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Monday, August 1, 2016

Hillary From Hell The Democratic Nominee!

     Anger, anxiety, disdain, disillusionment, disgust, frustration, and fear. Those are the things of which Democratic Conventions are made. For anyone watching the Democratic fairy tale, it has been a week spent in hell. While it is always important to know what one's opponent is doing and thinking, it can also be quite detrimental to one's health as well. This week's Democratic Convention has been the biggest display of lies, deception, and bull I have ever witnessed. For anyone watching with a brain on function, it has been nothing but pure pain. One would have to be brain dead, in denial, or living under a rock to buy the B.S. the Democrats are dishing, but then that is the craft of the Democrats, spewing the B.S.! 

   Yes, the Democrats do like to shovel the you know what! Let me count the ways, but then if I did, this blog would be as long as "War and Peace". As time is of the essence, shall I begin with how the Democrats attempted to show a shred of support for police while at the same time placing a young punk named, Trayvon Martin on a pedestal? Perhaps I should go with a video of Hollywood's finest, including traitor,"Hanoi Jane" (Jane Fonda) singing "Fight Song" for Hillary. How apropos for the Democrats to have a traitor supporting them. Why not? The Democratic Party seems to have a history of treason. It has been said that Barrack Obama has been guilty of treason some 75 times and Hillary has her own record as well. 

   While there has been an over abundance of lies told at the Democratic Convention, the lies and half truths told by former President Bill Clinton were more than most could stand. Bill spoke for upwards of 45 minutes. "I married my best friend. I was still in awe after more than four years of being around her at how smart and strong and caring and loving she was." I personally wanted to puke. If Bill were in such awe of this wonderful woman, why did he stray? Not only why did he stray, but why did he stray so often?  Clearly, Bill conveniently "forgot" to mention his numerous affairs as he told the love story of a lifetime. I personally would have liked to have heard straight from the horse's mouth of the affair with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. The Oval Office will never be looked upon the same. Even small children on White House tours knew of the "incident" in the Oval Office. Yes, "our children are watching", Hillary. Not only would I have liked to have heard about Monica, but I and America would have rather enjoyed hearing of his affair with Elisabeth Hurley. America also would have enjoyed hearing of his affairs with political activist Patricia Duff, actress Markie Post, and the many, many others. I also would have liked to have heard of the numerous women said to have been raped and or sexually harassed by Bill. That is all a part of the fairy-tale life of the Clintons. Bill failed to mention any of his affairs or why he had them, but he did go on to tell the Dems that they had elected the "real one". Oh, the Democrats elected a "real one" alright. The Democrats elected a "real" liar. The Democrats elected a "real" scam artist. The Democrats elected a "real" power hungry, cold hearted, post menopausal bitch is what the Democrats elected. Of course, Bill failed to mention that to those attending and watching Tuesday night. While numerous government officials and others have been imprisoned, fined, or both for doing the very crimes as committed by Hillary Clinton, Hillary has gone unscathed. As Hillary's crimes have been not been prosecuted, why then did Bill not mention the numerous crimes? Far be it for Bill to tell the truth.

   What is the truth about the Democrats' "real one"?  The truth is Hillary used an unsecured email server, putting America's security at risk and was not held accountable. The truth is over 110 of Hillary's State Department emails were deleted, and another 30,000 are now missing. There is a joke among those in the Senate and Congress, that Russia, China, and North Korea know more of what is in Hillary's emails than the FBI and Congress. That's truth. Truth is Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State failed to provide adequate security for those Americans stationed in Benghazi. In her failure to provide the security needed in Benghazi, four Americans were killed. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was among those killed. The Ambassador was said to have been sodomized and tortured before his body was brought to a local hospital. Hillary Clinton, the "real one", looked into the eyes of those killed in Benghazi and lied. She lied as she told the families that the attack in Benghazi was due to an anti-Islamic film. Both Hillary and Obama knew the attack was not due to an anti-Islamic film, but due to an Al-Qaeda attack. They both lied, that's the truth. Truth is Hillary's many, many conflicts of interest, where money and special favors have been exchanged. Bill failed to mention those truths. Another truth Bill failed to mention was how he and "Hill" were broke in the 1990's. They were once broke, but not for long. It's easy to become rich when one gives speeches paying millions of dollars. It's also easy to become rich when one sets up a "foundation" for charity known as "The Clinton Foundation", but takes more money than it gives. The Clintons are now worth over 200 million dollars. The Clintons are the "one percent" Bernie Sanders spent his campaign, campaigning against. That's truth. The truth is "the real one" is the first presidential candidate to be under a federal investigation. The truth is "the real one" is the first presidential candidate to not be able to pass an FBI security background check. The truth is Hillary Clinton with her history, would not be able to gain employment in any Federal Job where an FBI background security check is required. She would fail. Hillary Clinton would fail as she can not be trusted with federal classified material, and yet this is the woman whom the Democrats have chosen as their presidential nominee.

