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Saturday, February 25, 2017

John McCain Expose'


  Is Senator John McCain on a mission to destroy President Donald Trump? All indications point to yes. Prior to the election, the aging politician did everything he could to stop the president from being elected, and at present he is doing everything he can to sabotage and destroy the President. Senator John McCain has nothing to show for his 34 years as a senator, but failures. Failures at the cost of the American people. Nearly every piece of legislation written by the senator has been anti-American and just plain bad for the American people. 

   Senator John McCain is in many people's opinion mentally unfit for public office. Public outbursts, foul language, and blow ups have seemingly proven the senator to be somewhat unstable. Could it be the brainwashing when the senator was a POW in North Vietnam? Could it be the guilt of which the senator is ridden? Most would feel guilt if they were guilty of treason. The American hero may well have once been a hero. However, McCain's past indicates the senator is anything, but a hero. The senator may instead be an American traitor. The senator was a POW in Vietnam and recognized for his being captured. Hence, why he is an American hero...he was captured. However, the senator reportedly was not only captured, but he was collaborating with the enemy. The senator was nicknamed, "Songbird McCain", for his singing his guts out as to avoid being tortured. During his time as a POW, McCain's commander, Colonel Ted Guy, was in the process of preparing a case of treason against McCain. McCain was able to escape all prospects of treason as President Nixon signed a blanket pardon for all returning prisoners of war. While many will ask why are the details of the senator's time as a POW not known? The answer is simple. Senator McCain had his records sealed. Most proud persons in the military do not have their records sealed. Senator McCain, the so called hero, wants no part of his time as a POW known. The senator even voted against a bill that would have released sealed records of what took place in Vietnam. It is presumed he did so as his actions were not actions of a hero, but instead a traitor. The senator even is said to have conspired with John Kerry in their blocking the investigation and recovery of Vietnam POWs. Is that the action taken by a patriot? I think not.

  Is Senator John McCain again guilty of treason? You be the judge. In 2012 Senator John McCain is reported to have met with an enemy of the State. McCain met with so called Syrian rebels as to seal a deal helping them with billions of dollars in weapons, equipment, and training by the U.S. military in Jordan as to help them to defeat Omar Asaad. Trouble is, the "rebels"had ties to various international terrorist organizations including Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The so called incident of "accidentally" dropping weapons to ISIS was not so accidental at all. It was intentional. It was also treason.

  Guilty again of treason. "Songbird McCain" appears to be singing again, and this time it could land him in hot water. Somehow the senator appears to have gained access to the private and classified telephone calls of President Trump and other world leaders. Disturbingly, the senator is not keeping this information to  himself. The senator appears to be secretly sharing the classified information with colleagues and friends in mainstream media as well. Many are calling for a full investigation into the goings on of the senator. 

  One thing is certain, and that is that Senator John McCain is, if not found guilty of treason, he is guilty of sabotaging President Trump and his administration. On February 17th, 2017 the senator told the Munich Security Conference that President Trump's administration was in disarray and had a lot of work to do. He again attacked the President in Sunday's "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd. The senator hinted at the President being like that of a dictator . Later in the interview the senator made the following statement, "And I'm not saying that President Trump is trying to be a dictator. I'm just saying we need to learn the lessons of history".  

  I think Americans should look at Senator John McCain's history. Senator John McCain has a history of not being trustworthy. He's a man that couldn't be trusted by his first wife and a man that has shown that he can not be trusted by the American people. Senator John McCain has had 34 years in politics to make a difference in the lives of the American people, and he has failed. He has failed the American people and he has failed himself and it shows. Senator John McCain failed to win the presidency and he is now nothing more than a bitter old man. Senator John McCain is so jealous that President Donald Trump accomplished what he could not. Senator John McCain could not win the presidency and therefore he is making it his mission to destroy President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, for the failed senator, President Trump is doing exactly what he set out do do when he ran for the presidency. He's making America prosperous again, safe again, and great again. Senator John McCain on the other hand, in his efforts to sabotage President Donald Trump, is only failing yet again! In spite of Senator John McCain, President Donald Trump will succeed in making America great again.
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