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Sunday, December 25, 2016

America Has Been Blessed!

    For eight long years America has lived under what has seemed like that of a "black cloud'. America has been oppressed. America has been divided. America has been weak, and America has been a country without hope and opportunity. America has also been a country without "Christmas". Well,this past November 8th, Christmas came early for Americans. Christmas came early, as America elected Donald J. Trump as their next president. Number 45 to be exact. In all sincerity, since Donald J. Trump has been elected as our next president, it has truly seemed like Christmas every day. Not only has it seemed like Christmas, but it is Christmas. It is Christmas Day and we have been again allowed to say the words, "Merry Christmas", without feeling as though we've just committed a crime. For eight long years Americans have been too afraid to say, "Merry Christmas", as to not offend anyone. America has had a president that's been so afraid of offending Muslims that he's offended Christians in the interim. How refreshing is it to again have a Christian as a president! How great is it to have a president that will again allow God into America. Perhaps America will again be blessed having a God fearing, worshiping man as president. America has had a president for eight years that has not attended church, and has attempted to take God out of our lives, and our country has suffered. Seeing our future president standing at a podium with the words, "Merry Christmas USA", while on his victory tour was truly a sight to behold. It sent a message to Americans, that Christians will no longer be second class citizens under President Elect Donald Trump. It sent a message of hope, serenity, and spirituality.

   The black cloud of gloom and doom under Obama has been lifted. America has been saved. On this Christmas day I truly feel our country is blessed to have a strong leader of faith. Last night I attended church where our president elect was attending as well. As the our future president walked in to take a seat in the pew with his beautiful wife, Melania, church goers stood in their honor. Not only did the church goers stand, but they gave the President elect a standing ovation with cheers and clapping. Upon seeing our next president take his seat in church, I was in awe. I was in awe as the man America has elected has an aura of no other. It is an aura of greatness, an aura of a great leader. America has been blessed with the election of 2016. America again has a man who will apologize no more for America, nor for Christianity. America has a president who will unite our once great nation and not divide the nation. America again has hope for greatness and prosperity. Thanks to President Elect Donald Trump, it is again Christmas, and America is blessed!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2016
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