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Monday, February 15, 2021

Wanted, Donald Trump for Treason !

       Is America the greatest country on earth? No. America is not the greatest country on earth. In fact, it's far from it. Anyone touting America as the greatest country on earth is either a liar, in denial, or both. America is not the greatest country on earth when America is essentially in the midst of a civil war due to a former president refusing to accept that he lost the 2020 election. America is not great as America has failed it's people in its handling of the corona virus that has now killed almost 500,000 people. America is not great, when its government is as vulnerable of being overthrown as any other third world country. Most importantly, America is not great when its lawmakers fail to hold the person accountable who of attempted to overthrow the government. 
          Tears rolled down my face as I watched the 13 minute insurrection video played by the Democrat impeachment manager at the impeachment trial last week. I watched the video in horror as our nation's capitol on January 6th 2021 did not look like the United States. No. Our nation's capitol appeared to be a third world country under attack by complete barbarians. Senators and staffers were escorted to safety as a mob of Trump supporters attempted to storm the nation's capitol as to stop now President Joe Biden from being officially elected and certified as America's 46th president . Vice President Mike Pence and his family, and the Madame Speaker, Nancy Pelosi were also brought to safety as the mob of protesters were calling for the Vice President and the Madame Speaker to be hung. The fact is, those involved in inciting and participating in the insurrection are the ones who many Americans might like to see hung for treason, but this is America and we are not a barbaric country, or are we?
          What took place on January 6th in the United States never ever should have taken place . The United States is better than that, or is it? Apparently America is not better than any other third world country that attempts a coup where people are  beaten and killed, and it's governmental property is disrespected and destroyed. On January 6th 2021, five people were killed, over 100 police officers were injured, and our nation's lawmakers and their staffers were terrorized as they feared for their lives, and why? Why? Because a grown man could not accept that he lost the election. That man is DOnald Trump.
          Everything that took place on January 6th is on Donald Trump. Donald Trump owns every life lost, and every officer that was brutally attacked and injured. Donald Trump has blood on his hands. While Donald Trump was not impeached last week ,Donald Trump is in the opinion of most and the eyes of the law guilty of treason . That being said, every Senator that voted against impeaching former President Donald Trump is just as guilty as Donald Trump himself. What took place January 6th never ever should have taken place. America is a civil nation. It is a civil nation where we have civil elections, and we have a civil transfer of power when an election has been decided.  Or is it? America is no more a civil nation. It is no more a civil nation as America has had a tyrant at the helm who has turned America into anything, but a civil nation. Since America elected Donald Trump, America has lost its way. America has lost its morality, and its lost its standing as the greatest country on earth.
     America is not the greatest country on earth when it looks like any other third world country where its people act like animals and call for the deaths of its lawmakers. America is not great when a former president is allowed to get away with inciting and calling for a mob of people to attempt to overthrow the government. America is not great when its nation is divided . America is not great and its not safe until America's lawmakers start holding those accountable who continue to attempt to undermine and attack our government. America at present is a joke to the rest of the world. America is a joke as our lawmakers failed to impeach Donald Trump and hold him accountable for attempting to overthrow our government. Those Senators that failed to vote in favor of impeaching Donald Trump are not patriots, and every single one of them should be voted out of office as they failed to abide by the constitution. While the Senate may have failed to vote to impeach Donald Trump last week and hold him accountable, it is my hope that our justice department will hold Donald Trump accountable for treason as well as his other crimes. If they fail to do so, our democracy one day may be no more. Our democracy will one day be nothing more than a distant memory if we allow Donald Trump to get away with attempting to overthrow our government. Donald Trump may not have been successful in overthrowing our democracy this time, but the next time he or someone even worse attempts to overthrow our government, mark my words, they will succeed. Therefore, our justice department must hold Donald Trump accountable. Wanted, Donald Trump for treason. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Uncivil Wars


