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Monday, September 19, 2016

Obama Campaigns For Trump!

"Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected."- President Barrack Obama

     Never in my our lifetimes have we ever witnessed a sitting president so active on the campaign trail as at present. Come to think of it, I personally can not recall a sitting president being active on the current presidential election, period. To watch Barrack Obama, one would think he were no longer in office. Unfortunately, Obama is still very much in office, trouble is he's rarely in the office.  He's rarely in the office as much of Obama's time has been spent campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Barrack Obama is no doubt, the epitome of a "lame duck president". He is a "lame duck" on our dime. Instead of Barrack Obama tending to important issues like allowing ALL 1.6 billion Muslims into the United States, instead of the 10,000 plus already allowed in, he is traveling the campaign circuit. He is doing this at the expense of the tax payers. He is doing this due in part to Hillary not physically being able to campaign herself. Am I missing something? I thought the presidential candidate was supposed to do the campaigning, not the sitting lame duck of a president! Then again, when the presidential candidate is passing out and gagging her guts out across America, a "stand in" is needed, literally as it is rumored that Hillary does indeed have a body double "standing in" for her!

     While Barrack Obama has been "standing in" and up for Hillary, he has also campaigned against her as well. As found on utube, many of Barrack Obama's videos are what could be termed as "Obama campaigns For Trump"! "Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected." "Senator Clinton is the same person that has taken more money from lobbyists than any other candidate Democrat or Republican." " This is the same person who took money from financial folks on Wall Street and then voted for bankruptcy bills that makes it harder for people right here in Pennsylvania to get a fair shake."-Barrack Obama on Hillary Clinton While those statements may well have been made in 2008, those were the true sentiments of Barrack Obama on Hillary Clinton. Bottom line, President Barrack Obama feels Hillary Clinton is a liar that should not be president. If Barrack Obama felt Hillary was a liar and a bad choice for the presidency in 2008, then why would he change his mind in 2016? Politics. It's that simple. Hillary, sadly is the best candidate the Democrats could come up with so therefore Obama is forced to support her. He is forced to support Hillary as she is his only hope at carry out his torturous legacy.

    "Clinton isn't telling the truth", said the Washington Post when speaking about Hillary Clinton back in 2008. Isn't that the truth? Hillary Clinton isn't telling the truth. She didn't tell the truth in 2008, and she's not telling the truth now in 2016. The fact is, Hillary Clinton has never told the truth. As stated by the president himself, "Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected." Hillary Clinton can not be trusted. Hillary Clinton will not make America great again. President Obama advised all Americans to NOT vote for her in 2008. If President Obama did not feel she was the woman for the job in 2008, why would he feel she is the woman for the job in 2016? President Obama knows Hillary is a liar and so too do we. America needs Donald J. Trump as president. While Donald J. Trump may not always be politically correct, America always knows where he stands. That's not a bad thing. Better to have a man who will speak the truth then a man or woman who will speak lies. America must elect Donald J. Trump for president. While President Obama may not say Americans should elect Donald J. Trump, President Obama knows the only and the best candidate for America. That candidate is Donald J. Trump.
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