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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The "Real Story" Is Hillary!


 For better, for worse, through thick and through thin, I am with Donald J. Trump. I am with Donald J. Trump, as I have always felt and still feel he is the best candidate for the presidency. There is nothing Hillary Clinton, her campaign, or the mainstream media can say, or shell out that will change my opinion of Donald Trump. If Hillary and her camp seriously think what Donald Trump said in a private conversation eleven years ago is of any importance to me or millions of other Trump supporters, they are sadly mistaken. What is of importance is not what Donald Trump said eleven years ago, but what Hillary Clinton has done and has said in recent years.

     It is absolutely sickening that the mainstream media has been reporting on a statement made by Donald Trump 11 years ago, but it is to be expected. It is expected as it is a mere "distraction" from the real story. The real story at present is not that Donald Trump said the word "pussy" 11 years ago, but excerpts from Hillary Clinton's Wall Street speeches, revealing Hillary's plans for "open borders and open trade". The "real story" is not that Donald Trump was a typical guy 11 years ago, but that Hillary Clinton funded both radical Islam and ISIS as stated by Wikileaks founder, Julien Assange. The fact is, the "real story" was not reported by the mainstream media. The "real story" was not reported, as the media preferred to report on what was nothing more than a "mere distraction".

    Yes , the "real story" is not Donald Trump. The "real story is "Hillary Clinton" and the 2049 emails that Wikileaks just dumped of over 50,000 emails soon to be leaked, involving  Hillary's campaign manager, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and her staff. America does not care what Donald Trump said in a private conversation. America does care about Hillary Clinton's true thoughts and plans for the United States. America should know what was said in a speech made in 2013 to a Brazilian Bank. In that speech Hillary stated, that "her dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade, and open borders". She stated to the National Multifamily Housing Council that same year, that she believed that "in politics you need both a public and a private position". In February 2014, she told the people of Goldman Sachs that she and husband Bill were "kind of far removed" from the middle class. These statements are just the tip of the iceberg of what has been discovered in the latest of the Wilkileaks emails. Over 48,000 emails are to come, but sadly the media cares not. It could be revealed that Hillary Clinton point blank shot someone and the media would fail to report on it. 

   Hillary Clinton did not shoot anyone to my knowledge, but she might as well have. Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump's statement using the word "pussy" was horrific. Well, Hillary, "horrific" is leaving Americans to die in Benghazi. Horrific is Christopher Stevens  being sodomized, burned, having his genitals cut off and being tortured. Horrific is Americans fighting for 13 hours and having no aid sent by your country. Horrific is Hillary Clinton being responsible for four men dying in Benghazi. Horrific is Hillary Clinton funding radical Islam and the terrorist group, ISIS, as reported by WikiLeaks' founder Julien Assange.  While Hillary Clinton has not as of yet point blank shot anyone, she didn't have to. ISIS has killed thousands with their own weapons. Hillary Clinton being so greedy as to deal with ISIS is what is truly horrific. What is also horrific is a presidential candidate calling for the assasination of a man by way of a drone. Horrific is that a presidential candidate can still run for president even after threatening to take a man's life; that man being Julien Assange. While just about everything about and surrounding Hillary Clinton is horrific, what is most horrific, is that the media fails to report on any and all wrong doings by Hillary Clinton.

     At present it pains me to even turn on the television. I no longer feel as though I feel in a country that provides "freedom of speech". The media has clearly been bought and paid for by Obama and the Clintons. The media no longer reports the news. The media reports the "Clintons". The news is no longer the news. It is merely a way of our government reporting what they choose for the American people to hear. The news is also about whom the Clintons choose to trash and destroy and what the Clintons choose for the American people to hear. The news it not the news at all. It is a fairy-tale and a nightmare all at the same time. The news is a fairy-tale for the Clintons and Obama while at the same time it is a nightmare for the people of the United States.

  I, yesterday, today, and tomorrow stand with Donald Trump and I will continue to stand with Donald Trump. I will stand by my candidate until election day when I and millions of other Americans vote for him to be the next president of the United States. You see, it doesn't matter to me what Donald Trump said eleven years ago. It matters what he says today. Donald Trump will close our borders. Hillary will not. Donald Trump will lower taxes for all. Hillary will raise taxes for all. Donald Trump will rebuild a depleted military keeping us safe. Hillary will deplete it even more. Donald Trump will create jobs as he has all his life. Hillary hasn't a clue on creating jobs, but her tax hike will cost jobs, no doubt. Donald Trump will make better trade deals. Hillary will continue the status quo. Donald Trump will do away with the un-affordable and failed Obama Care. Hillary will keep Obama Care. Donald Trump will rebuild a nation that is in decline while Hillary Clinton, if elected, will be America's demise. Donald Trump is my candidate, as he is truly a patriot who will make this country great again and safe again! 
(C)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2016
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