        There was a time when Republicans and Democrats in Washington would spar on the Senate floor, then later go out for dinner together with their spouses. Political differences were put aside, and an evening of casual conversation with laughs was had by all. There was a time when Republicans, Democrats, and Independents would engage in a political debate now and then. The occasional political debate was a discussion between adults that had their own opinions, and while the opinions may not have been shared by all, the opinions were accepted and respected. There was a time when Americans knew what it was to respect one another, and respect was had for those with whom we did and did not agree. There was a time when the relationships between  friends, families, and husbands and wives were not affected by elections. There was a time when America had leaders who led by example in showing respect for those from the opposition party as well as their own. There was a time when the United States of America was truly "united", and not divided.
        The United States is at it's best when it is "united", and today the United States is anything, but "united". The fact is, the United States is more divided than it has ever been in the nation's history. The United States is at war. The United States is in the middle of a civil war, however it is anything, but "civil". Uncivil wars have been and still are taking place across the nation. Americans no longer have intelligent civil discussions regarding our government. Americans instead choose to bully those with whom they disagree. Americans no longer debate with facts and figures. Americans instead call one another names, and or attack one another's intelligence, faith, sanity and or level of intoxication. Another words, in today's America, very few have respect for one another . Respect for our fellow man is gone, and that my friends is on one man and only one man.

         That one man is our former President, Donald Trump. Donald Trump taught Americans that it was okay to bully our fellow Americans . Donald Trump taught Americans that it was okay to insult one another and call one another names. Donald Trump taught Americans that it was okay to publicly humiliate one another both in private and in public. Donald Trump taught Americans that it was unacceptable to have an opinion of one's own. Donald Trump divided this nation more than any other president in the history of the nation.  Donald Trump has broken lifelong friendships, he has been the cause of broken marriages, and he has been the cause of many explosive family holiday dinners. Donald Trump never ever should have been given that much power. No man or woman should have that much power, but we as a nation allowed it. I myself even allowed it and fell victim to Trump's power. As a Trump supporter in 2016, I lost two very close friends.  One was even my matron of honor at my wedding. I was a pigheaded Trump supporter that refused to listen to anyone with whom I did not agree. While I myself never resorted to name calling, and bullying, I still refused to listen to another's opinion. As a non Trump supporter I have been attacked on social media by friends, acquaintances, and strangers in a way one could never begin to imagine. Grown men and women have called me every name in the book. I have been told that to vote for now President Joe Biden I had to have lost my mind. I have been told to take my meds, and for the record I don't take medication for my sanity. I have been called "stupid". I was even told by a close friend on social media that I should look to God because I must have lost my faith to be voting for Joe Biden, and as a footnote, I am no longer friends with this friend. I was accused of being paid by George Soros by a former fan of my blog. I was even unfriended by a former employer after refusing an invite to go on a Trump boat parade with him and his family. While the accusations and insults are endless, the best insult to date has to be my being accused of being a man in disguise as a woman on my GOP GIRL Facebook page!
         I've lived it. I've lived as both a Trump supporter and non Trump supporter and I am here to say that what Donald Trump has done to this nation is unforgiveable. Donald Trump did not make America great again. America was already great and the trouble is I and millions of Americans drank the Trump kool aid. Millions of Americans accepted Trump's behavior. Americans never should have accepted his behavior in the first place. Unfortunately, America accepted his behavior and voted for him. America voted for a man who manipulated this nation like no other authoritarian dictator, which is precisely why the Senate must impeach him from office as so he may never run for political office again. At present, we are a nation disease ridden, and divided with uncivility taking place across the nation and that's all on Donald Trump. It's time for Republicans to lead by example and stop the uncivil civil wars once and for all. It's time for Republicans  to walk away from Donald Trump and walk across the aisle as to unite with Democrats and work on making this once great nation united again. 

-(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2021

Author's note: I am happy to say I am again friends with the two friends whom I lost as a Trump supporter. I am still no longer friends with the friend that insulted my faith due to my voting for now President Biden.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Letter To Donald Trump


"America is now a disease ridden cesspool of division, hate, and anarchy." - Sean Bianca Lee 

