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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Islam, The Religion of "Peace"?

    Since September 11, 2001 there have been 30,673 attacks on both American and foreign soil. Does anyone know this to be true? No. The fact is virtually no one knows the truth of terrorism as it exists today. No one knows. No one knows as mainstream media fails to report the truth on how often terrorism is taking place today. Mainstream media has had widespread coverage of the latest terrorist attack in Paris on Tuesday. However, they have reported little of anything of  the 144 Islamic attacks in the past 30 days. In the past 30 days, 1233 people have been killed and another 1071 people have been injured in 21 countries. A one life lost to the religion of Islam is too many in 30 days. One thousand-two-hundred thirty-three lives is simply unacceptable. 

   Has terrorism become acceptable? If it has not, why has America and the rest of the world not declared war on terrorism? Perhaps due to many persons and nations not wanting to call out the true cause behind terrorism for fear of being politically incorrect, we are unable to wage war much less defeat terrorism. It's time to call out the religion of Islam for what it is. The religion of Islam is in the opinion of many, synonymous with terrorism. Former President Barrack Obama would say time and time again that the religion of Islam was the religion of "peace". How can a religion be one of "peace" if  it is a religion that has zero tolerance for those belonging to other religions? How can a religion of "peace" order its followers to subdue people of other religions or kill them? How can a religion of "peace" be one of peace if it refuses to co-exist with other religions? How is a religion a religion of "peace" when their bible, the Quran, contains some 500 verses that speak of their God, Allah's, hatred for non-Muslims? How can a religion of "peace" not give the same rights to women as it gives to men? How can a religion of "peace" allow men to beat their wives for disobedience? How can a religion of  "peace" condone the taking of women as sex slaves? How can a religion of "peace" allow the raping of non-Muslim women? How can a religion of "peace" condone the killing of gay men and women? How can a religion of "peace" condone "Jihad", the calling for a holy war as to spread the religion of Islam? How can a religion of "peace" be one of peace when it encourages terrorism in the name of its God, "Allah"? How can a religion of "peace" be not a facilitator of democracy? I ask, how can a religion of "peace" be a religion when its belief system is one of widespread violence?

   The religion of Islam is not the religion of "peace". The word Islam does not mean peace as so many many Muslims would have westerners believe. The word Islam is synonymous for submission or for surrender. The religion of Islam is not a religion of "peace". It is  instead the religion of terrorism. It is a religion in which its goal is to convert or assassinate all non-believers all over the world. It is a religion that has throughout history attempted to crucify all non-followers and has nearly succeeded. It's prophet, Muhammad, organized 65 campaigns against non-Muslims, ordered the execution of 50 individuals, and the slaughter of several hundred tribesman in one day. Before Muhammad's death, he lived to see the religion of Islam wage war against Christians, Jews, Persians,  and polytheists which included millions of Hindus. As the war against those of various religions waged on, Buddhists and Zoroastrians were soon to be included. Let it be said, the so called religion of "peace" is not at all a religion of "peace". It is a violent religion of slavery, torture, blood and suffrage. It is a religion where war on all non-believers lasted over four decades. By the time of the Crusades when the Europeans began fighting back, the Muslims had taken over two thirds of the Christian world at the hands of their swords. The religion of "peace" had conquered countries from Syria to Spain and well across North Africa. The caliphate nearly took over the world and failed. Today the caliphate is again attempting to take over the world and if we aren't careful, the caliphate will win.

     In 2001 America was attacked on 9/11. If one uses the date of 2001, non-Muslims or infidels have been being attacked for 16 years. We the infidels never had to fall prey to the caliphate. Had the leaders throughout Europe, Africa, and America closed their borders, terrorism at the hands of  Muslims might never have happened. Unfortunately, our leaders failed to heed the lessons of the past. Both Europe and America have opened their arms to Muslims and both have paid a dear price with the loss of lives. Lives that could have been saved had our leaders learned from the past. The caliphate lasted four decades until the Europeans fought back. If one takes 9/11 as the first terrorist attack of which it is not, we will have been fighting terrorism for 16 years. Then again, America had a president in Barrack Obama that refused to wage war against terrorism. Barrack Obama refused to name Islam as the enemy. We could never defeat the enemy, as both America and Europe refused to name the enemy. America fought back with the election of President Donald Trump. France is now fighting back in their attempt to elect Marine LePen as their next president. Marine LePen is France's last hope just as President Trump is America's last hope. 

    Islam is not a religion of "peace". It is anything but a religion of "peace". Islam wants to kill us and in knowing this, our nation's borders must be closed as to ensure the safety of Americans. Europe must do the same. With 49-51 Muslim nations around the world, Muslims can find places of solace and acceptance of their Muslim ways. The war against non-Muslims began some 16 years ago, and it will continue until the end of time. The war need not continue if all Muslims are banned from entering all non-Muslim nations. Then again, we have allowed non-Muslims into our lives and for that we are now forever in danger. The question is when and where will there be another attack? Tag, who's next to be attacked by the religion of "peace"?
(c)Sean Bianca, GOP GIRL 2017  

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