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Thursday, August 11, 2016


    Shame on you, members of the establishment not supporting the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Utter disgust, utter detestation, utter repulsion, and utter repugnance are the emotions I feel at present for the members of the GOP not supporting Donald Trump. Frankly, there are not enough words for for the amount of contempt I have for those in opposition to Trump. Those in the Republican Party not supporting Donald Trump are a disgrace to all Republicans and all Americans. They are a disgrace in that to vote for Hillary or to not vote for Donald Trump is to be anti-American.

    Members of the GOP not supporting Donald Trump, I say this, "I am glad Donald J. Trump is NOT one of you! I am glad as the members of the Republican establishment are nothing but a bunch of do nothing, secret society, Bohemian Grove, kinky old men, who have allowed this country to be in the predicament in which it is currently!" Forgive me, if I'm being too harsh, but the criticism is well deserved. The establishment has done nothing to STOP the failed Obama Care. The GOP has done nothing to STOP the influx of Syrian refugees from coming, which is allowed by the laws of our constitution. May I also inform you that the nations of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and The United Arab Emirates will not take a one Syrian refugee. In other words, the GOP has NOT kept America safe. The GOP has NOT been effective in impeaching a president said to be guilty of treason some 75 times. The GOP has NOT been effective in bringing charges against Hillary Clinton for treason, for unsecured emails resulting in one death, and possibly more. The GOP did not successfully charge Hillary in the deaths of four men killed in Benghazi due to Hillary Clinton failing to pull out personnel in Benghazi, Libya, and providing those in Benghazi with proper protection and aid. The GOP did NOT do everything and anything to look into the Clinton Foundation and have both Clintons prosecuted! The fact of the matter is, if the "establishment", aka " the Washington insiders", had put forth  half of the effort they've put in being against Trump into going up against "real issues", they might have gotten something done, and made Republicans proud! Instead "the establishment" would prefer to go after the "good guy" and label him a "threat to national security"! The GOP has said nothing of Hillary's being a threat to national security. The late Iranian Scientist, Shahram Amiri, most probably was executed due to Hillary Clinton's negligence with her emails. In an email Hillary Clinton referred to the late Amiri, as "our friend". The fact is, due to Hillary Clinton's "negligence, " other spies may have also been executed with others possibly to come. In knowing this fact, the GOP saying that Donald Trump is a threat to our nation's security is ludicrous! How dare the GOP criticize Donald Trump for statements he has made against a family of a fallen soldier! The fact is the Khizir Khan family does NOT believe in our constitution, but the law of Sharia Law. Sharia Law, which if I may enlighten the GOP, is against our constitution and a threat to our nation's national security! 

    I have had it with the members of the GOP and their letter stating that 50 members will not be voting for Trump! GOP, listen up, YOU are a threat to our national security. You are a threat in that YOU are not backing a man that will keep America safe! How dare you attack Donald Trump on his inability to keep America safe! How dare you attack Trump when the late terrorist's father Seddique Mateen was seen not only attending a Hillary Clinton rally in Lake Kissimmee, Florida, but seen sitting right behind the presidential candidate! That doesn't concern you, GOP? A man who's son shot more than 200 people at a gay nightclub is seen seated behind a presidential candidate and you say NOTHING? It would seem that a candidate having the support from a man who's son is a known terrorist would be of concern. It would seem a man who has praised and spoken in support of the known terrorist group, Al Qaeda, would be of far more concern than Donald Trump! Donald Trump, who may I remind you has never been a threat to our nation's security. Donald Trump, who has never been responsible for men dying due to his negligence. Donald Trump, who has not accepted money from known terrorist groups or anyone connected with a terrorist group. Donald Trump, who can pass an FBI background check. Instead GOP, you choose to enable a woman the capability to become president who could not pass a basic FBI background check. Why? Why, is because he is not one of YOU, and for that I am thankful. For that may I add is precisely why I support Donald J. Trump.

