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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Enough Protesters, Enough!

      On January 20th 2017, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the Unites States. On January 21st 2017, millions of uninformed women marched against President Donald Trump worldwide. One week later, protesters flooded various airports worldwide in opposition to the president's travel ban. February 1st 2017, a group of violent protesters stopped Briebart Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos, from speaking at U.C. Berkeley. The group of protesters or agitators dressed as terrorists threw rocks, Molotov cocktails, and commercial grade fireworks at police officers and at the buildings. At least one of the protesters was apparently an employee of the University. The protest was not a peaceful protest. It was a riot.  One Trump supporter, a young woman, was sprayed in the face with pepper spray. Over 100k in damage, one person arrested, and  freedom of speech taken away from a right wing provocateur. A couple of hours of air time on mainstream media, and I suppose the left considered the evening a smashing success. 

   February 2nd 2017, a group of protesters seemingly appeared to conduct a copycat protest at NYU. Protesters prevented conservative guest speaker, Gavin McInnes, from giving a lecture due to the protesters, and violence ensued. One woman, a professor of the school, was angered at the fact that the protesters filed to "kick the ass" of the speaker. The professor was also distressed at how the police arrested eleven of the protesters. I guess the professor would have been jumping for joy had the guest speaker been badly beaten or worse. Again, I am quite sure the left considered the evening another success.

  February 4th 2017, a group of protesters chanted, held up signs, and smacked around Trump supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida. As the president was at his home in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-lago, the protesters decided to display their displeasure at the president's temporary travel ban on persons coming from 7 Muslim countries. As the protesters chanted their distaste for the president, the president was in town for a charity event to benefit the Red Cross. The president was doing good, doing good while the protesters did nothing, but cause unnecessary havoc and chaos.

  Enough! Enough of the protesting.Enough of the riots. Americans have had it. Americans have had it with the left voicing their displeasure towards our president. Americans get it. Americans know the left is upset at who America elected as our 45th president. Americans know the left is unhappy with every move President Trump makes regardless of whether it's good or bad for the nation. Americans get it. Millions of Americans were sickened at Barrack Obama being elected as president 8 years ago. Millions of Americans were as sickened as Obama was elected for four more years. Regardless of how much we disliked virtually every action the former president took, we supported our president in silence. Many of us turned off the news as to not have to see Obama's face or hear his voice. Others of us watched in horror as we believed he was going to be the demise of our nation. Nonetheless, we did not do damage to public property. We did not cause harm to people not sharing our views. We did not attempt to take away any one's freedom of speech. Enough! Enough of the protesting, as it's time to move on. It's time to move on, as America has a president that is truly trying to create jobs, and keep Americans safe. It's time to move on, support our president, and watch him "make America great again"!
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