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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thank Obama For Homegrown Terrorism!

       America has an enemy. It is an enemy among us. Unfortunately, one can not defeat an enemy if one refuses to name it. America's president has refused to name the enemy of the state. That enemy is "radical Islam". The enemy is among us. The enemy shops, dines, works out, and walks beside us. The enemy may pretend to like us. The enemy may even befriend us. Hence, the San Bernardino shooting where a Muslim couple killed fourteen people who had previously given the couple a baby shower. Our enemy does not like us. Our enemy hates us. Our enemy wants to annihilate us. Our enemy is smart. It is sneaky and it is evil, evil in its purist form. The enemy is an enemy that our president and his administration allowed into our country. It didn't have to be this way, but President Barrack Hussein Obama wanted it this way. 
    In Obama and Hillary's quest to "stabilize" the Mid-East, Obama and Hillary created ISIS. Not only did they create ISIS, but they created the Syrian refugee crisis. The Obama administration essentially did everything wrong and nothing right. They pulled American troops out of Iraq too soon, failed to stand by their "red line" drawn against Assad, and further de-stabilized the Mid-East with their decision to remove Omar Qaddafi from power. The result? Total destabilization in the Mid-East, the issue of hundreds of thousands of refugees, and a terrorist organization that was allowed to metastasize to a point of no return. As of today, ISIS is now present in 28 countries. ISIS is far from being the "J.V. team" as once described by Obama. ISIS is rampant and thanks to President Barrack Obama ISIS is right here in the United States  The enemy is among us.

    The enemy is the religion of Islam. No ands, ifs, or, buts about it. The religion of Islam is a threat to all non-Muslims throughout the world. The religion of Islam is anything, but a peaceful religion. It is a religion condoning the raping of non-Muslim women and the beating of women. It is a religion that believes in the killing of gays, killing of all non-Muslims, and the killing of all those who speak out against the religion of Islam, or choose to leave the religion. Funny thing about the religion of Islam, it is the common denominator in every terrorist attack worldwide! While our president refuses to say the religion of Islam is the cause behind terrorism, the fact is, Muslims commit every terrorist attack. I have yet to hear of a bomb being detonated by a Christian. I have yet to hear of a stabbing by a Jew. Furthermore, I have yet to hear of a plane being flown into a building by a Christian, Jew, or Buddhist. Bottom line, the religion of Islam is our enemy. Those who choose to be somewhat politically correct, will say "radial Islam" is the cause of terrorism. Those who choose not to be politically correct like myself, prefer to say "Islam" is the enemy, and the cause of terrorism. President Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to utter the words "radical Islam". They refuse to say it, as they have allowed over 110,000 Muslims into our country. Far be it from them to inform Americans of their admittance of allowing the enemy to come on to our shores. Far be it from them to admit that they have aided the terrorists in their Jihad against Americans and the infidels.

     This past weekend was a busy busy weekend for Muslims. On September 16th, in the country of Pakistan, 34 people were killed, and another 45 were injured as a suicide bomber entered a packed Mosque. Many that were blown to pieces were children. On the 17th of September, a man was viciously attacked and beheaded in Iraq. That same day, a 71 year old Buddhist was murdered in front of his home by Muslim insurgents in Thailand. On September 18th, seventeen people were killed and another 19 were injured in India. Apparently four suicide bombers attacked the young soldiers as they were sleeping on a army base. Here in the states we had attacks as well. Early Saturday morning, September 17th, a pipe bomb was found in Seaside, New Jersey where a Marine Corps Race was to take place. There was a garbage explosion, but thankfully no one was injured.Two other un-detonated  bombs were found nearby as well.  Later on, at 8:30 p.m., in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, another bomb went off, and 29 people were injured. Then at 11:30 p.m., another bomb was found near the Chelsea neighborhood. Much later on, a bomb was detonated at 1 a.m. in New Jersey.That same day, nine people were stabbed at a mall in Minnesota. The perpetrator was said to be a soldier of the Islamic State who yelled "Allah Akbar" as he went on his rampage.  Sunday, September 18th, five bombs were discovered in a trash can near a train station. All, but one were removed without detonation. Nine attacks this past weekend, five on our soil. Never ever did anyone think that a one terrorist attack would ever take place here in America prior to 9/11, and this past weekend America had five. Then again, should anyone be at all surprised at the recent acts of terrorism? Obama has allowed over 110,000 refugees into our country, the majority of whom are "Muslim".

