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Sunday, February 12, 2017

America Is Unsafe Again !

     "The security of our country is at stake!"-President Donald Trump 

   On Thursday, February 9th, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled to temporarily halt President Trump's executive order restricting travelers from 7 Muslim majority nations. The decision should be of no surprise to anyone, as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is the single most left wing, overturned court in the nation. It's no wonder as all three judges involved in the ruling are bleeding liberals. Judge Michele Friedland was appointed by none other than former President Barrack Obama. Judge William Canby was appointed by former President Jimmy Carter, and last, but not least, Judge Richard Clifton was appointed by former President G.W. Bush. Shortly after the ruling, which seems to many as "unconstitutional", President Trump tweeted, "SEE YOU IN COURT". With the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals having a 90% rate of being overturned by the Supreme Court, the President should be successful in his appeal.

    How ironic that when it has been reported that Turkey has just heightened their anti-terrorism security, we lessen our nation's security. The non-partisan conservative watchdog group, "Judicial Watch", came out on Thursday saying that they can guarantee terrorists are sure to be flooding into the United States. Translation, the United States is in serious danger. We, the people of the United States of America, are in grave danger thanks to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. There have been 80 terrorists that have been from the 7 named terrorist countries in the President's #Immigration Order, and yet it seems to be of no concern to the liberal left. As so it would seem, the panel of judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals appears to be more concerned with being a nation with open arms, than a nation that looks out for the best interests of its people.

    I fear another 9/11 will occur, and if it does, the blood of those harmed or killed is on the left's hands. Primarily the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' hands. It's not a matter of could it happen? It's a matter of when, where, and how will it happen. Our nation's security was time and time again compromised by 8 callous years of the Obama administration. That being said, a terrorist attack on the homeland is more than likely. Already we've had several terrorist "incidents". They just haven't been horrific enough to make enough of an impact. As the left has had a need to be a kinder and softer nation, terrorists have entered our country. They have entered our country and they are watching and they are waiting. They are watching and waiting for their moment to strike as to carry out their "Jihad". Some say the right wing conservatives are overly dramatic. I say all one needs for confirmation is to look at Australia, the U.K., and Europe. As more and more residents from Europe flee the Muslim migration, it is clear how bad things have become abroad. Why then is the left so hell bent on allowing these people in? Why? Why is, for some reason only known to liberals. They seem to have an overwhelming desire to completely destroy a once great nation. The Immigration Ban as ordered by the President, MUST be reinstated. It must be reinstated as so President Donald Trump can truly make this nation safe again and great again.
 (c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
#travelban #Immigrationorder #women4trump #presidentdonaldtrump 

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