    While Bill's fairy-tale was at best nauseating, Vice President Joe Biden was almost as bad. "Middle class Joe" who knows little of being middle class poked jabs at the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump. He stated that Trump knew nothing of being middle class. Excuse me while I vomit, but what does "middle class Joe" remember of being "middle class"? Furthermore what could Hillary Clinton who's presently worth over 200 million dollars, know of being "middle class"? Nothing! Hillary Clinton who is that "1%", has not created one job, yet with her policies she's cost thousands, and will cost thousands more! After "good ole Joe" spoke his piece, the Democrats were treated with the biggest goofball of a Vice Presidential candidate this country has ever seen. "Gomer Pile" meets Washington, Tim Kaine took to the stage, stepped up to the podium, and appeared somewhat befuddled at how he made it thus far. Kaine made it as Hillarys VP, because he is of zero threat to Hillary. As Kaine is without class or charisma, Kaine attempted to impress attendees with his being bi-lingual, of which he is not. His poor attempt at speaking Spanish is no better than my own which is not saying much at all. Kaine's speaking Spanish is yet just another lie among many. Kaine mocked the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, with his lackluster impressionism. Kaine over and over said the words "believe me, believe me". When did Donald Trump ever say, "believe me, believe me"? Well, Donald Trump has not said "believe me", but Hillary uses those words and did again tonight in her acceptance speech. That being said, Tim Kaine made fun of his own running mate.  While laughs were had, the VP I believe made more of an ass of himself than of the opponent. Then again, the Democratic Party is the party of a donkey. 

 Shortly after, Tim Kaine, the audience, and viewers were treated with the biggest ass of them all, our current president. The prize party ass, Barrack Obama, stepped out to introduce all to their chosen "real one". While Obama spoke for just over 45 minutes, it was surprisingly short for a president that enjoys hearing himself talk. While the president praised and congratulated the Democratic nominee, he spent much of his speech praising himself and his false accomplishments. One would have thought America and the world were in fine form with the president's rhetoric. The trouble is it was all lies. He, like so many Democrats, did not speak of homegrown terrorism due to radical Islam. He did not speak on how ISIS is expanding and winning. He did not speak of how ISIS is striking every 83 hours or less.He did not speak of a priest in France being beheaded two days ago.  He did not speak of the massive rate of those on welfare and on unemployment. He did not speak of the lack of first time home buyers. He did not speak of the division in America caused by him. No. Obama spoke falsities. Then again, for the first time Obama did speak the truth. He did speak of how Hillary could possibly lose this election to Donald Trump. "What I think is scary is a president who doesn't know their stuff and doesn't seem to have an interest in learning what they don't know." That statement, as spoken by Barrack Obama, explains why he is taking the month of October off from his job as president to campaign with Hillary. It is unprecedented for a sitting president to speak out ad-nauseum on an election as this president, but then this president has an agenda to destroy America, and Hillary is the woman to do so.Hillary is not only the woman to destroy America, Hillary from hell is the woman to fear. I don't trust her. I don't like her. I don't know her and I don't have to. All I have to know is what is in my gut and my gut knows Hillary is evil. Evil is a woman that condones the aborting or killing of an eight month old fetus. Evil is not sending help to an ambassador begging for help. Evil is a woman who deals with terrorists because it benefits her. Hillary is evil, and sadly, the Democrats seem unbothered. 

