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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's Time To Take Off The White Gloves Or Something's Going On, Mr. Trump!

     "I'm really happy I was able to hold back on the indiscretions in respect to Bill Clinton. Because I have a lot of respect for Chelsea Clinton,"- Donald J. Trump 

      It's time to take the white gloves off Mr. Trump! While being respectful of Hillary's daughter, Chelsea, is admirable, it will not win you this election. Americans don't care about the friendship your daughter has with Chelsea Clinton. Neither should you! I didn't see Hillary being respectful of you, Mr. Trump. Nor was Hillary respectful of your daughter, Ivanka, when she lashed out repeatedly at you! With all her smirking and smugness, she showed no respect at all. I, like many of your supporters, felt disappointed and let down by Monday night's debate. We, as your supporters, wanted more. We wanted you to attack and show no mercy. Hillary Clinton certainly deserves no mercy. Just ask the families of the four men killed in Benghazi. However, Mr. Trump, you are who you are and that's what has gotten you the support of over 14 million voters. Mr. Trump you are a class act. You are the makings of a president. A catty woman does not a president make. You did what you did as to be respectful of Hillary, Chelsea, and Bill Clinton, and she chose to not reciprocate your respect. That being said, it's time to take off the white gloves.

    In virtually every poll, Mr. Donald J. Trump won the debate. He was sharp, he was poised, he was professional, he was ethical, he was patriotic, he was presidential. Hillary on the other hand was catty,unprofessional, silly, and anything, but presidential. Not to mention that it appeared she was quite unethical with her possible use of an earpiece , as so she could be fed information. Let me not fail to mention that while Hillary attempted to look patriotic in her Republican red suit, she failed miserably as she did not sport a flag lapel pin like most if not all of those in Washington. All in all, Hillary, appearance wise, looked like a grandmother on Christmas day. However, Hillary was not anything like a sweet grandmother. She was catty, disrespectful, and anything, but nice. It's time to take off those white gloves, Mr. Trump!

    Mr. Trump won the debate hands down on economy, trade, and lowering taxes. However, Hillary won with her catty zingers, and with the help of moderator Lester Holt on her team. Lester Holt interrupted Donald Trump some 20 times! Had Hillary been interrupted 20 times, as well, it could have been an even playing field.It was not an even playing field. It was the Hillary and Lester tag team. Hillary was allowed to say anything and everything her little heart desired. She attacked you for being born into a wealthy family. While you stated that you worked hard to turn your father's fresh start into an empire, you needed to tell Americans how Hillary is now worth over 200-300 million herself! Not only is she herself a multi-millionaire, but you should have asked, how did she and husband Bill go from broke to millionaires? Hillary attacked you for your failure to provide America with your taxes. You, Mr. Trump, stated that if she would provide the lost emails, you would provide your taxes. Nothing more needed to be said regarding your taxes. You dropped the ball. The deleted and lost emails should have been drilled into Americans anytime she mentioned your taxes. She attacked you for Iraq, and why? You were a civilian. Your opinion was of no value at the time of the war. Hers was. All that needed to be said was that you were a civilian without a vote; she however, had a vote. Hillary voted for Iraq. You did not. She attacked you for your temperament, when you, Sir, have made no public display of losing your temper. Hillary, however, has had multiple people comment on her losing her cool and throwing objects at the White House. She attacked you for various remarks you've made on women. I might add, you should have attacked back. You could have mentioned the millions she has taken from nations in the Mid-East that do not allow women to drive a car, show their faces, or go to school. She has taken money from nations that condone the raping of women, the beating of women, the killing of gay men and women, and the torture and beheading of many. Mr. Trump, Hillary was anything, but nice. It's time to take off the white gloves.

     Looking back at the debate, I am in a quandary. Why were you so nice? Too nice. Why would you invite a survivor of Benghazi to the debate, yet fail to mention the fact that Hillary's failure to send more support cost the lives of four men? Why would you let Hillary off so easily on her deleted and lost emails? Why no mention of the scandalous pay for play Clinton Foundation? Why no mention of her taking money from terrorists and terrorist nations? Why little to no mention of her part in the creation of ISIS? Why no mention of the proposed allowance of 550% more Syrian refugees? Refugees that include many that want to kill us. Refugees that our tax dollars will fund. Why no mention of Hillary's calling your supporters "deplorable" and "irredeemable"? Why no mention of her calling your supporters, racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic? Why, Mr. Trump? Perhaps you were being the proper gentleman that you are. Perhaps not. It has been rumored that the Clintons have ways of threatening people and or their families as so they may have their way. I sincerely hope that this was not the case. If so, to quote you, I say "something's going on". If "something" has gone on, and threats were made, our country is completely corrupt and lost. If not, I and millions of Americans ask you to please, in the next debate, not be nice. We beg of you, Mr. Trump, to take off those white gloves, go for the jugular, and attack Secretary Clinton on every single one of her failings and questionable behavior! Politics is a dirty business, and while the friendship of Ivanka and Chelsea is to be respected, may I remind you, Sir, that Hillary showed no respect for that friendship. Politics is a competition and nice doesn't win against evil. With all due respect, America wants you, Mr. Trump, to take off those white gloves if you can, and show Secretary Clinton the lack of respect she showed you. America wants you, Mr. Trump, to defeat Secretary Clinton and be the next president of the United States.
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016
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