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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Round 2 Trump Wins!


              "Because you would be in jail!" - Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton 

       Without question, Donald J. Trump hands down, hook line and sinker won Sunday night's debate. With the odds stacked against him, Donald Trump prevailed and proved himself to be the man of the hour. Fact after fact, zinger after zinger, Donald Trump nailed it. Nailed it, did he ever! Donald Trump had to perform well at the second debate and he did. After having everything thrown at him but the kitchen sink by the Democrats, an outstanding performance is what was needed, and Trump stepped up to the plate. Not only did he step up to the plate, but he owned the plate!

      Donald Trump brought out everything and more at the latest debate. Any failing of Hillary's that was not mentioned or barely mentioned at the first debate was discussed in great detail at the 2nd debate. Trump did not disappoint his supporters in this debate. He attacked Hillary for her deleting of thousands of emails after being subpoenaed. He attacked her with the FBI mysteriously losing 2 boxes of emails only days ago. He attacked with her treatment of the women Hillary's husband had raped and or sexually assaulted. He attacked her for her failing to answer the call at 3 a.m. as to aid those being attacked in Benghazi, resulting in four deaths. He attacked her for aiding and arming ISIS along with President Obama. He reminded her of friend, Michelle Obama, and Michelle's poor opinion of her in the last election. He attacked her with her proposal of higher taxes for everyone, depleting our military, and allowing thousands more unvetted Syrian refugees into the U.S.. He attacked her for having two persona's, private and public. Essentially there was very little that Donald Trump forgot. Donald Trump accomplished what he needed to do. He needed to expose Hillary for the corrupt politician that she is, and he did.

   Then again, did he? To watch mainstream media on would be led to believe that Donald Trump lost. The mainstream media flooded the air waves with chatter of Trump continuously bickering and interrupting. One columnist called Trump whiny, Another described Trump as stalking Hillary Clinton. Those comments could be true, but what the media left out is why Trump interrupted, and why he engaged in bickering. Donald Trump interrupted, because it was what was required. Had Trump not interrupted, he never would have gotten is point out to the public. Had Trump not bickered with the moderators, he would not have been able to answer the questions in entirety. When Trump said "one on three" he was correct. The debate was indeed "one on three". The debate was not a debate between two candidates. The debate was one candidate against a candidate and two moderators. Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz were shameful in how they conducted Sunday's debate. Hillary Clinton was given not just two minutes to answer questions, but 3 and 4 minutes. Donald Trump on the other hand was at times not even given his two minutes. While the lack of time given to Trump was frustrating to watch, the moderators aiding Hillary Clinton was all the more frustrating. Since when do moderators aid and attack the candidates? Since Candy Crowley shut Mitt Romney down in the last debate for the 2012 election, that's when. No, suddenly moderators feel free to not just ask questions, but attack the candidate they don't support as well. In watching the debate, I questioned why the debate was being held at all. In watching this spectacle of a debate, it was clear that Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper did not want a debate. They wanted nothing more than a Hillary Clinton love fest. Unfortunately for Hillary, the moderators and Hillary's supporters, it wasn't a love fest at all, as Donald Trump won "big league" despite the biased circumstances.

     While Donald Trump did without question win Sunday's debate, America lost. America lost and is losing on a daily basis. It has become apparent that mainstream media is clearly bought and paid for by the left. Fox News Commentator Bill O'Reilly stated that at least 3 media organizations have "ordered their employees to destroy Donald Trump". In a sit down with Fox News' Bill Hemmer, O'Reilly stated that he is "100% convinced" of a media plot against Trump. "I'm talking about big conglomerates. ... News organizations have sent, not officially but through the corporate grapevine, [word] that we don't want anybody supporting Trump. If you study it, you can see which ones they are." Bill, in my opinion, ALL of the mainstream media is against Trump, including Fox!

  Donald Trump is not to be blamed for his complaints of how the media has treated him. One debate with liberal moderators would be bad enough, but three debates with liberals for moderators is just not fair. It's not fair to Donald Trump and it's even more unfair to America. If the media were fair, Donald Trump would have at least one debate with true conservatives for debate moderators. Wouldn't conservative and independent voters be blessed if a debate were held with Fox News' Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine as moderators? I can only guess at the side of Hillary, America would see at that debate. In this last debate, Hillary was clearly at a loss for words and rattled, so one would imagine Hillary would implode at a debate in which she is the one against three! America, no doubt has to agree that Trump handled his unfair situation in the debate with flying colors. 

  Sunday's debate was won without question by Donald Trump. In a poll of undecided voters conducted by Fox News' Frank Luntz, Hillary was the clear loser. When asked how these undecided voters would describe Hillary Clinton, the comments were not kind. "Disingenuous", "not worthy of my vote", "nothing new",  and "she didn't apologize to those women she bashed", were the comments made about the Democratic candidate. Upon walking into the debate, Hillary Clinton had around 8 of those voters leaning for her and only 3-4 were for Donald Trump. At the debate's end, the majority of the panel was for Donald Trump and all of 3-4 were for Hillary Clinton. As much as Fox News' Megyn Kelly wanted to boast of a Hillary win, her network's panel showed otherwise. It is my hope that America will be given the chance to prove to the media that their "Prima Donna" candidate is not the candidate they want for their next president. November 8th Americans have a choice. That choice is "do they want a criminal for a president that tells them one thing, but thinks and does another", or do they want a completely in-politically correct man for president that tells it like it is and loves his country"? First and foremost, a president should love their country, and Hillary Clinton has a proven track record of showing she does not love her country. If you love your country, you don't send Americans to die and be tortured in the most dangerous country on earth. Ambassador Stevens and the others were in Benghazi to help Hillary Clinton and President Obama's agenda. Yesterday Wikileaks released thousands of emails where it is in print that she aided ISIS and countries aiding ISIS. I believe that is grounds for treason, but she's a Clinton so she gets a pass. If elected, Donald J.Trump will do America proud, prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes, and make America safe again. Hillary can not make America safe again, as she has been aiding and abetting the enemy. America needs a patriot for president, not a traitor for president. That man is Donald J. Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2016
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