   While Democrats in attendance seem unbothered by their nominee's lying track record, Republicans like myself have been quite bothered. As a matter of fact, Republicans have been bothered all week, as the Democratic Convention has been nothing more than lies and more lies. Hillary's daughter Chelsea played along in the charade of her "Ozzie and Harriet life" with mom and dear old Dad. Chelsea, not nearly as articulated, nor well spoken, spoke on closing night. She spoke of her lovely childhood and her life with Bill and Hill. She spoke of her Mother's compassion and kindness. She spoke of Grandma Hill and blowing kisses. Chelsea's life sounded to be the stuff of which fairy tales are made. Chelsea, like Bill, conveniently forgot quite a lot. Chelsea forgot how her mother threw a vase at her father, Bill. Chelsea forgot all of the affairs had by her father. Chelsea forgot how disrespectful and demeaning her mother was towards the Secret Service. Chelsea forgot how her mother cost the lives of four Americans. Chelsea forgot how her mother put our nation's safety at risk in using an unsecured server. Yes, Chelsea forgot a lot and then some, but then Chelsea is a Clinton, and Chelsea is a democrat. 

     While many were in awe at the nomination of the first woman presidential nominee, I was anything, but. I was not in awe, as I was frankly quite stunned. I was stunned that Hillary Clinton chose the color white. Donald Trump's wife had worn white when she delivered her every so slightly plagiarized speech just a week before at the Republican convention. While white was pretty on Melania, it did little for Hillary. Hillary from hell is the Democratic Presidential nominee. While disturbing, it is fact. Fact based on an awful lot of fiction. Fiction is indeed  is what Democratic Conventions are made. Hillary spoke for that of almost an hour. It was a painful hour, but one that will go down in the history books, as Hillary is the first female presidential nominee. Oh, she's the first female presidential nominee alright. She's also the first presidential nominee to have been under a federal investigation. Hillary is also the first presidential nominee to not be able to pass an FBI security check. As Hillary took to the podium and spoke, I hoped to see the FBI come on stage to arrest her. With the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation under way, I had been told it was possible. It was not. NO ONE went up on stage to arrest Hillary, and no one attempted to stop the full blown abortion. Hillary's speech was an abortion, as like Obama and many other speeches given at the DNC, it was nothing more than fluff. Fluff of a loving united America, and fluff of a more monetarily equal America. As Hillary tooted her own horn left and right, and criticized Donald Trump. I was unimpressed. Former President Bill Clinton appeared to be unimpressed, as well, as he fell asleep during his wife's acceptance speech. Hillary told all to "believe" and believe I did not. Hillary spoke of a socially equal America , Hillary smiled, pointed and waved , but never once did I feel she was "the real one". All along I have thought Hillary was the "wrong one" and never have I been more certain as I have felt tonight that the "real one", is the  "wrong one", for the presidency. As the evening came to a close with fire in the background, I was somewhat disturbed. I was disturbed as the stage appeared to be a vision of Satan and hell. Why fire, I wondered. Fire is to be equated with the Devil, pure evil, and hell.  As scary as the sight of Hillary in a background of fire was, I was not at all surprised. Hillary is I believe the candidate from hell, and as she stood on stage in the midst of the fire she looked to be heading that of a satanic alter. It was truly horrifying and rather frightening. The symbolism was chilling.  I am quite certain Hillary from hell will destroy America if she is elected president. While I am hopeful Donald Trump will be our next president, I am also fearful of the consequences if he is not. I also am praying for the safety of this country. Hillary Clinton is NOT the candidate to keep our nation safe. Hillary is also not the candidate to create jobs, rebuild our economy, rebuild our middle class, and rebuild our military. Donald Trump will do these things and more. Donald Trump is the man of the people. Donald Trump is the man America needs in the White House. While someday a woman president would be grand, Hillary Clinton is not the "real one", nor is she the "right one". Donald Trump is the "real one" and Donald Trump is the "right one"!

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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