     I support Donald Trump, because he is not a part of the global elite! The global elite is, in my opinion, the biggest bunch of freaks I've ever seen. The so called Global elite consists of a majority of high profile politicians and political figures. These high profile establishment Republicans belong to a club, and that club is like no other club you or I have ever seen. The Club is called Bohemian Grove. It is a 2700 acre campground near San Francisco. It is a place where the "Global Elite" or "Washington insiders" go for two weeks every July. The establishment or the Global Elite, are rumored to frolic in the woods stark naked with other elites. Elites? Far from it! The Global Elite are known to worship a Satanic Owl and perform mock sacrifices. They are known to drink heavily, hire both male and female prostitutes, have sex in a coffin, and dress up in drag. Who is in Bohemian Grove? Who is in Bohemian Grove is just about every high profile politician both Democrat and Republican. Who is in Bohemian Grove, is virtually every multi millionaire, billionaire, political figure and Washington insider alike. Who is in Bohemian Grove is a bunch of kinky, greedy, perverted old men. It is known that Newt Gingrich, Donald Rumsfeld, David Gergen, President Ronald Reagan, Presidents George and G.W. Bush, Jeb Bush, President Jimmy Carter, Dick Cheney, President Calvin Coolidge, President Bill Clinton, and many many other Washington insiders. They are all a a part of the elite secret society, a secret society that cares not to support Donald Trump. While the establishment may feel proud at their turning their backs on Trump, I feel proud that my candidate is NOT a part of the so called establishment. The so called  Washington Insiders, the elite, or the  establishment, is in my opinion, not something for one to be proud. While there was once a time when I respected and looked up to those in the establishment, I can respect them no more. In knowing what takes place among the establishment, I feel it is a good thing Donald Trump is NOT a part of the establishment! Former President Richard Nixon spoke out against the perverted retreat for the elite. Nixon deemed it " the most faggiest God damn thing you could ever imagine with that San Francisco crowd that goes there." One can't help, but wonder if Nixon was forced to step down due to his not being  enthralled with the global elite, and more power to him for not!

     It is a good thing that Donald J. Trump is NOT one in the same with the establishment and the global elite. It is a good thing, in that America needs a president that America can look up to, and not look down. It is a good thing in that America needs a candidate that will work for the people and not play on their dime. It is a good thing in that America will have a president who will have their backs and not just his own. It is a good thing in that America will have a president that will do more than talk the talk. He will walk the walk. It is a good thing in that America will have a president that will take an oath as the president and will fulfill the job as president. We the people are DONE with the establishment and their inability to perform the jobs we the people elected them to do. GOP, you have done nothing, but fail the people who voted you into office. We the people have nominated a man who is not of the establishment, and for that we are glad. The fact is, if the establishment had done their job, we the people would have likely elected one of the establishment. Unfortunately for the GOP, the people have spoken. They want not one in the establishment, but an outsider. 

  That outsider is Donald Trump, and GOP you best support him! To not support Donald Trump is to be against America. To not support Donald Trump after almost 14 million people have spoken, is unforgivable! The stakes are too high for immature bruised egos, and protecting one's wallet. While it is known many Republicans would prefer Hillary for their own monetary gain, I say "shame on you"!  Shame on you as our nations's security is at risk. Shame on you as our nation's veterans have been forgotten. Shame on you as our second amendment rights are at risk, Shame on you as Donald Trump is the people's choice. Donald Trump is the people's choice because he is our voice! Donald Trump has America's back and I say you best have his! You best have his back, because say what you may, but Donald Trump is our last and only hope! Donald Trump is our last hope to build a wall and make America safe again, Donald Trump is our only hope to rebuild our economy as well as the middle class. Donald Trump is our only hope at saving our freedoms and the second amendment. GOP, to vote for anyone other than Donald Trump is simply put, "anti- American". America  has already had eight years of being anti-American and enough is enough. It's time for change, real change, and I believe Donald Trump will be that real change and will make America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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