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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

America Again Has "Hope" With President Elect Donald Trump!

     "We are feeling what not having hope feels like".-Michelle Obama 

   In a recent interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey, First Lady, Michelle Obama expressed that she thought the the United States was entering a time of hopelessness. Allow me to enlighten the First Lady on hopelessness. Hopelessness is what Americans have been feeling under her husband, President Barrack Obama. Hopelessness is Americans losing their jobs due to large companies leaving the States as to find cheaper labor. Hopelessness is Americans not being able to afford healthcare as their premiums have tripled and quadrupled under the affordable Obama Care. Hopelessness is the middle class being all but a distant memory. Hopelessness is working two, three, or more jobs and still not making ends meet. Hopelessness is when Americans feel they can no longer rely on police officers as America has nearly become a country of lawlessness. Hopelessness is when America's president stands with the very group that calls for the killing of police officers. Hopelessness is having a president that has more sympathy for those who break the law than those who obey the law. Hopelessness is having a president that refuses to stand up to the terrorists as well as a president that refuses to defeat the terrorists. Hopelessness is having a president that apologizes for America and refuses to stand up for America. Hopelessness is having a president that cares more for illegal immigrants and unvetted refugees than for his own people in need. Hopelessness is and has been America under the leadership of President Barrack Obama.

   While Michelle Obama feels America is in a state of hopelessness, I and millions of Americans finally, for the first time in long time again have hope. With the election of President Elect Donald Trump, millions of Americans feel as though a gigantic weight has been lifted from atop of them. For eight years Americans have been in somewhat of a depression under President Obama. President Obama promised "hope and change" for America, and Americans received anything, but hope from Barrack Obama. Unfortunately, Americans did receive "change" from Obama. "Change" that was unwanted. "Change" that was to the detriment of virtually every law abiding, tax paying American.Under Barrack Obama, Americans have been held back and oppressed. Americans have for eight long years been in a state of shock and dismay as they watched the fall of their once great nation. 

   Thanks to America electing President Elect Donald Trump, Americans again have "hope", and will soon have "change". That "change" will be America again being the America our forefathers envisioned. We will again be a "free"America. We will again be an enterprising America. We will again be a prosperous America. We will again be a stronger and a safer America. Thanks to President Elect Donald Trump, we will again be "America", and America will be great again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 
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