boys, the 5 year young girl, and everyone who watched the video one of the boys took, know for sure. The general public will never know, as mainstream media sure as heck won't report the whole truth. Far be it for the public to know the truth, as the media wouldn't want the public to know that Muslims raped a young girl. No, the media must protect the Muslim immigrants as the Muslims in this country are far more important than an American born young child. Why, Twin Falls was just following status quo for how this country has been more apt to defend Muslims and other immigrants than to defend helpless Americans.

    When the story in Twin Falls first broke, it was reported that the young girl was raped at knife point. Later the knife was taken out of the report. It was also reported and not denied that the entire atrocity was on video as the boys recorded their conquest. On the video, supposedly the child is sodomized, urinated on , and oral sex is forced by the youngest boy. All the while, the other boys are explaining the how to's of sex and and cheering as well. As to whether or not it was one boy that actually took part in the raping, we may never know. We may never know, as last week the Judge on the trial, Judge Borreson, issued a gag order barring everyone in the court room from speaking about the trial.  The victim's attorney, Mathew Staver stated, "It's unconstitutional for the judge to do that. There are gag orders that can be put on people during a jury trial, or if it's a minor they can prohibit you from mentioning the name of the minor, but they can't gag you after the fact. This is public at this point. This judge, it just seems like he's forgotten about the First Amendment in this case. He has no authority to do this, he can't hold someone in contempt to keep them from speaking out about their displeasure with the case after the fact." Case in point, Sharia Law is in America.

    Any child being sexually assaulted and raped is horrific,and it is a crime. It is a crime that deserves jail time.  Likewise, America's judicial system protecting the perpetrators in such a lewd disgusting crime is a crime in itself. What's also a crime is that the victim's lawyer is facing contempt charges due to a benign comment he made to the Idaho Statesman in regards to the victim's parents' displeasure with the verdict. Another crime is that the three Muslim immigrants who had been in the U.S. for two years were treated more like victims than the victim herself. The five hour trial consisted of a pity party for the three boys labeled as "victims". Janice Kroeger, the senior prosecuting attorney, who was trying the boys, appeared to be trying the victim's mother instead. The prosecutor seemed more interested in hearing from a therapist for the 3 boys than hearing from the victim's parents. The three boys presented as victims supposedly were doing well in school. The boys were praised and the court room even heard how smart they were. The three boys were even said to be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Well, doesn't it suck to be them? Gee, how do they sleep at night? Meanwhile, the real victim, young Jayla, whose name was never used unless used by the mother, has suffered dearly. The young child now wets the bed, has bad dreams, and other issues as well. Some reports claim the child is a special needs child, which if true, makes the attack all the more bothersome.

    What has happened to America? What has happened to our judicial system? What has happened to our values? Liberalism. Liberalism is what's happened to America, and if we don't act fast, our country will be lost forever. When a young child is raped and a judge issues only probation as the sentence, America is lost. When a judge issues an unconstitutional gag order, America is lost. When a judge is more afraid of offending Muslims than sentencing three sexual  predators with the raping of a three year old girl, America is lost. When a victim and her family are treated more like the criminals than the true criminals, because they are Muslim, America is lost. When mainstream media continuously protects and defends and wants not to offend Muslims and other illegal and legal immigrants regardless of their being criminals, America is lost.  When a president of the United States is unable to ban persons belonging to a organization that want to kill us, America is lost. When Sharia Law takes over Twin Falls, Idaho, America is lost. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017


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