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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Rush Limbaugh Show PODCAST - September 26 - 2017 Thank You Rush!

 Sean Bianca as a caller at 53:30 
     She's a blogger with a voice and he's a conservative talk radio show host . He's not just any radio talk show host, he's Rush Limbaugh, better known as just plain "Rush". With a weekly audience of approximately 13.25 million listeners, Rush has proven himself throughout the test of time. Proven himself, has he ever. Rush is currently one of the highest paid people in U.S. media. With his wit, sarcasm, and knowledge, I personally have been a fan since I was in High School, and can recall his show very well. I can recall it, as back then in the old days, circa 1984,  Rush's show was televised. Rush on the radio is super, but Rush televised is spectacular. Rush televised was all the more entertaining as Rush's expressions when making talking points and digs at this politician or that one were priceless. I really miss that, but today as a caller, I felt like a teenager as Rush responded to my call with his amusing sarcasm. It was the same sarcasm I heard as a teenage girl and it was the same sarcasm that would be directed at my call. My call regarding NFL football players was heated, and it was blunt. It was also a call that prompted Rush to ask me if I would like an I-phone 8 or 8 plus. I must admit, as I have never won anything substantial, I was rather taken aback, and perhaps my reaction was not one of gratitude. With that being said, I would like to thank Mr. Rush Limbaugh as I am truly thrilled about the I-phone 8 plus! Rush mentioned that I didn't seem excited and I was stunned. Frankly, he was right. However, if Rush had offered me a job on the air, he would have most definitely heard this political blogger,  vlogger , and fan get excited. The truth is, at this time of political turmoil and strife, I am thankful, very thankful. I am thankful for men like Rush Limbaugh that give millions of Americans like myself the opportunity to use our voices. Without conservatives like Rush and others in the U.S. media, the voices of Americans would never be heard, and for that we all should be thankful. I know I am. 
 Thanks Rush ! 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL
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