  Dear Donald, 
       Yes Donald, you lost the 2020 presidential election, and you have yet to accept the results and congratulate President elect Joe Biden on his win. Astonishingly, one day before the presidential inauguration insiders claim you still insist that you won the election, and that the election was rigged. As so it would seem, you truly believe that you beat Joe Biden. With all due respect Donald, your winning is in your own little mind, and sadly you have managed to have convinced a portion of the nation that you actually won the 2020 presidential election. The fact is, you lost, and you lost as you would say, "bigly". You lost by 7,060,115 votes. Your claim that the voting was fraudulent is an outright lie, and you've lost all 61 cases claiming that you had evidence that you had been cheated out of being re-elected. You lost Donald, you really did. 
   President elect Joe Biden won. He won with the most total votes of any President elect in the history of the nation. Biden won, and he won extremely convincingly. Biden not only won the popular vote in a landslide, but he won a total of 306 electoral votes. You Sir, won only 232 electoral votes. You lost Donald, you really did. You are a loser. You lost Donald, and you have no one to blame, but yourself. You lost due to your failure to step up to the plate and lead the nation when the nation needed leadership the most. You lost due to your failure to lead and unite the the people of the nation in troubled times. You lost due to your refusal to lead this nation through a deadly pandemic that has now cost over 408,000 lives. You lost due to your negligent handling of the pandemic, and your poor leadership during the George Floyd riots last summer. You failed this nation on COVID19, and you failed the nation when racial tension was at an all time high. America desperately needed leadership. America needed your leadership, and you failed. 
        I voted for you Donald in 2016 and I voted for the first Democrat I've ever voted for in my life. I voted for now President elect Joe Biden.  I voted for you in 2016 because I had the utmost confidence that you would make a great president, and at present you may go down as the nation's all time worst president. I voted for you in 2016 , because you said  that you would make America great again. I failed to realize America was already great. The truth is, you Donald, have destroyed this nation. America is now a disease ridden cesspool of division, hate and anarchy. America is now a hellhole. America is at present anything, but great and that is on you, and only you. Yes Donald, you failed,  you lost the election and you are a loser. 
               Sean Bianca 

#2020Election #Impeachment #BidenHarris #DonaldJTrump 


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

America Is No Longer Great

 "America is at it's greatest when America is united, and at present, America is no longer united. America is a nation divided, and until America is again united, America will never again be great. "-Sean Bianca, GOP GIRL 

   America is no longer the greatest country on earth. America is no longer great period. America is no longer a safe haven for those fleeing violence in third world countries, and or countries run by tyrants and or Dictators. Last week, America proved to the world that it was no longer a country others could look to for leadership and guidance. Quite the contrary. Thanks to one man, America has shown it's democracy is not impenetrable, it is instead quite weak. America at present is weak, it is disease ridden, and it is a nation divided. Ironically, the man that vowed to "make America great again" did the unthinkable. He in fact, damn near destroyed the Democracy our forefathers envisioned for America which made America the greatest country in the world. That man is Donald Trump. 

   The majority of Americans were sickened with the attempted insurrection that took place this past week at our nation's capital. Many Americans were in tears as they watched the attack on our nation's capital. What took place was horrific. Last week's attack was an attack that one would never have thought could take place here in America.  The violence that took place at our nation's capital was a coordinated attack on our political process that was meant to overthrow our government. The attack was not only shameful and unforgiveable, but it was outright domestic terrorism. Last week's attack was an attack that was planned shortly before Christmas, it was both treasonous, and criminal ,and the president should be charged as such. 

    America's democracy was all but destroyed in one day due to one man not being able to accept that he lost the 2020 presidential election. Donald Trump lost.  He lost, and he has no one, but himself to blame. Donald Trump owns his loss, just as he owns last week's violence resulting in five deaths, including the brutal killing of a police officer. That's on Trump. It's all on Trump. Donald Trump could have stopped the violence, but he was the one who had incited it, and when it was clear that it was out of control, he failed to stop it. One tweet calling for the violence to stop could have  prevented  the violence, but Donald Trump didn't want to stop the violence as he was too busy enjoying the show. Donald Trump could be seen on a video seen on social media thoroughly enjoying the violence. The protest was seen as a sick testament that he was still loved and worshipped by his supporters that like him have refused to accept that he lost the 2020 presidential election. 

  Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, he really did. He lost, due to his failure to lead the nation effectively through troubled times, and he lost due to his negligent handling of the coronavirus that has now been responsible for close to 400,000 deaths, and he lost due in part to his failure to unite the nation through times of widespread racism. Donald Trump lost, and he has no one, but himself to blame.

