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Monday, September 26, 2016

Showdown 2016, The Debate Of All Debates!

   Donald J. Trump is a billionaire businessman with a passion for his country and a desire to make his country great again. Hillary Clinton is  a multi-millionaire with corruption all around who wants what's not best for the country, but what's best for her. Tonight is the night that will most likely be the deciding moment in the election of 2016. Tonight is the first of 3 presidential debates. It will be no doubt the most significant. It will go down as the most watched political event in the history of the United States. Tonight is the night that Americans will more than likely make their final decision as to whom they will vote in this years presidential election. 

    Why is this election so important you ask? It is important as the America of which our forefathers dreamt and built is at risk. Our freedom is at risk. Our way of life is at risk. While some may say this election being the most important election of our lifetime is a gross exaggeration, it is not. It is not as under the rule of Obama's wrath, America has already fallen far from grace. Racism, those on welfare, and unemployment is at an all time high, police officers are getting killed and receiving no respect, our healthcare system is defunct, homegrown terrorism is at its peak, our military has been depleted to being it's smallest since pre-WWII, many of our vets are without aid, our deficit is at a point of almost no return, corruption throughout our government is rampant, and our standing in the world is at an all time low. Let us not forget to mention that our roads, airports, and bridges are in sharp decline. To put it bluntly, America is fast becoming nothing better than a than a living hell.

   America a living hell? Well, when Americans can no longer feel safe at a shopping mall, a movie theater or at a night club, America has become a living hell. When an Iraqi veteran commits suicide as the system did not allow him to see a psychiatrist, America is a living hell. When Americans can not find jobs as to support their families, America is a living hell. When police officers are in fear for their lives due to cop hatred as so they may not protect American citizens, America is a living hell. When a president allows over 110k unvetted Muslims into the country of which some may well be ISIS, America is a living hell. When a presidential candidate named Hillary Clinton can get away with putting America's security at risk with the use of an unsecured server, can take money from people for positions in government, can accept money from terrorists, aid terrorists, and is suspected of killing those who know too much, America is a living hell. When America has a president that is said to have committed treason some 75 plus times and gets away with it, America is a living hell.

    This election will make or break this country. Tonight's debate will be when over one hundred million watchers will decide, will they be with "her" or do they want "him" to be with "us"? It has been reported that Hillary has asked for a step stool so that she may look taller as to be closer to his height. It has also been reported that she has demanded that the lighting be perfect as to make her "glow". If Hillary starts hacking the microphones are to be lowered so the audience doesn't hear her sound as if she is dying. I hate to break it to her, but Hillary can add all the bells and whistles to her podium and it won't change who she is, she is a lying corrupt politician and nothing more. Not to mention that you can't polish a turd.

   Trump supporters will watch tonight's debate with their minds made up. Hillary supporters will also watch the debate with their minds made up as well.Tonight's debate is the debate that will likely make up the minds of the undecided voters. They must ask, do they want a candidate that is as frustrated with America as them? Do they want a candidate that wants to make America great again and safe again? Donald Trump will properly vet all immigrants. Hillary will not. Donald Trump will lower taxes and create jobs, Hillary will not. Donald Trump will rebuild our military and gain the respect of the rest of the world. Hillary will not. Donald Trump will ensure Americans keep their second amendment rights as so Americans may protect themselves. Hillary will not. Tonight Americans will see where each candidate stands for whom they stand. I believe tonight Americans will see that Hillary stands with "herself" and her own agenda. Donald Trump on the other hand will show Americans he is presidential material and the only candidate that is presidential material. Donald J. Trump is a president as he stands with really one and only one. Donald Trump stands for AMERICA!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016
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