    As heard on The Kelly File, author Mark Steyn simply stated "the more Muslims the more terrorism." He stated that the countries of France, Germany, and Belgium have a very high Muslim population, therefore they have a very high rate of terrorism. Likewise, the countries of Poland, and  the Czech Republic have a very low population of Muslims, so in turn they pretty much don't have terrorism. In using that simple logic, we here in America now have a very high Muslim population so therefore we can pretty much expect terrorism. Not only can we expect terrorism, but we can guarantee terrorism. It's not a question of will a terrorist attack occur, it's when will the next terrorist attack occur? While Americans may be outraged, it is what it is. We have an administration that refuses to really do anything about terrorism. To begin with, America has an administration that refuses to admit and accept its enemy is the religion of Islam. Let it be said that one can never defeat an enemy if one refuses to name it and that is precisely why America  will never win the war against ISIS and terrorism as long as Obama and Hillary are in power. 

    Dahir Amed Adan ,a 22 year old Somali immigrant, was a Muslim, whose "jihad" was a  roaring success He was shot and killed by an armed off duty police officer at the mall after stabbing 9 people. If the religion of Islam fulfills it's promises he is presently with his 300 plus virgins. Meanwhile 9 Americans are needlessly suffering for one man's mission for his religion.  Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28 years old an immigrant from Afghanistan was not so lucky. He did not die while setting bombs between New York and New Jersey. He was instead shot and apprehended by police. It has been reported that Rahami is offering police little to no intel. Rahami was also a Muslim. Common denominator here, they were both Muslim! 

     The one commonality with all terrorists is the religion of Islam, and yet our president and the Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, refuse to name it or say it! In yesterday's press conference, President Obama stated that the attacks were "possible acts of terrorism". Possible? He also refrained from saying the words, "radical Islam". Well, Mr. President, Joe Blow did not stab 9 people in Minnesota Saturday, and John Smith did not set bombs off all over New York and New Jersey. No Mr. President, Muslims committed the attacks both here in the U.S. and overseas, and Mr. President, those attacks and any attacks going forward are on you! It is you, Mr. President, along with Hillary Clinton and your politically correct administration that have allowed terrorism to come in with bells on. See something, say something, you say? Why, you do nothing. This administration has been and is more concerned with being politically correct than the well being of the American people.  Rahami's own father called the FBI two years ago to tell them of his suspicion that his son might be a terrorist. Apparently, Rahami had hit his own mother and stabbed one of his brothers. What did the FBI do ? Nothing! Due to Rahami not being on the FBI watch list, they saw no credence to the father's call. Well, if a Muslim travels back and forth to Afghanistan, I'd say he might be a terrorist . Afghanistan is where there are several terrorist training camps, yet our FBI chose to look the other way. Thankfully, this man was not successful in killing anyone. Of course 29 people are suffering from being blasted with bb's and shrapnel, but hey, they're not dead so that's a success for Obama. It sucks to be them and they shouldn't blame Islam, as per Obama's orders, and Obama will allow another 110k more Muslims into the country. 

   It is time for a change! The United States should have been safe, unlike our neighbors across the pond and in the Mid East. If the U.S. had a president that truly cared about its citizens, he would have banned all Muslims from entering the U.S. until proper vetting could be performed. Instead, we have allowed over 110,000 refugees into our country. Muslim refugees to be exact. We have essentially allowed our enemy into our country and there is nothing that the average American can do about it. Nothing. Obama has fed us to the wolves and our only hope is Donald J. Trump. He is our only hope as first and foremost, Donald J. Trump is a man that is not afraid to name the enemy. Not only does he name it, but he has vowed to defeat it.  Donald J. Trump will no doubt make America safe again. He will stop Muslim refugees from coming in to the U.S. until he is told that these people can be properly vetted and it is within his right if he is elected president. It is within his right, as the religion of Islam is a religion that threatens the people of the U.S. Furthermore, Donald J. Trump will also have no problem deporting those Muslims who are here illegally and or behaving suspiciously. He will do this, as he as our president, respects the fact that it is his duty as president to protect the American people, something our president and Hillary Clinton seem to have forgotten. The terrorists are here and they are here courtesy of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will allow 550% more Syrian refugees into our country than Obama. America can not afford Hillary Clinton. While no lives were lost this past weekend, I can almost guarantee lives being lost in the future.

    Terrorism is here and with the vast amount of refugees allowed into our country, terrorism will only get worse. While some Muslims may well be genuinely nice people, the majority I fear are not. There is no such thing as "peaceful Islam". If it were peaceful, heads would not be being chopped off and people would not be being burned in cages. Islam is what it is, a religion of violence, and it's people are a people we can not trust. America has only one hope in saving its country and its people, That hope is Donald J. Trump, and it is my hope that he be elected the next President of the United States!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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