    Last week's attempted insurrection was a failed coup on our governmental process to elect Joe Biden as our 46th president. Donald Trump had tweeted for those dissatisfied with the results of the 2020 presidential election to gather and protest at our nation's capital on January 6th as so he could stage a coup. The planned coup was said to have been discussed by Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, pardoned Michael Flynn and the president's Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. The plan was for widespread anarchy to take place in the streets of our nation's capital as so Donald Trump could call for martial law which would allow Donald Trump to remain the president indefinitely. 

   The attempted coup failed, but the coup exposed our nation's weaknesses. The attempted coup also showed the world that America is not invincible and that it is quite vulnerable to tyranny. Last week, America fell from grace, and every Republican still supporting Donald Trump should be ashamed. Donald Trump and his bullying tactics, and calls for violence is not conservatism, and it is not patriotism.  Donald Trump is not a conservative. He is anything but a conservative. Donald Trump is a no good, classless, narcissistic, tyrannical thug that manipulated millions of Americans into believing he loved America. He manipulated millions of Americans in 2016 into believing he loved America and with his lies, and his campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again". Donald Trump doesn't love America. Donald Trump is incapable of loving anyone, or anything, but himself. If Donald Trump truly loved America, he never ever would have incited last week's violence at our nation's capital.   Well, America was already great. Unfortunately, I and millions of Americans failed to realize that America was already great.  As of January 6th 2021, America is no longer great, and that's thanks to Donald Trump. The man that vowed to make America great again, did the polar opposite. He made sure America would be anything, but great.  America is at it's greatest when America is united, and at present, America is no longer united. America is a nation divided, and until America is again united, America will never again be great. 

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2021  

   As a footnote, I'd like to add that I voted for Donald Trump in 2016. I voted for Joe Biden in 2020. I am proof that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. I am proof that Donald Trump really lost the 2020 presidential election. I am proof  in that if a person who wrote over 250 blogs in support of Donald Trump in 2016 could  turn and vote for Joe Biden in 2020, then Americans can bet that Donald Trump lost the votes of millions who simply supported Donald Trump because he wasn't Hillary. 

#ImpeachDonaldTrump #InvokeThe25thAmendmentNow #DonaldTrump




Monday, November 16, 2020



"The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history"-Dept. of Homeland Security

   "The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history and there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in anyway compromised", was a statement issued this past week by the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. The statement was issued after numerous false claims of voter fraud by President Donald Trump, numerous allies, and family members on social media. No evidence of voter fraud as stated by the President's own Department of Homeland Security and the president now more than 10 days post election, maintains that he was somehow robbed of his chances of re-election. 

   President Donald Trump lost and he lost big. In fact, Donald Trump lost by the biggest margin of any president in history. President Elect Joe Biden won the presidential election with 78,678,763 votes and 306 electoral votes. The President Elect won the popular vote with a total of 5,462,055 more votes than President Trump. It should be noted that not only did the President Elect win with the most votes cast for any president in the history of the nation, but he won with the biggest margin as well. Now I ask how can the president possibly question the results? He can't, but he is. The president is questioning the results as he appears to be completely out of touch with reality. The reality is, Donald Trump lost. He lost, and he lost by a rather large margin, and he needs to concede and walk away with the little dignity he has left. 

   Unfortunately for America, the president clearly has no plans of walking away without a fight despite every lawsuit filed by the president's lawyers being dismissed. In fact, the president's lawyers are literally being laughed out of court, thus destroying their own reputations as reputable attorneys. Suffice it to say that the president's claims that the election was rigged, fraudulent, and or stolen right from under him are an utter farce. President Donald Trump lost period. He lost and he has no one but himself to blame. A former adviser to the president stated that the president could not win if he lost any of his base. He did lose a portion of his base and that's on him.  He lost due to his failure to lead this nation and unite the nation through both a worldwide pandemic, and racial division. He lost, because of him and only him. He failed to step up to the plate and have his defining moment. 

   Great leaders have throughout history emerged out of the darkest of times. Unfortunately, through the darkest of times,  Donald Trump did not emerge as a great leader.  Donald Trump instead failed the nation when the nation heeded him most. He failed to be a great leader. What's worse is he failed to be a leader period. That's precisely why he lost. He lost, and presently he is insulting our democracy with his childlike temper tantrum, because he lost, and that, will no doubt go down in history as President Donald Trump's defining moment. 

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL BLOG 2020 


Monday, November 9, 2020



 The nightmare of the Trump presidency is never ending. Don the con continues his narrative that he's been re-elected. Despite Joe Biden having garnered 75,404,182 votes to Donald Trump's 70,903,094 votes, Donald Trump still is convinced in his pea brain that he has won re-election. Trump's so convinced that he has had the election stolen from his grasp that he  has lawyers working  on lawsuits in states he feels he has won. Presently, Trump is taking donations to foot the bill for his legal funding, but that money is said to not be going towards the legal fees, but instead towards his campaign's debt. Don the con appears to be consistent with his status quo of being less than transparent about the goings on of his finances. 

      It's actually quite sad and pathetic. Really. While I have been one of Donald Trump's harshest critics, he has quite a list of accomplishments to his name. However, his accomplishments pale in comparison to the damage he has caused the nation. Donald Trump did just recently broker an all historic peace deal between the Sudan and Israel. He installed lifetime appointments of three Supreme Court justices and 220 federal judges to the federal bench, He officially established a sixth branch to the Armed Forces, the Space Force. He signed a $738 billion defense spending bill.  He moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. He signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which for some was advantageous for corporations, but was arguably at the expense of the middle class. He signed The First Step Act which was a reformation of the criminal justice system. Donald Trump and his administration also defeated ISIS's caliphate and it's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. To say that the entire presidency of Donald Trump was a failure would be a lie. Unfortunately, the pandemic and the killing of George Floyd was his demise. 

  The coronavirus was the beginning of the end for Donald Trump and that's on him and only him. As according to Worldometers, the United States has 10, 288, 488 coronavirus cases and 243,768 deaths. The United States which has been the leader of the free world has the most cases and deaths from the coronavirus. That's on Donald Trump, and only on Donald Trump. I do not blame Trump for the deadly pandemic, but I do blame Trump for his response or lack thereof a response sooner. Donald Trump chose to ignore, downplay, mock and lie about the deadly pandemic, and it undoubtedly cost thousands of lives. Donald Trump chose to make masks a political statement against him and sadly the wearing of masks early on could have saved some 70,000 to 80,000 plus lives. Donald Trump chose to lie to his supporters in telling them America had rounded the corner as if the pandemic were gone. Trump's misleading his supporters on the pandemic should be deemed attempted murder. 

   If Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus weren't bad enough, his handling of the protests after the killing of George Floyd was downright shameful. As America had thousands across the nation protesting the unnecessary murder of a Black man by a police officer, Donald Trump was no where to be found. Throughout the campaign Trump mocked Joe Biden in saying that Biden was hiding in the basement and ironically it was Donald Trump who was hiding in a bunker. As anarchy , looting and violence took place in the streets America's president was missing in action. It was at that moment I knew that Donald Trump was incapable of leading the nation period. When America needed a president to speak and deliver words of compassion as to unite the nation Donald Trump did nothing but instead incite even more violence with his antagonistic tweets and speech. When America needed a leader the most, again Donald Trump was incapable of stepping up to the plate. He failed to step up to the plate on the pandemic, he failed to sign a stimulus package helping the millions of Americans still unemployed, and he failed to step up to the plate and unite the nation so clearly divided .

    America is done. America is done with the most divisive president of all time. Donald Trump has broken marriages, friendships, he's divided families and he's pitted Blacks against Blacks, Latinos against Latinos, and Whites against Whites.  America is done. America is done with Don the con.  The people have spoken, Joe Biden has won, and it's done. It's time. It's time for Donald Trump to gather any dignity he has left, and concede to President Elect, Joe Biden. To not concede is at this point both pitiful, and pathetic. Some say Trump plans to hold rallies and tell his supporters to fight back. If true, Trump is inciting violence which is criminal. It's done and sources say those close to him have told him it's done with the exception of his two sons, also refusing to hear the results that he has lost. The nation has had enough, and the world has had enough of Donald Trump, and having a madman in the oval office. Donald, you lost, and as you said so very eloquently to Axios reporter, Jonathon Swan, "it is what it is".